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    Paladin is a forensic accountant with a special forces background who publishes the White Hats Report, which reveals the history of the Deep State by following the money. He joins Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot, in preparation for the release of paradigm-shifting information about the Deep State/Cabal criminal organizations created to subvert governments, steal productivity, technological advancements and wealth from the people and to enslave us all.

    He says, “It’s coordinated. It’s a coordinated effort…these people plan out things 50 and 100 years in advance.”

    Of the imminent releases from the White Hats Report, he says, “Hopefully, it’s an education process, to where [readers] can wake up and look around and see what we’re talking about and experience it for themselves… that this is all connected. All of it is orchestrated …we’re taking great care to sort through what we think is relevant and meaningful to the reader… so everyone can see what we’re trying to say and what’s really going on…”

    As far as he and his working group are concerned, the upshot amounts to whether Trump and the DOJ, the FBI and law enforcement will act on their information. “We can give them all the ammunition that they need to prosecute and put these people in jail and get rid of the Federal Reserve. Whether they’re going to do that or not…we feel like it’s now or never.”


    PALADIN: The representatives who go to Congress, both sides of the aisle in both houses, the House of Representatives and the Senate, they don’t work for us, they work for the Cabal and it’s just that simple and we have to understand that and we have to do something about that and it’s got to start from the grass roots.

    KERRY CASSIDY: Who, in your opinion is running the Cabal right now? Do you know of any particular individual, now that George Bush Senior is theoretically dead?

    PALADIN: …There’s a lot of stories about how that all came down and the same thing with John McCain. Who is running the Cabal? Well, it appears as if they have moved Obama up since Bush passed away; George Soros, of course. It’s the bankers, it’s the Illuminati, it’s 30 families, it’s the bloodlines. It’s still those people.

    The people like Soros, though are in a position where they have the access to the funds and they’re actually paying people to do certain things; they’re paying people to be disruptive. They’re sponsoring all of these lunatic ideas and people and I could go on for days, as far as what they’re doing towards the funding because it all revolves around the money…

    And that’s why we are concentrating on the money, because is the way they control all of us, because we have to have money to pay our rent and eat and everything else and so they are able to do that through their financial system that they created and they control…

    KERRY CASSIDY: What’s going on with Ukraine; Biden and his son?…The whole stupid impeachment thing has blown up over this Biden situation.

    PALADIN: …this is but one example of how the senators and congressmen go to Washington, DC, they have a net worth of maybe $200,000, they make $175,000 a year to work three months, if that…and 10 years later, their net worth is $50 million! Now, how does that happen?

    You’re in the government, so you’re a caretaker of the money – all the money that goes into the government, through taxation… and they get to determine where it goes and just like Biden says at that taped meeting at the [Council on Foreign Relations], “Well, I told him that if he didn’t fire the prosecutor, that I wouldn’t give him the billion dollars.”

    Well, it’s not his billion dollars, it’s our billion dollars…that he used to coerce Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was looking into his son and the business dealings of Burisma.

    This is just one example of the way it works everywhere. Imagine what it’s been like for China? China is a new economy that we’ve jumped into with both feet. And how many sweet deals do you think they have gotten from China?

    Trump, with these trade deals is trying to undo this and I wish he wouldn’t say these were “stupid deals” because they weren’t stupid deals, they were done on purpose to destroy this country.

    And in the meantime, while they destroyed this country, people like Biden and Obama and Bush and the Cabal are getting rich off of it because they’re funneling money – our taxpayer money – to Ukraine or to China and they’re getting money back from them as payoffs for the business deals they’re doing.

    I don’t know if anyone’s ever seen a list of the money we give away to other countries but it would make you sick. And it’s our money – it’s not their money!…that’s how they enrich themselves…

    There’s going to be more stuff coming out on Biden…

    KERRY CASSIDY: Are you worried about Trump staying in office and them coming after you, when you say “Now or never”?

    PALADIN: Yes…because they realize that he is going to change things…they know that if he gets a second term, they’re all in trouble. This is why you see this desperation with this impeachment. This has been all to head off Huber’s and Durham’s and Barr’s investigations…

    Trump needs a second term…he doesn’t need to worry about re-election, he needs to worry about getting rid of these criminals who have infiltrated into every part of our society, especially in the government.

    I think that once that gets going, I think that it will spread to other countries…because, I think the rest of the world looks to the United States to be the leader for freedom…and we have been a disgrace to the rest of the world…

    KERRY CASSIDY: Do you believe these stories that we’re hearing, that people have been arrested and so on?

    PALADIN: …I have no confirmation, although I have heard snippets, here and there, that people have been arrested and taken to Gitmo. You have to understand, these people are Satanic…so, there is nothing they won’t do to stay in power.

    So, when you look at someone like Barr. Is he getting threats? Is he getting threats to his family? If you’re the Attorney General of the United States and if you have the authority to arrest these people and you get a phone call at midnight and they say, “You better back off of this or you’re not going to see your family tomorrow”…what do you do? This is the way they operate. This is actually the way it goes.

    So, our hope is that we can get a grass roots level awareness of people who know what’s going on and…it hits critical mass at some point and everybody knows what’s going on and they start holding all of these people accountable and things will change.

    But we have to have critical mass. We have to have a certain amount of people who are aware and not only aware but are willing to do something about it to effect change…

    [They] depend on us for every-thing. Think about that. They depend on us and our compliance or their whole system would collapse in a matter of days…

    KERRY CASSIDY: Do you see any bright spots, in terms of people who are coming to work with you?

    PALADIN: Yes…there’s a lot of White Hats embedded everywhere. We’re almost like sleeper agents and so once the tide turns, they are in a position to do the right thing to make sure things don’t go off track, if that makes sense…

    I have been told that the trigger point for all of this – and we’ve talked about the 2015 meeting at Trump Tower with Flynn and Dunford and those guys – but I’ve since learned that the trigger point was the attempt on JFK Jr, back in [1999]. That was the trigger point, where they said, “OK Guys, we have got to do something about this.”

    …The tide started to turn 20 years ago and it’s taken us this long to see any changes.

    KERRY CASSIDY: Are you one of those people who think that JFK Jr is still alive and standing by?

    PALADIN: Well, I have been informed by several people that he is still alive. Now, do I think he is? I don’t know…I’ve heard two different versions of the plane crash, which sort of concerns me and gives me pause to think he’s still alive only because I’ve heard two different versions of how that went down.

    Because me being like I am, that’s the first question I ask, is about, “What about the plane? Did it go down? Did it not go down? What about his wife and her sister? Because when you talk about him, you have to talk about his wife and her sister because his wife and her sister were in that plane crash.

    But I have been told that he still alive – and I don’t now whether that’s true or not and let me be clear, I’m not saying that that is true but I have heard that… say Trump gets another term. What are we going to do in 2024? Well, that’s the answer to that question (!)

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    • Although I have only just started to watch the interview, I am deeply alarmed to see that Kerry Cassidy is looking so ill! I have dowsed her energy and truly believe that she is suffering from cancer of the uterus. I cannot believe that she is unaware of this? If only she would let me freely help her? She would be over the disease in a matter of a week or two at the most! Poor lady!

    • To MAGA America must be in control of its destiny. This requires exiting the UN, bringing monetary policy into compliance with Art 1 Sec 8-5 of the 1787 Constitution. and shedding America a Americans of the ungodly and unconstitutionally created debt we theoretically owe as a result of the policy established by the privately owned, deceitfully named Federal Reserve banking system.
      Regaining control of government so these needs can be realized will require leadership armed with a viable plan as a failure to plan is a plan to fail. Such a plan exists. Its the leadership that’s missing.

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