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    The letter from Albert Pike regarding the Illuminati plan plan for three world wars is largely considered a hoax, due to the use if the word “Nazism” in a letter dated 1871 but it is interesting to note the desired outcome of this alleged plan.

    According to the letter, the third war official started on 9/11 and was intended to leave people in a state of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economic exhaustion.

    They will then use Nihilists, Atheists and revolutionaries to create a cataclysm of social turmoil.

    And they will do this to force the people into exterminating the destroyers of civilization.

    According to this letter, this bloodbath would result in the destruction of both Christianity and Atheism and lead to the pure doctrine of Lucifer as the new world religion.

    And it does appear as if this is happening now, as if the Powers-that-Be are leading the people into a desperate corner, as if their main goal is to create mass chaos and violence.

    But they’ve been doing this all by decree, because they have no authority over God or the US Constitution.

    And so they’d be thrilled if we burned it all down for them, proving that we are inferior savages, in need of governance.

    They thought they’d have that on January 6th but the people were there for peace, love and justice, not a revolution. We don’t need one. We already have of Declaration of Independence.

    But without justice, the death cult remains free and continues on its path to kill us all.

    They’re going to shut us down again but this time, the United Nations will be in charge.

    Our government is giving them that authority at the end of this month, just in time for the next international health crisis.

    And with the leaked Supreme Court memo on Roe v. Wade, they can launch endless organized riots on us while we remain locked in our homes.

    Round Two is coming and this time, with food shortages and the crashing dollar.

    But it doesn’t have to be like this. Their authority is the biggest PSYOP, ever. You are not their slave unless you choose to be. They’re convincing you to do this to yourself.

    When they demanded that everyone wear a mask in 2020, the majority of us could have said, “No,” demanded justice and the true Renaissance would have then begun.

    The 2020 lockdown was a beta test to gauge how compliant the population was and we failed but we will soon have another chance.

    And 2020 was also a wake up call for millions of Americans and millions worldwide, who previously had no idea how corrupt our governments had become.

    So now, we are many and we must all prepare for the next lockdown. And we must remember that we are not savages, sheep or slaves. We are human beings with free will ad as lawful Americans, it is our responsibility to apprehend these traitors, exact justice and restore the Republic.

    But first, we must simply say, “No.”

    Say “No” to the masks. Say “No” to sheltering in place. Say “No” to vaccine passports. Say “No” to shutting down your business or your church.

    And if the police come to shut you down, make them commit treason. The law of the land is already in the hands of the people. All we have to do is wake up and take it back together.

    Peace, love and justice is ours, if we want it.

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    • So grateful to All you front liners have been doing All what was stated lost every thing but have kept my freedom of Rights many now get it Australians have been infiltrating the voting that we just participated in will wake more : Much gratitude to All that share the messages 🙏🇦🇺🌍

    • Never wore the face mask because, i knew that it was scam from the very beginning. What i didn’t know was that so many people could be so easily duped. (SHOCKING.)

    • We not only need to say no to what “they” have planned for us, but we need to say yes to Jesus Christ who came to destroy the works of the Adversary aka The Devil, Satan, and Lucifer. John’s gospel is replete with Jesus telling the truth and announcing it as such. He told the Jewish leaders that if God were their Father, they would love Jesus and respect Him; but they were unable to hear what He was saying because they were of their father the devil who was a murderer from the beginning and without truth in him since he is a liar and the father of lies and of all that is false. The leaders were unable to accept the truth that Jesus spoke because they were not in agreement with God. Even today we are easily mislead by the Adversary when we reject Jesus the Truth, the Way, and the Life. John 10:10 explains that the thief of life comes only in order to steal, kill, and destroy. Aren’t we seeing that truth being played out abundantly at this point in time? The Apostle John again delivers a nugget of truth in 1 John 3:8 by stating that the devil has sinned and violated God’s divine law from the beginning but that “the reason the Son of God was made visible was to undo the works of the devil.” When we accept the truth of God and are born again, receiving His spirit, we are enabled to overcome the adversary. No human on his own is able to please God by his own efforts. We need the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome the legacy of the devil which is death. This is the reason we must go beyond saying no to the plans of an evil agenda and must say yes to the one who is Truth and Life.

    • I believe that the interpretation of Lucifer in the Christian Bible has been twisted.

      Lucifer, the angel of Light was ‘cast out of heaven’. An esoteric and thus symbolic take points to this dimension as where Lucifer (Light) was bound. God/Creator/Divine/Source gave ‘The Word’ and Light went from heaven as the result.

      Light is the basic frequency/vibration here. Light can only be interpreted as dis-spelling and quelling darkness which logically had to be the nothing before creation.

      Humanity presently is bound internally by past cultural superstitions and accumulated verbal and emotional manipulations based in fear of the dark and orchestrated for control.

      Words have power and thoughts are things, See the insightful film They Live as one example of ‘spell-binding’ at work.

      We humans were prompted thousands of years ago to ‘Know Thy Self’, an admonition directed as an internal maturation in awareness towards being able to discern these types of deception.

      How we choose to engage that awareness is our challenge.

      Doubt Nothing, Question Everything and always remember that talk does not cook the rice.

    • I wholeheartedly agree, for this is the secret that I’ve used for a Lifetime of ultimate success, Survival: Just Say “NO!”, and prepare to demonstrate that firm Denial by any means necessary.

    • we are not hue-man(colour of man) the LEGAL SYSTEM defines human as a monster; i will take the rights of mankind over human rights any day

    • The constitution is a declaration of principles that in theory unites reality with a fiction that governs it. Not only did they build unique bridges to reality, but they also put in intermediaries that provide a conditional pass for realization.
      Any attack on the beliefs of a slave serves to entrench them and thereby strengthen the State as a coercive machinery with a monopoly on violence. Basically, the masses are directed to opt for what is safe and known, the lesser evil, where the stage is more than prepared because that is where we come from, the French revolution, the establishment of the republic, the central banks, and the constitutional networks or mental formats. Order is fundamental but without politicians, and with a new mental format that promotes communication between the spirit and the world, and that this fiction serves reality, that the mind serves reality.
      Fear has a powerful effect on the naive, superstitious and fanatical, but so does truth, and this truth is a personal revelation that bursts from suffering or from love that is the cause and effect of being free. Today more than ever the path to follow is very clear.

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