We have previously discussed that the New York Times is renting out eight floors of their Manhattan headquarters to anyone who can afford to pay their rent.


Because The New York Times is broke and they owe their controlling owner, Mexican Sinaloa Cartel drug money-launderer, Carlos Slim more than $200 million.

Recently, the Gateway Pundit and Zero Hedge revealed that according to Alexa.com, the traffic monitoring service, half of The New York Times’ suddenly-increased web traffic is fake traffic coming from Chinese web bots.

How do they know this? Because The New York Times is blocked in China. Apple, Inc. was even forced to remove The New York Times app from their devices being sold in the Chinese market. Also, less than one percent of the people in China speak English. This equals roughly 10 million people. However, the official estimate is that about 30 to 40 million unique visitors for the above English-language site are all coming from China (!)

This is not just happening with half of The New York Times’ traffic; it’s also happening with half of the UK Guardian’s traffic and with almost 60% of the web traffic for Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post.

The only way that this would be possible is via fake web bots – or worse (less likely in the case of the non-NY Times news services listed above) – click slaves, who get paid to click on the sites to which they are assigned for pennies per day.

The Washington Post’s web traffic from China used to constitute 2.5% of their traffic. Suddenly, in early 2017 that traffic has leaped by 259%. More than half of all their traffic is coming from China.

These phony, fake traffic numbers are being orchestrated to defraud their investors and to give the appearance that they are solvent – or at a minimum, that they’re not completely irrelevant.

This is garbage.

Please share this story about the #FAKENEWS emanating from the bogus Mainstream Media!

The creator of this video also suggests that you cancel your fake and evil cable service.

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  • Everyone in China is taught English from junior school upwards. It is ridiculous to say that less than 1% of Chinese speak English. My traceroute to nytimes.com was blocked today from China at a server in Tokyo, japan which means it is not China which is blocking traffic to NYT.

    Please do more research.

  • Is there anyone out there so stupid to actually believe that the same thing is Not true of right leaning news sources? A long time ago I started paying attention to those sources for the fun of it; not as legitimate news sources.
    Missed the word not in my 1st comment.

    • Milady doth troll too much. Yes, companies buy “likes” on social media and just logging into the back end of this site, there was an offer to buy positive Yelp reviews through WordPress. It’s the PATTERN, Dave, here which is so disingenuous and reveals these dinosaur media exponents for the irrelevant, utterly bogus rags that they are. That all 3 of them simultaneously show the exact same meteoric spike in traffic from China (a country where the NY Times is altogether banned!); the fake Chinese bot traffic equating to or exceeding their actual traffic: THAT is the story, here, not that many businesses buy traffic to boost their brand and market perception. Still, one would not expect this of businesses whose business is purportedly to accurately report the news. I don’t have an Alexa account (it’s not free anymore) so I can’t check to see if the Chicago Tribune has done the exact same thing during the exact same period. THAT would be interesting, indeed. That paper is the only large circulation US newspaper of which I’m aware which is not totally controlled by the NeoLiberal faction of the Deep State.

  • Great clip! I thought this guy deserved an Oscar for producing the Sandy Hoax piece which completely destroyed the government’s Sandy Hook Frankenstein horror movie.

    Another ploy by the NYT, and I don’t know how they did it, is about the first of the year I began seeing this NYT popup in the upper right hand corner of my monitor and no sooner than it appears than it vanishes without a trace. It’s no in my in box or any of my email files. Bizarre. But if I am quick enough to click on it before it vanishes, I’ll find it in my inbox. I’ve never, ever subscribed to the NYT, so how is it I get this stealthy copy and why?

    I suppose they are counting me as a subscriber when I am not, but why the stealth? Maybe they don’t want me canceling, so they try to hide it from me. If that doesn’t make sense to you maybe you got a better explanation.

    Wonder how many other non-subscribers are getting this too.

  • Don’t see where he is getting his information. No links or support posted. If it’s true, love it! That means the altmedia and truther communities are getting traction. Cliff High’s predictive language webbots (latest interview here) indicate that, in the long term, the MSM is going down completely. His bots see it happening within two years. That is an event I’m waiting to see. Certainly, the constant media entrainment of the population will decrease significantly with the fake-news-supporting-Cabal media giants going south.

    Now, for Hollywood. Unplug your cable. Read a book, talk to your family/friends and build a different entertainment world which does not include the mouthpieces for the Cabal. Don’t watch that crap.

    • Elle, I edited this article because of your comment. If you go back to the source article on Gateway Pundit, the data is being monitored by Alexa.com. What’s even more hilarious is that The NY Times’ website is blocked in China. LOL!

      • Good to know and thanks.

        I was wondering about the China connection. I thought such publications were blocked in China. In fact, I remember reading somewhere that getting firsthand Western news was not possible, that access was denied to the Chinese populace and any information that was released was run through government censors.


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