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This interview of lifelong Utah resident, Robert Shrewsbury was posted just two days ago and it was sent to me by a new subscriber. Shrewsbury describes finding giant mummies in his youth and how he learned about the peculiarities of their tombs, which led him to the discovery of more remains and the knowledge of where still more remain buried. He doesn’t reveal the complete details, in order to preserve them but he describes the equipment he had to build to locate the caverns and burials, which took decades of research and testing.

Legends about man-eating giants are almost universal. One comes down to us in the English fairytale, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’

The Paiute tribes of Utah and Nevada have long had legends red-haired giants who lived in their region and they claim to have been at war with them for centuries. In 1883, Paiute Indian princess, Sarah Winnemucca, wrote the book, ‘Life Among the Paiutes: Their Wrongs and their Claims.’ In the book, she relayed the oral tradition of how her tribe had finally rid themselves of these cannibalistic giants by stoking and setting large bonfire at the entrance to a cave in which they lived – the same cave, which white ranchers mined for bat guano to sell as fertilizer in 1912.

These ranchers were shocked to find 7-foot tall mummies – some, reportedly wrapped-up, similarly to the mummies of Ancient Egypt. Many had shoulder-length red hair. Author/Publisher, David Hatcher Childress claims that the ranchers’ discovery led to the removal of 60 giant skeletons from the same cave of Winnemucca’s legend. The whereabouts of these remains today are not publicly known. Childress wonders, “Is there something like an archeological cover-up that has occurred here?”

Well-known author, Jim Marrs has also done some digging into the topic of giants and his research has led him to what he believes is credible information that human skeletons, up to 12 feet tall have been found virtually everywhere around the globe. In other words, there is no particular place, from where it could be said that these mysterious giants originate on this planet.

Apart from their size, these skeletons are said to appear to be human in every way. However, some are anomalous; possessing 6 fingers and six toes, or having double rows of teeth, as also noted by Robert Shrewsbury, in this video.

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  • Expanded “Receptor” Definition

    plural noun: receptors,
    an organ, gland or cell able to respond to light, heat, or other external stimulus and transmit a signal to a sensory nerve. A region of tissue, or a molecule in a cell membrane, that responds specifically to a particular neurotransmitter, hormone, antigen, or other substances.


    Everything created has both North and South Polarity, from the cosmos to the planet Earth to a grain of sand. Even a wheat seed has a North and a South Pole, however weak it may be. I have always given White to North Polarity and Black to South Polarity for various reasons related to my research and tests.
    While we have physical forms of receptors, it is also my realization that we all also have Mental Receptors as well. When something affects their balance of reception or rejection of energy, as an injury, mental distress or even wrong idea, the Yin or the Yang can become out-of-balance (meaning too much Yin or too much Yang). Without a correction, then we do not properly receive or reject energy well. Left to aggravate, an imbalance can become an illness or damaged condition. Perhaps we need income, or better health and it just seems to “refuse” to connect or correct.

    The ubiquitous (ever-present) Yin-Yang symbol has its origin in Taoism/Daoism, a Chinese philosophy. The Yin symbol, the dark whirl, is associated with shadows, femininity, and the channel of a wave; whereas the yang symbol, the light whirl, represents brightness, passion, expansion and growth.
    Some healers understand that when a gland or organ has too much Yin/South Polarity or too much Yang/North Polarity, so that they are not equal in proportions,

    too much Yang pulling down (North Polarity) or too much Yin (South Polarity) pulling down will be found to be equally as harmful to good health.

