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I love the Bright Insight’s channel and I’m always happy to share Jimmy’s latest videos, like this one, which dropped last night.

Are the sands of the Sahara Desert covering up ancient civilizations..?

Ancient Greek historian, Herodotus (484 – 425 BC) described the Nile River as moving from west to east, not from South to North, as it does today.

Jimmy from the Bright Insight YouTube channel is an Iraq War veteran who got to see some of these ancient wonders of the Middle East with his own eyes but he’s not content to merely point out how incredible they are. He has this to say about Ancient Egypt and the Sahara Desert:

“The experts have always claimed that the Sphinx must be around 4,500 years old, yet recent geological analysis implies that this cannot be the case, as the last time the Nile Delta region had significant rainfall was more than seven thousand years ago…Right in the timeframe of when the Sahara was Green and had ten times the rainfall that it does today…

“The scientific data overwhelmingly suggests that the Sphinx is at least double the age of what we were taught in school
, which of course only further adds to the mystery of ancient Egypt, itself but think about what all of this means.

“The ancient ruins and relics that have been found from the Egyptians are concentrated largely around the Nile River and this makes total sense, as civilizations exist where there’s water.

“So, combine that with the timeframe estimates of when the Sahara went from a lush green tropical paradise to a massive barren desert, several thousand years ago, well there’s obviously a connection here and going back to what I just pointed out, regarding the ancient Egyptians developing their civilization along the Nile River.

“While taking into account that the Sahara Desert was actually a hospitable environment, made up of rivers and lakes at that same period of time, we should ask ourselves if the old legends, stating that the Nile River once ran from west to east have merits…

“Ancient rivers in the Sahara would have likely supported human migration routes. It seems to me that these areas around the rivers [in Northwest Africa] need to be excavated now.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • For me the real question is where does this sand comes from and what is its composition.
    You can’t get this much sand by erosion in short time.
    There is something really wierd about the sand.

  • You belive too much in scientists dating capacity (lying or just stupidity)
    There are many assumptions to be true to rely on dating methodes.
    But thanks for this video , rest is interesting.

  • 60 miles south of the Giza Pyramids is supposed to be the Harare Labyrynth. Herodotus mentioned them in his writings hundreds of years before Christ. Supposedly, space based ground penetrating radar has been utilized to map this site out. It is actually 4 levels, from 4 different ages, stacked upon each other. The upper most level dates to the days of the Egyptian Dynasties, and only gawd knows who or what built the 3 lower levels. No one has yet found an entrance to the lower levels, but the radar says that there are six rooms filled with gold. Someday, that horde may be added to Karen Hudes Global Debt Facility.
    Another place of interest is in Romania, where an ancient Holographic Library is said to exist inside of a mountain, under the ancient Romanian Sphinx. Yes, there certainly are some very interesting things left behind on this planet. And it makes you wonder what could be found out there in the universe. The Apollo 20 Mona Lisa readily comes to mind.

  • Dear Alexandra,

    The cyclical rotation of the earth’s tilt is more correctly termed the Precession of the Equinoxes or Equinoctial Precession, and it is my understanding that it has a length generally recognised as equal to the Kings-list of attributes as the total years of the Divine Dynasties of 25, 827 years and not 20,000 as stated in the film.

    There is so much misinformation bandied about by so-called Egyptologists relating to the 5,000 year period. It seems to revolve around the myth that the Great Pyramid at Giza, which with its nearby Hall of Records, contains within its structure all that mankind needs to know, was constructed as a tomb for the Fourth Dynasty pharaoh Khufu.

    It is my understanding, that it was in fact built around 2.5 Precessions ago i.e. 64,567.5 years.

    The total of my designs theses has been modelled around the true construction of the Great Pyramid, which I refer to as ‘my Fibonacci Sequence’, and reveals an important upper chamber not universally recognised as existing. Likewise not many know of, and understand the existence of a smaller mirrored pyramid under the upper structure, without which, the Great Pyramid would do continuous and lasting damage to our planet.

    There was much of interest in this video but also so much misinformation, sadly.


  • 10,000 years ago at least.

    Makes you wonder how long ago aliens started messing with our weather. Their “children” still are. Hurricane Dorian is being manipulated. They steered it to hit PR but missed. Now they’re pumping moisture into the south side, which would’ve fallen apart due to dry winds yesterday w/o the manipulation. Buoys show surface winds at 20 knots nearby while their 30k altitude plane recon measures 40-60 knots. Total proof of manipulation. Same ol story, new storm.

    • Forgive me for contradicting you, but that is the most naive statement I have seen of late on this forum. It is no ‘Aliens’ messing with our weather but the ‘Deep State’!

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