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    This very informative piece, posted on the Cracked YouTube channel reveals the inaccuracies presented in the 2006 Hollywood film, ‘300’ about the battle between Spartan King, Leonidas and his force of 300 men who fought the Persians at Thermopylae in 480 BC.

    At the time of its release, the film was criticized for its bigoted depiction of the ancient Persians but this piece really breaks down how factually wrong this film actually is, presented by a dynamic American youth.

    It’s important to note that 50% of the population of modern-day Iran is under the age of 35 and the Theocrats ruling that country today may not be around for too much longer, in this ancient nation, which has seen the rise and fall of countless civilizations – and which we discover here, have contributed to institutions which are considered to be “Western”.

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    • Well, he is right – but only if you cling to the dogma of the modern society of today, that looks at history as a process of ever better societies with more and more democracy and freedom. Everyone studying history without prejudice, sees that cultures come and go, some of them are based on harmony with the nature and some – like our – are threatening to destroy the whole planet earth.

      Yes, Sparta was a primitive and militarized country, with harsh rules and slaves. Persia was a highly developed country with a sophisticated culture. So what?

      Persia had imperialistic ambitions, conquering independent peoples and of course stole their assets – that’s the whole idea of conquering other countries. And, as always, defending there assaults with a bunch of BS.

      Alexander ‘the-great(-murderer)’, Ceasar, Jenghis Khan, Charlemagne(-assassin), the British Empire, the French Empire, the German Empire up to todays Empire, that of the USA: They all did/do it. The BS excuses vary according to the times and the local peculiarities, but it all boils down to the same thing: Plunder and looting.

      With the same logic, that is presented here, the ‘supreme’ civilization of France justified their occupation of Indochina, Britains culture justified occupation of India, the europeans culture justified the genocide of the natives of North America, and so on. The primitive muslim countries of the Middle East and North Africa should, by the same logic, welcome the destruction of their countries, so that they may prosper from the wests ‘democracy’, ‘freedom’, salary slavery – and perversities. Funny enough, they don’t.

      I understand the underlying message of this film: To defend the imperialists rights of, what they themselves call, ‘their higher culture’, to conquer other nations and enslave them. With massive propaganda they indoctrinate their own people that their culture is better than other countries, which gives them the right to slaughter and plunder.

      So far the USA has, in less than two decades, destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria – “Arab Spring”, ha-ha! – and is aiming at Iran and Russia. To fool us, puppets – like this “CRACKED” clown – tries to shift our views of what is right and what is wrong. If they succeed, the imperialists can continue to slaugher millions and send tens of millions out of their homes, while the western ‘supreme civilization’-people can relax in their couches, switch to another soap-opera, and take another bite on their hamburgers.

      What these 300 spartans did, was opposing an enormous persian army and willingly give their lives, to protect their land from being occupied by imperialists, who threatened to destroy their culture and their people. This is the most stunning example of heroism the world has ever seen, and this little boy should keep his mouth shut, because he’s just another crack-brained puppet on the bankmob’s leash.

      • Well, I agree with the gist of your observations except that you believe that the US Empire is about the nation-state of the US when it is not. It is harmful to the American people, whose income disparity is now that of a Third World Country and whose standard of living has plummeted during this aggressive phase, post-2001.

        All of this insane violence is not furthering the interests of the US, in the least. It has plunged the country into unrepayable debt, off the back of the US Taxpayer. The American people don’t want these wars. These military actions are to enforce the racket of the Central Bankers headquartered at the BIS in Basel, Switzerland.

        The US was incrementally hijacked to become the enforcer of this transnational financial enslavement scheme, first with the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913, which removed the Right to Issue the US dollar from the American government/people. Next, was the formation of OPEC in 1960, which made the US dollar (no longer controlled by the US) the only currency with which any nation could purchase petroleum from OPEC member states, who (allegedly) possessed the vast majority of the Earth’s hydrocarbon resources.

        This is the same group that financed the Bolshevik Revolution, Nazi Germany, Zionism/the State of Israel, the European Union and it is promoted by the Neocon element within the US (Ukraine coup, failed Turkey coup, etc.) and which bribes NATO and other allies, including Sweden to make them do the bidding of the Central Bankers.

        As for that generation of Spartans depicted in 300, defending their nation was of course noble – but the way the film framed it as a “defense of Democracy” is laughable. The Spartans never had this. The Athenians did – and as this kid points out, a generation or two later, Sparta allied with the Persians to vanquish Athens, leading to the power vacuum which led to the rise of Alexander, who having been raised in a Persian colony applied the Persian laissez-faire policies regarding religious and cultural tolerance emulated by the Romans, who like the Persians only cared about receiving taxes – but not without building infratstructure in their colonies.

        Western colonial powers took this Roman motif but by that time were so-called Christians and used this to justify and add another level of control over those who they subjugated in the “New World”.

        The toppling of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya; attempts to topple Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan have been about making these countries part of the Central Banking System and many od these who were not members pre-2001 are now. These Muslim-dominant countries have been attacked with hot wars and proxy wars, whereas financial wars have been waged against all of the BRICS countries in more recent years, resulting in the economic chaos we see in Russia, Brazil, India and South Africa.

    • Yeh, when 300 came out, I was flummoxed by the twists, as I had spent time reading up on ancient civ’s 30 years previous and the take just did not jibe well with what I thought I knew. Cracked runs it down.
      As I usually do, I went to the YT channel and read up on some of the comments…it was like reading the Freeper site…stunning stupidity and xenophobia packed solid with ignorance. Thanks for this one!

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