    Illustration below, that I colored-in, of a human head Polarity matrix.
    The head polarity positions can change in some people, every eleven years, when the suns similar magnetic polarity changes, as a natural phenomena. Not all people shift, from the tests I have done. For those who do, it can be uncomfortable adjusting for a while. Even dogs were noted to go through personality difficulties in the last round after our sun shifted its polarity.
    Recently, I recommended putting black synthetic material (Polyester) on one side of ear muffs and white cotton on the other side, for someone to wear with ear trouble, to readjust the ears polarity balance. Black Polyester is a very South (mono) Polarity and White cotton is a very North (mono) Polarity. Black Wool is also a very South (mono) Polarity. A mixture of synthetic and cotton materials can vary in proportion of polarity balance and the color can also affect its polarity balance. This polarity of material and colors was understood well by both the Egyptians and Hebrews and they used it.
    Overall, I have found, that if a person has too much Yin/South Polarity in a respective organ, then it can be charged/changed with an opposite balance (Yang/North Polarity) until it comes into balance. This use of material to repair has worked for me and some others I have worked with.
    Rather than taking away any surplus magnetic Polarity of either Pole, I’ve chosen to add more magnetic Polarity to balance or equalize the Polarity in the entire organ. It begins to self readjust after a charge. So then if there is too much North ratio to South, the correction is to add more South until equilibrium is achieved. Analogously speaking, it is like paint being too black so we put in some white pigment and conversely with paint that is too white we put in a little black pigment. For polarity balance, apparently both poles have to be even in quantity for good health.
    I have been doing many tests on polarity and I find that to balance a polarity in a human body or body organ, or even in a human mental-receiver concept (Mental- Receptors), is not really so difficult. However, I would not recommend using magnets. There are other materials (organic) that are Mono-Polarity that can be worn as clothing or as a patch (similar to putting a poultice on a wounded site), to balance a problem. These materials do not seem to be magnetic by test, but they do pull magnetism from the Aethers. Linen also pulls North Polarity and more so if it is white.
    Do only injuries or something like malnutrition cause polarity imbalances? Do you recall the idea of constant stress, hate or fear damaging health? Or perhaps someone throws hate or anger at you?
    Thoughts have magnetic polarity. Continuous generation of a particular biased polarity-thought creates (inadvertently or otherwise) a biased or out-of-balance Polarity and can damage the spiritual/biological health of a person. As a second step, you can learn healing by the application of Magnetic Polarity. Each Pole can be created by mental imagery (Imagination).
    Imagery/Imaging or Imagination is one of the most, if not the most, important faculty or quality a human being has to use, (it is a form of creation in the microcosm), but it is the least developed, understood or used in a conscious positive way. If you don’t have some white cotton cloth, you may be able to develop the ability to mentally feel/see/touch or generate it, to the point you can imagine (create) the appropriate Polarity and put or deposit it where it is needed, but this does take practice.
    A last method of self-help can be using Kinesiology, known as Muscle Testing. If you have an area that needs help, you can point in to that area and test a strong muscle, while holding white-cotton, and then black-polyester or black-wool. If one makes a weak area strong, put that cloth on it for a while or use mental imagery penetrating/saturating the area. Stop when it no longer makes the area strong. Recheck every day for a while and then space out the timing to less frequently.
    I am a student and researcher and investigator of many scientific things and I love science. There are many strange phenomena that I have learned (on Magnetic Polarity) too lengthy to discuss here at present, but perhaps someday I will do a broad publication on it.
    Following are some pictures that illustrate some uses of these ideas…

    Egyptian paintings.

    The typical dress of the Hebrew Pharisees

    The Kippah, Tallit and Tefillin Hebrews wear and wore.

    I would think and postulate that the Crookes Radiometer would work even better with using the better materials I have mentioned above.

    To be continued and added to.

