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Many people chose not to go through the TSA scanners out of concern that these millimeter wave machines in US airports had been deployed without being tested that for their biological impacts.

TSA workers are exposed to this technology all day, every day and they are coming down with a myriad of cancers, autoimmune disorders and neurological conditions in droves.

Are they giving us a glimpse of everyone’s imminent future, when 5G millimeter wave signals will saturate our environment and pulse through our bodies from ubiquitous sources nonstop?

This is the best presentation on the perils of 5G that I’ve seen yet.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The guest mentioned the number of people she worked with who got sick. Does anyone recall the number?

  • 5G, one way to turn Earth into another Mars. Just think 20,000 satellites capable of microwaving the planet. No more life left on the surface, however there are DUMB’s that will kind of look like the tunnels that have been found on Mars…. Does someone, or something have a plan?

  • Make NO Mistake folks, All this AI type technologies are DESTINED to FAIL, because they are of “Divine Source Providence” and will Only Effect people too “Naive” or Stupid to SEE Who is Really behind this Technology.
    Funny I was watching the Movie Avatar just before seeing this post in my mail box…And the Very Same scenario seen in that movie is actually playing on THIS Planet, only Not in outer space on another planet…CORPORATIONS GONE MAD…RIGHT HERE ON “MOTHER EARTH”!
    AWAKEN Folks…Corporate Government doe NOT give a Damn about US “Humans” (God/Woman/Male)
    Do you THINK the TSA gives chit about their own staff Dying from using their tech???
    Just as in that Movie Avatar…The CORP’s face the SAME Fate as those corps did in the Movie…EXTINCTION.

  • While the typical “everyday person” may be oblivious/apathetic about 5G health (etc.) concerns –as with “geoengineering” (atmospheric aerosol injection in particular– for it’s obvious nature) it’s my growing sense that there is a very large contingent of scientists, other professionals, and informed individuals who are sounding the alarm on 5G, but it’s the propaganda media that are promulgating the praise and promise of this (evil) technology and doing all they can to suppress the warning voices.

    One wonders if, as implementation takes place and the assault on individual/public health ramps up, we will see the vigilante solution replicate in lieu of any response heeding the warnings and protest.

    When these insidious effects on the public health mount up, which seems likely to occur, what is the calculation that there won’t be a massive revolt and push back from the citizenry? Is it that the technology will both seduce and incapacitate the public, or perhaps coincide with totalitarian control making resistance futile?

    Since our current political structure seems to preclude any solution to these dangers, and also suggest a possible desperation, go-for-broke motivation on the part of the PTB as the answer to the riddle posed, perhaps it’s some form of collapse that holds the greatest potential for a salvation.

    • ALL coming from the SECRET Space Program and their so-called “Alliance”…Witch actually doesn’t exist out in Space…Only Sattlelites using Lasers (Laugh!)
      The Luciferian/Satanist are Imprisoned Here and will NEVER be Allowed to Leave…No wonder they are so Desperate!
      Make NO Mistake “Divine Source” will “Bring to Ruin, Those Who are “Attempting” to Ruin mother Earth!!!
      By the way…on the “Operation” website THEY ACTUALLY ADMIT…THEY “LIE” A LOT…..LUCIFERIAN’S LIE???? NO SURPRISE THERE HUH?

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