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TV editor Ramsey Denison had just created a documentary that was a damning exposé of the Las Vegas Police Department when he found himself at Ground Zero in the largest mass shooting of US history.

In this most recent installation of his investigative video series, Denison asks the question, ‘When did the LVMPD realize Paddock was dead?’ For their part, the Las Vegas Metro Police say it took over 70 minutes to enter Steven Paddock’s room because they had to make sure Paddock was dead first.

We may recall that the initial reports had the LVMPD killing Paddock themselves and that the LVMPD’s official timeline of the events of that night changed more than once. Security guard, Jesus Campos was credited with alerting the LVMPD to Paddock’s position, shortly after Paddock shot him in the leg and prior to when Paddock is said to have opened fire on the 91 Harvest event below his 32nd floor window.

Twenty minutes into Paddock’s alleged siege, a LVMPD helicopter began circling the Mandalay Bay hotel. Ex-Army pilot Brian Shields, who joins Denison asks, “Why did they send a helicopter into the kill zone, when Paddock could’ve started firing again at any time?”

Shields demonstrates how one LVMPD helicopter was not just hovering over the Mandalay Bay hotel, it was circling over it very slowly and shining its spotlight. He notes that if the Las Vegas shooter was looking to cause maximum damage with an automatic weapon and a helicopter with a spotlight was hovering at low altitude directly above, it would not have been difficult for Paddock to have taken aim at the helicopter.

Denison wonders if the LVMPD had allowed the chopper to hover there because they knew there was no danger to the pilot as they knew Paddock was dead?

Personally, I think the presence of the helicopter circling over the Mandalay Bay hotel might support the theory that Paddock was not the shooter. There were rumors that shots were fired from some of the helicopters that night.

Three months on, nothing makes sense about this event.

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  • I am amazed that one of the most horrific, frightening events does not attract any in depth forensic investigation by the American or UK Mainstream Media. This lack of questioning in itself should ring alarm bells but in general the masses just soak up the ‘news’ they are spoon fed without question.
    After viewing the numerous, easily available bystander accounts I believe that the existance of multiple shooters now goes without saying but the Mainstream Media have not once raised this issue. They therefore must be complicit in this awful event.

  • It is all the same.
    The police needs violence, otherwise they have not job and can not earn money.
    The journalists needs bad news, other wise they can not earn money.
    I guess now it is possible to ask: are they hells angels?
    This is quantum entanglement by any gender fight hurting each other in any thinmkable way.

  • Here’s a hypothetical, what if there is a cold war between factions of the ruling elites. And that war has started to get hot and is becoming visible to us. So there are attacks on strategically important centres like Las Vegas, the attack on Charleston could have been another. Just a thought…

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