    Robert Shrewsbury

  • Who Wants The Truth?
    Streamlined archaeology/anthropology often does not want to deal with some of the newer unusual archaeology/anthropological evidences, implications or finds. Yes, Mr. Wayne May (Ancient American) would be interested, he could publish more papers and that could be informative and good and he is a good person in my opinion. Harry Hubbard knows a lot of anti-academia truths and facts also and he is in there swinging, with effort to bring out some truth on the “Burrows Cave Find”. Much of what I have seen in my 67 years has been very unusual and contradicts a lot of what streamlined education has been teaching us.
    This is why I have been mostly quiet for so long. A lot of hostility comes from: the inadvertently ignorant; the wily, restless, impolite, ill-mannered ignorant; as well as from “self-righteous” academia, that think they are educated or get their funding from holding a certain position. Yes, they did go through great effort to become educated, and yes, they are educated according to the politically-correct program installed (in their youth) that was/is funded by self-interest groups and prospering now with your tax dollars.
    Part of learning is to keep re-evaluating information and with all the technology and networking over the years, data changes and has changed. You also have to evaluate information based on potential bias, omissions, truths. Who might gain in power or money, or prevent loss of position or income, from holding a viewpoint? I can only suspect that in some cases, factions of various governments and organizations do not want “John Q. Public” to see, understand and know a variety of things. If you can answer “why”, then you are a very aware and smart person and I think some of us are that wise.
    Sure Steven Quayle and L. A. Marzulli would be interested also and they could publish even more, travel more and be lifted-up like honored informers, whistle blowers (for the people) and as authorities on a lot of things. Another side is whether or not the controlled media will arrange to make sure that their voices aren’t heard, as simple as pushing them way down on a media possibility list.
    At times I think all of this is just plain vanity and going no-where, except to be relegated to the sci-fi realm, in competition with the “National Enquirer” or the likes, so to speak analogously. Of course this social/political opposition does not take away any hidden facts, but it serves well in covering and hiding more facts from the people, commonly using a lot of social-political scorn, invalidation and discrediting. These are some of tools applied that serve someone’s purpose.
    Sometimes I feel embarrassed or self-conscious telling the truth, because I know that the many people (that do not know) would and do judge me as a lunatic or a heretic of a sort. Galileo would understand I am sure. Just try bringing out some visible-functional but “unusual” artifact or Giant bones and then have it all ridiculed. Worse might be trying to “prove” you are correct, in the face of the barriers erected against that. Would you want to be arrested for violating or breaking one of the countless laws (regarding archaeology/anthropology excavations) and have to plea-bargain for a shorter sentence, in which case you are expected to lie, deny and compromise in order to be free or safe? How do you even have the funds to “fight the system” or their pre-paid employees, guidelines and media? I have had forensics done on an ancient lead-record-plate (from the “Brewer Cave”) and a forensic done on a complex-weave Camel Hair Textile from a Giant burial (in Southern Utah) as well as an X-ray Fluorescence on an ancient metal ball and a container that was made of Boron, that came out of a Giant burial and they both showed to be Nuclear elements.
    A Nuclear Physics Professor and many others will know very well what the implications are here, with Boron and a metal ball with decayed Plutonium (Americium) and some platinum/gold insulator/shield. I have seen a lot of photographs of Giants on the web, but so many of them are Photoshop doing a fair job, so really a photograph does very little in proving anything.
    Professional witnesses with scientific documentation like DNA, Carbon-date, Forensic and even then it can be denied and scorned by paid academia no less than this fake “global warming” scenery that was foisted on the people at large via the Press tool.
    Oh yes, there are lots of immature crybabies that want some of us to make all of the sacrifices for them and take all of the time, heat, costs and risks (while they whine, accuse and bitch) and then if and when I/you are in jail or crushed, they can speculate and develop many more theory’s on “why”, without ever really knowing the truth. You have to be persistent, courageous, vigilant, thirsty and competent to conduct a real investigation of a subject, especially doing it on your own, much less to publish it.
    Mark Twain evidenced this social phenomena many years ago when he purposely published a famous fake story that traveled far and wide (as the truth) and after over a year, only one person actually investigated the facts given, to find they were fake and queried him. Mark Twain then published “the rest of the story” on how lackey so many people are when it comes to taking personal responsibility for searching for and investigating “facts” and then knowing the truth. You can also bet your last dollar that it was not any public news company that discovered the truth then, because they were far too busy capitalizing on and brokering stimulation, sensation and politics. It is the same now. Sensation and control are more important overall than the truth…which is why we all need to become astute investigators and constantly check and sort data, to the best of our abilities and be willing to recognize errors, breakthroughs and patterns. Sincerely, Robert

