In this part 2 Dark Journalist interview with MK Ultra Survivor Cathy O’Brien, she reveals how it targets young people through the music industry, noting how popular musical acts who were contemporaneous with her in the Project included The Osmonds and The Jackson 5.

She also reveals how high level figures like Senator Robert Byrd, who was Cathy’s “owner” in the Project, as well as a strong mentor to Bill and Hillary Clinton, got her involved as a cocaine smuggler, as a robotic courier of secret messages and as a sex slave who was pandered to the highest level political figures of the day.

Cathy describes her bitter legal battle to free her daughter from a corrupt mental institutional system and how she manages today to stay sane and to not to waste any of her energy harboring bitterness toward her depraved father, who sold her into the Project, when she was only 6 years old. Cathy’s father is still alive today and remains immune from prosecution due to reasons of “National Security.”

Cathy feels, and I agree that the National Security Act is due for review and an overhaul, as secrecy has all but consumed the US’ budget, while it protects the worst of the worst criminals.

Don’t miss this rare and exciting Dark Journalist episode with courageous whistleblower, Cathy O’Brien.

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  • As I’ve said for a while now, operation paperclip was the insertion of Nazi’s into this government, for National Security purposes, and routing them out of their safe haven where they are so protected from being touched, will not be easy. And still they play games with our minds, and are so untouchable from the law………. Needed, snipers, …. Take a chance, save the world….. That would make me no better then them. I hope Trump gets some of the swamp drained before they kill him, because I see that scenario not too far in the future.. Best of luck world, positive thoughts, not more negativity. Excuse me, I gotta go back to sleep……….


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