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Former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, Joseph DiGenova is one of the most formidable attorneys in Washington, DC.

With no indictments of the Clinton Foundation from the Obama Justice Department, DiGenova declared that, “We now have the most politically corrupt Justice Department in the last 100 years.”

DiGenova, was the first to announce that FBI agents had refused direct orders from the top to destroy the Clinton Foundation evidence in the laptops of Clinton aides, Heather Samuelson and Cheryl Mills, in their immunity deal. He was outraged that the Justice Dept. had ordered their destruction, saying:  “That, alone is grounds for removal of every single person at the top of the Justice Department and any lawyer who agreed to that arrangement.”

This incriminating evidence still exists and it is awaiting justice.

DiGenova’s brief yet powerful recent appearance on Hannity is a stark reminder of the high-stakes, deadly serious games being played by Obama, Clinton, and other Globalists, such as billionaire agent provocateur, George Soros.

Check this out.

Alexandra Bruce

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  • I’ve been watching the decline of the United States Goverment since Kenneday’s assination and especially from 9/11 on…..If the people that are elected aren’t accountable we all slide down the slope together.

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