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This interview of lifelong Utah resident, Robert Shrewsbury was posted just two days ago and it was sent to me by a new subscriber. Shrewsbury describes finding giant mummies in his youth and how he learned about the peculiarities of their tombs, which led him to the discovery of more remains and the knowledge of where still more remain buried. He doesn’t reveal the complete details, in order to preserve them but he describes the equipment he had to build to locate the caverns and burials, which took decades of research and testing.

Legends about man-eating giants are almost universal. One comes down to us in the English fairytale, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’

The Paiute tribes of Utah and Nevada have long had legends red-haired giants who lived in their region and they claim to have been at war with them for centuries. In 1883, Paiute Indian princess, Sarah Winnemucca, wrote the book, ‘Life Among the Paiutes: Their Wrongs and their Claims.’ In the book, she relayed the oral tradition of how her tribe had finally rid themselves of these cannibalistic giants by stoking and setting large bonfire at the entrance to a cave in which they lived – the same cave, which white ranchers mined for bat guano to sell as fertilizer in 1912.

These ranchers were shocked to find 7-foot tall mummies – some, reportedly wrapped-up, similarly to the mummies of Ancient Egypt. Many had shoulder-length red hair. Author/Publisher, David Hatcher Childress claims that the ranchers’ discovery led to the removal of 60 giant skeletons from the same cave of Winnemucca’s legend. The whereabouts of these remains today are not publicly known. Childress wonders, “Is there something like an archeological cover-up that has occurred here?”

Well-known author, Jim Marrs has also done some digging into the topic of giants and his research has led him to what he believes is credible information that human skeletons, up to 12 feet tall have been found virtually everywhere around the globe. In other words, there is no particular place, from where it could be said that these mysterious giants originate on this planet.

Apart from their size, these skeletons are said to appear to be human in every way. However, some are anomalous; possessing 6 fingers and six toes, or having double rows of teeth, as also noted by Robert Shrewsbury, in this video.

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  • Mr. Shrewsbury is delusional if, for a second, he believes he could get permits or call National Geographic or any institution to be involved in revealing truths. That is not their mission. He’d would have done best to complete any and all such work–STEALTH, record the information in total and release every piece of it on the internet to the public at one time. That’s protection for him, the public and the historical record. I would suggest that his confession about the unrevealed sites could have already made him a target. Apparently, everyone else who had knowledge of them is now dead.

    Why have previous and various finds in the USA been taken away to disappear from public view and historical knowledge? Why have the cave entrances been concealed or destroyed? Why didn’t BYU hand over the DNA information? Why does the Deep State want to keep this secret? Carmen Boulter hit it squarely when she said that the present worldwide government wants to keep us in a 6,000-yr box. Why? To preserve the false narrative of Earth history built to preserve power and control over humanity. If the public finds out they’ve been purposefully lied to all their lives, through public education, governing systems and scientific communities they will feel betrayed and will attack these systems. If that happens the Deep State will no longer be in power. Can anyone say Marie Antoinette? The black hand of the State in every nation is in charge, currently. Do not be fooled. Knowledge is power. Less knowledge means less power. These giants and their booty represent possible technologies which the Deep State does not want to share without putting a meter on it, at the very least.

    I find it entertaining, in a very, very sad way, that the interviewer states he wants to know if these stories are real or made-up. He’s brining in a scientist. Do a little research. Read a few old newspapers. These giant skeletons have been found worldwide, presented to the public in newspapers with pictures and supported by firsthand testimony. Just because YOU haven’t see one does not negate their existence. When any institution is called to review the skeletons, as has been done, they suddenly disappear with no further information released to anyone–i.e. BYU to name one.

    • Elle,
      thank you for your comments and be at ease and understand that I have no plans to excavate or do a DNA or forensic in cooperation with any streamline academia, because I believe they are in agreement with a hidden government establishment mandate to cover up and hide as much of this knowledge as possible, mostly because academia and universities are so co-dependent on the funding from the government that they simply will not “rock the boat” so to speak.
      Private property and private professionals (if I can get this done) will be the way I will go to get this info I speak of out. I really want to do this and it has not been easy up to now and it will not be easy to continue I suspect.
      This truth exposure is a rather large responsibility and dangerous for me to take on and sometimes I get discouraged with some of the bantering, insults, slander, discredits, pseudo-claims, accusations and innuendos aimed at me from some of the public that formulate so much prima fascia judgments in their fear, jealousy, ignorance and lack of experience, who do not have a clue as to the difficult work and sacrifices made to bring such hidden truth and perspective to light, so that John Q public can also be privileged to it. Of course much of their ignorance is by planning an design (and many bought it) and that is why the truth is usually mainly for the thirsty and not for the wily ignorant. Truth is also strategically discredited by a lot of Si-Fi B.S mixtures so that the public will not believe or be able to recognize or sort it from the mass of overwhelming confusion and they will usually hang onto the belief system of their opinion-leaders that support them socially, religiously, economically, emotionally and politically.
      A am not now and have never ever been funded to do my research & discovery and I do not do this research for a monetary living like so many others do, but have paid dearly of my own (in time, expenses and resources) for what knowledge I have gleaned so far.
      I think the Native American Repatriation Act was pushed through mostly to fortify against discovery of the truth so when (at likely discovery places) like building roads, highways, mining, building-structures and etc are being constructed so they can inspect (ahead) and in some (needed) cases quietly, but clandestinely remove Archeological evidence in advance to keep it from public knowledge. I know of at least three cases of this here in Utah when roads & a tunnel were being built. What the old timers reported also is really something and nothing short of astounding to say the least and it would drastically change the way people think at large if they knew the truth.
      Religionists have some good points that I do appreciate and I am not against people being religious, but I also see that religions are often divided so much on their own peculiar, diverse doctrines and beliefs that they can also be biased and in some cases cover up the truth also instead of being like a scientist that only wants the truth and whatever it reveals and allow the public to have their own take on it.
      Sincerely, Robert Shrewsbury

  • His question as to why this information is withheld from the public is simple, it all has to do with control. As far as governments, corporations, religions and all those in control they believe they have the right to keep us uneducated so that we can we be proper serfs and slaves. If we become truthfully educated about the history of the planet we will know for a fact that we are all divine beings and no one, no religion has the right to be our overlords. We all come from the same source. But I believe very soon there will be considerable disclosure, if not full disclosure.


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