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    Zelenskyy is a billionaire who is over a barrel. He has all of these mega mansions all over the world but he can’t enjoy them, because he has to satisfy NATO, his local oligarchs and the Ukrainian Nazis happy.

    Gonzalo Lira, who is married with children to a Ukrainian woman and living in Kharkov explains Zeleskyy’s dilemma and how this comedian went from a celebrity populist to a hated neoliberal Globalist.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I know your work Gonzalo from The Duran with Alex Christoforou & Alexander Mercouris. I had read in Russian Tass report back in March 2022 that Russia’s plan was to De-Communist Ukraine. After just a few days all media outlets, including Tass & Duran changed the wording to De-Nazify Ukraine. Why is that…Very Suspicious & ironic that this small Nation Germany who is still occupied can still be a threat….Well that is just hilarious and sure makes the rest of the world look like the fools they are.

    • I think Zelensky is a replay of the German-Jewish actor/film director Kurt Gerron. Gerron was famous in Europe and Germany, having starred in or directed many films. His most famous performance was in the 1930 classic film “The Blue Angel” starring Marlene Dietrich. When the Nazis took over Germany, Gerron was warned often to leave, but he refused to face the situation and carried on as if nothing was really wrong. The Nazis very often used his face as the caricature for the evil Jew and how he failed to see his danger is amazing. Unfortunately for him, he was taken to Therezinstadt, a model concentration camp. The last film he directed was a Nazi propaganda film of life at this concentration camp, which showed the Jews happy in their prison surroundings. While directing this deceptive propaganda film, Gerron, to his everlasting shame, lost himself as an artist in the directing of it, exceeding Nazi propaganda expectations. He lost sight of where he was and what he was doing for his enemies. As soon as the film was done, he was sent off with the inhabitants of Therezinstadt (who starred in his film) to Auschwitz, where they all met their end. Zelensky’s situation reminds me of Gerron’s and he will probably suffer the same fate at the hands of the Nazis. This documentary of Gerron’s life and his last film is featured in this excellent documentary. History repeats itself, usually with tragic results.

      • Carolyn Yeager has an excellent 47 Page handbook titled: Auschwitz, The Underground Guided Tour. You can find it on her website or purchase it for $10. at Barnes

    • If this account is true, I do not have an iota of sympathy for this failed actor. He is now starring in the Role of his Life, literally. I despise puppet President Zelenskyy and his constant incessant leeching off of America with his prideless promotion of guilt trips. I do not support Ukraine or their Azov Nazi Battalions since I am an American patriot in a country that is going down like the proverbial Titanic, and have just had to watch another improperly-installed puppet President and 137 feckless “Republicans” aligned with the Military/Industrial Complex gift this former Comedian $40 Billion dollars that my Grandchildren will spend their lifetimes trying to repay. As for me, I would not give the Ukraine a Daisy BB gun, and the sooner Vladimir Putin Denazifies these puerile beggars with a cluster of tactical Nukes, the better for America.
      The Lone Wolf – America First – The rest of the world Last
      Sayonara, Ukraine!

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