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With his new livestream format, Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt has single-handedly resurrected the Esoteric salons of the Belle Époque. He’s joined here by Dr. Joseph Farrell, as they do a deep dive into Akhenaten, Rosicrucians, Essenes, the Bible, Ancient Egypt, Sumeria, Atlantis, Antarctica, Alchemy, MK Ultra, mind control, magick/" target="_blank">Black Magick, Templars and transhumanism – as only Joseph Farrell can do!

Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

Alexandra Bruce

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  • I know Dr. Farrel is aware of Dr. Shmuel Asher, but have you read Dr. Asher’s book – SOUL REVOLUTION? If not, you really should. His books are all amazingly informative, but his Soul Revolution book is flat out a phenomenon. Can’t say enough about how that book brought my understanding of this world and our souls and those who control us, why, how, when it started, why it started and so much more. All data I have never found in other places correlated so well with new sciences and the ancient texts. This book is a must read for everyone searching for these and other truths. HERE is a link to it –

  • I really enjoy Dr. Farrell…but he is a chain smoker (to say nothing about over all health..unless this is cannabis!) and this mildly irritates me that he would do this on camera. Needs to clean his video screen…smoke!!!

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