  • Ancient and Current “Magics” and Their Origins
    22 April 2017
    Moses, Abraham, Hermes Trismegistus, King Solomon (and others) all had one thing in common. They all knew how to control/command the elements and spirits. The Sefer Yetzirah, The Zohar (Rabbinical comment on the Torah for 2,000 years), The Testament of Solomon and a book called “The Keys of Solomon” all bring this out abundantly.
    An adopted child, Moses first learned his magic in Egypt, among the Egyptian royalty and in the Pharaoh’s household. The Egyptians were using their knowledge to enslave the Hebrews, over a period of some 400 plus years. When Moses was grown, he chose to help his people. At eighty years of age, Moses, God (YHVH) and Moses’ brother Aaron challenged the Egyptians’ power, for the freedom of the Hebrews. They had their magical duels with the Egyptians, Moses won the right to leave and the Hebrews became free, for that time.
    This kind of “magic” knowledge has always been forbidden to the common peoples. Even the Hebrews had laws about whom could learn it (as married men over 30), whom could teach (mothers could not teach after one point and this discontinued their children from learning at an early age), others were guidelines about practicing it, as well as penalties for misuse.
    Refering to the type of magic related to Egypt, it is called Hermetics. When refering to magic of the Hebrew origin or nature, that is called Kabbalah. This more advanced level of physics/sciences was also taught in special schools referred to as “The School of the Prophets” in ancient biblical times.
    One of the three Inquisitions in Europe was because the common people were learning and practicing Kabbalah mixed with their Christianity. Healers who used things as herbs also were targeted, as they affected potential loyalty and income to the clergy. The clergy, perceiving a threat to their power position, used prisons, torture and death to stop and discourage the further practice of independent magic, labeled “Heresy”.
    Sorcery/Witchcraft come from the same tree, of knowledge of good and evil, and really it can be used both ways. The primary origin of this Forbidden Knowledge (“magic”) first came from the Nephilim (Sons of God).
    It appears that God considered that humans (race of Man) were on their own merits, in a spiritual-embryo development stage, and should not have higher knowledge prior to their refinement. However, some of the Nephilim broke that guideline and set many problems in motion for all concerned, by both hybridizing with the younger Adamic race (known as Man) and by passing forbidden knowledge to them. As a form of “eating forbidden fruit”, these lawless acts perpetuated the “tree of knowledge of good & evil” Events.
    According to the Zohar, when Eve partook of the forbidden knowledge of good and evil, she slept and copulated with the angel/god of Mars and became pregnant with Cain. Later, she became pregnant with Able, Adams son, so then this first hybridizing was done by Eve and then the whole cycle of pain, sorrow, early death, learning and spiritual development all started from this “forbidden act” (or was it planned that way?).
    Next, there was a sort of equalization and maybe even competition between the “Sons of God” and the Grand-Children of God, because Adam cried out to God for greater knowledge and so God sent the angel Raziel, who gave Adam the Book of Knowledge, now called the book of Raziel. Apparently Seth and Enoch inherited it following that. The human race, at least temporarily, had more knowledge, and with that, more stress and responsibility with higher stakes.
    Magic was the study & practice of astronomy, astrology, alchemy and esoteric metaphysical knowledge.
    My take on it, is that real magic (apart from sleight of hand) is in the realm of Quantum Physics and this is spiritually and physically protected as strategic classified information, no less than military secrets are kept from the enemy. For the few that try to study magic, the learning often never goes beyond mostly fragments or intellectual or scholarly exercises. The concepts of morals and spiritual laws are not often given enough relevance as to justice and lawfulness related to choices and actions and “The Golden Rule”, of “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
    The only person that I know of that actually knew, understood & practiced Hermetics/Kabbalah in fairly recent times was Franz Bardon and he was murdered for it by 1958. His three books are actually available in print nowadays and in pdf on the web. I have read all three of them. Bardon was a Christian and strongly believed in accountability and responsibility.

    It appears that one of Gods clauses, after the mistaken dissemination of information, was that the Nephilim and Man (humans) now had to live separately with a barrier between them. Under the Seven Commandments of Noah, it was/is forbidden to trespass land boundaries. I think that when the Bible makes mention of “in the earth” and “on the face of the earth” those are where some of those distinct barriers apply.
    My perspective on the planet-wide cities of underground/underworld people, is that they have (far) superior scientific knowledge and life-spans and that they also know and practice a Hermetic type of knowledge. My take on the Egyptian-Underworld, is that they still live in underground cities and that what many might find in archeology and as ancient ruins is only or primarily their sepulchers/burials and monuments left on and near the surface of the ground. This has lead to people thinking that burials and record stores are all there are.
    On occasion, rumor has it that military/governments have found crashed transportation (UFO’s) and reverse-engineered some of the technology…which may very well include computer technology and other items in use today. Old underground cities are also coming to light now, but I suspect that the real advanced materials from them is removed by human governments, etc.
    The Maya/Toltec also speak a lot of the Underworld People, in a surviving book called The Popol Vuh. To this very day, the Maya speak of and say that they have relations that live in underground cities and that sometimes they get invited there to visit with them.
    The Hopi tell of a time when they were rescued from harm, by being invited to an underground city for a time. If you go around the world, as India, you can find elegant layered underground cities, (not the chiseled-out-of-stone primitive types sometimes mentioned to the public). Japan found tunnels, and increasingly large skeletons, layered deep into their part of Earth, but this is not highlighted in the common news.
    I believe that we live on a world where a large part of its population is layered INTO the Earth but normally do not interact with people living on the surface. Like our surface world, they are likely in a time period where there is currently the corrupt, the conquesting, the good, the bad and the ugly and cities that have different levels of that. Like Hermes Trismegistus said, “As above, so below”!
    Think about it. They have better equipment and training. What do they think of our surface Chemtrails, the threats of nuclear warfare, genetic damage from GMO’s and immunizations, planned economic bondage or the sabotage and over-run of other countries. (One of God’s rules, stay in your own boundaries….)?
    If we can learn to understand and treat each other well, we may be allowed some future access to better crops, health, healing, etc. I hope that Quantum Physics is not meant for peoples who lack self-control, compassion or a willingness to serve others for no unlawful or immoral gains. The practice of magic (analogously speaking) is no different than a bread knife that can be used to cut bread or kill an innocent person.
    If we want something “better”, we must choose to become more refined, mature and responsible enough to live and govern in a fair and just manner. Whether we live in a small town, hut or high rise, we must “ennoble” ourselves.

