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February 2, 2012

Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Josh Fox was handcuffed and arrested as he attempted to film a congressional hearing on the natural gas drilling technique known as fracking, which the Environmental Protection Agency recently reported caused water contamination in Pavillion, Wyoming.

Fox directed the award-winning film, ‘Gasland,’ previously publicized on Forbidden Knowledge TV, which documents the impact of fracking on communities across the United States. Fox is now working on a sequel.

On his arrest, Fox says, “We wanted to report on what happened [at the hearing]. I was not interested in disrupting. It was not a protest action.”

He added, “I was simply trying to do my job as a journalist and go in there and show to the American people what was transpiring in that hearing, so that down the line — as we know there will be a lot of challenges mounted to that [Pavillion, Wyoming] EPA report, and frankly to the people in Pavillion who have been sticking up for themselves and demanding an investigation into the groundwater contamination — to make sure that people could view that in a larger forum than usually happens.”

Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

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