JP Sears turns every COVID trope into a joke, which you may wish to share with any COVID True Believers in your life for Red Pilling purposes.

I’ve been slogging my way down the Shenandoah Valley and will start moving into my new digs early today. I’m not sure when I will have Internet, so I may miss a day or two.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • JP – You are sooooo funny – I love watching your videos – you make me belly-laugh everytime – thanks so much – keep posting

  • Ah, JP! (That was MY DAD’s name! He would have loved this guy. Wish we could have shared that..)

    Hopefully, JP can reach the brain dead masses cowering in stupidity like the brainwashed sheep they are. Because I’ve lost my patience with them and have resorted to bitch slapping.

    When do we get to start the Civil (Revolutionary?) war? I want to help the eugenicists by shooting a whole lot of useless (Democratic) eaters.

    Comedy can often seem like depravity with ennui mixed with idiocy.

  • Dear Alexandra,

    May you be happy in your new home and God willing, the ‘Evil’ that has blighted your life for so long, will be thwarted in their actions, such, that you can start to earn a decent salary again.

    With the likelihood of the MSM being shut down, it will be news boards such as yours that will replace them, once again God willing?

    • Where did you move to? Still in FLA FLA Land? Did you move because of finances, or were you worried about your safety?

      • I moved from New York to North Carolina because I think New York has some seriously sketchy leadership.

    • I was going to take it down from Waynesboro but it was raining cats and dogs all day so I just stayed on 81.


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