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While looking at Area 51 and Papoose Lake on Google Maps last week, I saw not far away, a field of what looked like hundreds of meteorite impact craters. The confined area looked familiar – it looked like so many images of the Moon and other planets riddled with craters that we’ve all seen since we were kids.

Zooming in, I understood that these craters were manmade, during that period of nuclear testing in the Cold War. What we learn in this video, is that the area I noticed was a purposeful recreation of a cratered environment like that of the Moon’s, made specifically for the NASA astronauts!

During these mid-century tests, scientists discovered that nuclear explosions and bolide impacts caused almost the exact same geological effects, such that you’ll find the same shocked quartz at the crater bottoms and the inverted stratigraphy at the rims at both the 50,000-year old Meteor Crater in Arizona as you will in at the 1962 Sedan Crater in Nevada – and on the Moon.

This is a fun little clip about the science of craters by YouTube rockstar, Veritasium, with on-location scenes in Nevada, historic file footage and images of Moon dust captured from his microscope.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Humans would’ve been vaporized! No staff or equipment to enable return! No one outside to photo “one small step…”

  • I lost over 13 min of my life watching this BS…Like I said before, I bet my life: nobody landed on the Mon ( Selena )…period !!! Was just a movie made by our ‘ masters ‘ with Stanley Kubrick as a ‘ pro ‘…stage manager/filmmaker…IF you don’t believe me, just READ ! Start like me with Bill Kaysing’s ‘ We never went to the moon ‘, 2nd book named ” One small step: The Great Moon Hoax and the Race to Dominate the Earth from Space “, by Gerhard Wisnewski and ending ( or not, you can read more ) with ” Dark Moon: Apollo and the Wistle-blowers “, by Mary D. Bennett…After reading those 3 books ( or more ), we ( you and me ) can have a conversation…Until then, spare me, please…

  • Fifty years ago today, they set down in Tranquility base.
    I still wonder about the music they heard on the back side, that was Apollo 10.
    Then there were other things that were found, like what Karl Wolf talked about…
    Do you think they will let us stay, next time, if there is a next time?
    We may have advanced technologically, but we have gone backwards in reason.
    Just my point of view of course… As well as they destroyed the data to get there, or as they say, lost it.
    Next time it will be a citizen named Robot. LOL

  • Dear Alexandra,

    The only problem, as I am sure you know, or at the very least suspect, is that they never really went to the moon!

    It was all filmed in a studio in the UK!

    Plus the moon is not a planet but in effect, a huge extraterrestrial-made satellite.


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