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Hello friends from all over Brazil!

At a time when the whole world is aware of how threatened our freedom of expression is and how close we are to a dictatorship, I make an appeal to you, an invitation.

On Sunday, April 21st at 10 am, in Copacabana, we will carry out our peaceful act in defense of democracy, for our freedom.

What is at stake is not mine, it is not your future, it is the future of all of us, our children and our grandchildren.

I repeat: No posters, no banners. Let’s do this demonstration that will once again serve as a photograph for the world and we will really discuss our democratic rule of law.

Thank you very much to all of you.

Show up!

Brazil is ours!

God, Country, Family and Freedom!


Em Português:

Olá amigos de todo o Brasil!

No momento em que o mundo todo toma conhecimento de o quanto está ameaçada a nossa liberdade de expressão e de quanto estamos perto de uma ditadura é que eu faço um apelo a você, um convite.

No dia 21 de abril domingo às 10h da manhã, em Copacabana, vamos fazer o nosso ato pacífico em defesa da democracia, pela nossa liberdade.

O que está em jogo não é o meu, não é o teu futuro, é o futuro de todos nós, dos nossos filhos e dos nossos netos.

Repito: Sem cartazes, sem qualquer faixa. Vamos lá fazer essa manifestação que novamente servirá para uma fotografia para o mundo e nós discutimos aí realmente o nosso estado democrático de direito.

Muito obrigado a todos vocês.


O Brasil é nosso!

Deus, Pátria, Familía e Liberdade!


by Tupi Report 🇧🇷

🇧🇷🇧🇷⚡️ — Former President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) stated that the world knows “how close Brazil is to a dictatorship”

⚠️ On social media, the former president shared a video calling on his supporters to attend the rally to be held in Copacabana next Sunday (21), starting at 10 a.m.

“At a time when the whole world becomes aware of how threatened our freedom of expression is and how close we are to a dictatorship, I appeal to you, I invite you.”

➡️ The statement comes amid the release of a partial report from the Republican Party’s Judiciary Committee in the United States, which revealed confidential letters to take down profiles on social media platforms under orders from the Supreme Federal Court (STF) and the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). According to the report, Minister Alexandre de Moraes ordered the removal of about 150 profiles from social media.

💬 Without mentioning the report, Bolsonaro argued that the rally in Copacabana should be “peaceful” and in “defense of democracy.” He reiterated the request to his supporters not to bring posters or banners to the demonstration. “What is at stake is not just my future, not just your future, it is the future of all of us, of our children, and our grandchildren,” emphasized the former president.

🔺 Libertas quæ sera tamen: Coincidentally, April 21st is a holiday in memory of Joaquim José da Silva Xavier, known as Tiradentes, a national hero who became a martyr of the Minas Gerais Conspiracy, which protested against tyrannical advances by the Portuguese crown and the forced payment of high taxes.

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  • He’s a complete lunatic. He praises the period when Brazil was under dictatorship, pays homage to a torturer, tried to reach and connect anything related to the Nazi party SEVERAL times. The “censorship” he’s talking about is referring to all the fake news he managed to spread.

    Imagine someone trying to commit a crime, but complaining about his lack of freedom to commit this crime. This is the “censorship” he’s talking about. He throws the name of God in the mix to get some credibility.

    Imagine a weak man, a cry baby, a spreader of fake news, a nasty hypocrite.

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