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If you don’t want the planet to fall to the NWO, then yesterday was a good day for you.

New documents were declassified, confirming that the FBI knew Gen. Michael Flynn wasn’t colluding with Russia, so they plotted to “get him to lie.”

These documents substantiate the statements of Jerome Corsi, Roger Stone and George Papadapoulos, who all claimed the FBI had pressured them to bear false witness against Donald Trump, in order to go free.

The tables have now turned and there is every indication that Gen. Flynn will be exonerated. There’s even an outside chance that he will rejoin the Trump Administration.

In an apparent response to this, Q posted many triumphant posts, releasing screenshots of a chat log from a Star Wars video game which, as silly as it sounds, was one of the preferred channels of “secure” communications among the coup-plotters.

John Brennan (“Dooku”) and others discuss putting Michael Flynn “back in the news” and instruct Peter Strzok (“S”) to draw up a memo on Turkey. They discuss upcoming Dirty Tricks campaigns with their media operatives, including New Yorker staff writer, Adam Entous (“AEWP”) and Louise Mensch (“Limey”) and they refer to Camp Eagle, a CIA black site within a Serbian air base, notorious for torture and murder.

JustInformed Talk has this excellent report on the hybrid war in which we all find ourselves and he gives us his informative breakdown of the latest spate of Q drops.

He says, “There is no way to come to any other conclusion than the people who were in positions of power in this government for the last few decades have been selling us out to the highest bidders. They’ve been undermining our security, they’ve been slowly turning this into a police state.”

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