    Sincerely, Robert Shrewsbury

    22 April 2017

  • Mr. Shrewsbury is delusional if, for a second, he believes he could get permits or call National Geographic or any institution to be involved in revealing truths. That is not their mission. He’d would have done best to complete any and all such work–STEALTH, record the information in total and release every piece of it on the internet to the public at one time. That’s protection for him, the public and the historical record. I would suggest that his confession about the unrevealed sites could have already made him a target. Apparently, everyone else who had knowledge of them is now dead.

    Why have previous and various finds in the USA been taken away to disappear from public view and historical knowledge? Why have the cave entrances been concealed or destroyed? Why didn’t BYU hand over the DNA information? Why does the Deep State want to keep this secret? Carmen Boulter hit it squarely when she said that the present worldwide government wants to keep us in a 6,000-yr box. Why? To preserve the false narrative of Earth history built to preserve power and control over humanity. If the public finds out they’ve been purposefully lied to all their lives, through public education, governing systems and scientific communities they will feel betrayed and will attack these systems. If that happens the Deep State will no longer be in power. Can anyone say Marie Antoinette? The black hand of the State in every nation is in charge, currently. Do not be fooled. Knowledge is power. Less knowledge means less power. These giants and their booty represent possible technologies which the Deep State does not want to share without putting a meter on it, at the very least.

    I find it entertaining, in a very, very sad way, that the interviewer states he wants to know if these stories are real or made-up. He’s brining in a scientist. Do a little research. Read a few old newspapers. These giant skeletons have been found worldwide, presented to the public in newspapers with pictures and supported by firsthand testimony. Just because YOU haven’t see one does not negate their existence. When any institution is called to review the skeletons, as has been done, they suddenly disappear with no further information released to anyone–i.e. BYU to name one.

    • Elle,
      thank you for your comments and be at ease and understand that I have no plans to excavate or do a DNA or forensic in cooperation with any streamline academia, because I believe they are in agreement with a hidden government establishment mandate to cover up and hide as much of this knowledge as possible, mostly because academia and universities are so co-dependent on the funding from the government that they simply will not “rock the boat” so to speak.
      Private property and private professionals (if I can get this done) will be the way I will go to get this info I speak of out. I really want to do this and it has not been easy up to now and it will not be easy to continue I suspect.
      This truth exposure is a rather large responsibility and dangerous for me to take on and sometimes I get discouraged with some of the bantering, insults, slander, discredits, pseudo-claims, accusations and innuendos aimed at me from some of the public that formulate so much prima fascia judgments in their fear, jealousy, ignorance and lack of experience, who do not have a clue as to the difficult work and sacrifices made to bring such hidden truth and perspective to light, so that John Q public can also be privileged to it. Of course much of their ignorance is by planning an design (and many bought it) and that is why the truth is usually mainly for the thirsty and not for the wily ignorant. Truth is also strategically discredited by a lot of Si-Fi B.S mixtures so that the public will not believe or be able to recognize or sort it from the mass of overwhelming confusion and they will usually hang onto the belief system of their opinion-leaders that support them socially, religiously, economically, emotionally and politically.
      A am not now and have never ever been funded to do my research & discovery and I do not do this research for a monetary living like so many others do, but have paid dearly of my own (in time, expenses and resources) for what knowledge I have gleaned so far.
      I think the Native American Repatriation Act was pushed through mostly to fortify against discovery of the truth so when (at likely discovery places) like building roads, highways, mining, building-structures and etc are being constructed so they can inspect (ahead) and in some (needed) cases quietly, but clandestinely remove Archeological evidence in advance to keep it from public knowledge. I know of at least three cases of this here in Utah when roads & a tunnel were being built. What the old timers reported also is really something and nothing short of astounding to say the least and it would drastically change the way people think at large if they knew the truth.
      Religionists have some good points that I do appreciate and I am not against people being religious, but I also see that religions are often divided so much on their own peculiar, diverse doctrines and beliefs that they can also be biased and in some cases cover up the truth also instead of being like a scientist that only wants the truth and whatever it reveals and allow the public to have their own take on it.
      Sincerely, Robert Shrewsbury

  • His question as to why this information is withheld from the public is simple, it all has to do with control. As far as governments, corporations, religions and all those in control they believe they have the right to keep us uneducated so that we can we be proper serfs and slaves. If we become truthfully educated about the history of the planet we will know for a fact that we are all divine beings and no one, no religion has the right to be our overlords. We all come from the same source. But I believe very soon there will be considerable disclosure, if not full disclosure.

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