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We are in the middle of a covert World War, in which the governments of the world have all but declared war on their own citizens.

Therefore, we have no reason to believe that there is anything natural about the Canadian “wildfires” that have created smoggy, formaldehyde- and benzene-laden air in the Midwest and along the East Coast – conditions that are totally unprecedented in our lifetimes.

Moreover, June is not the season for wildfires in Canada’s vast boreal forest, as the terrain is still too moist from winter. Canadian wildfires typically start in late August and September but the Globalists would have us believe that these fires are due to “climate change” and the mainstream media has already been advocating for voluntary lockdowns.

ReallyGraceful discusses the air quality conditions in Chicago, Detroit, and Washington, DC and plays clips of what Americans are seeing, smelling, and feeling – and what chemical detection equipment has been detecting.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I sorry guys. Thee cradles of Western and Eastern civilisation were once lush and high rainfall areas. Now deserts. and this happend way before HARP. The wet season where I live when I came her 40 years ago was 10 months long and there was a 2 month dry season. Now thats reversed. 2 months wet. The fire season has extended and these fires are unprecendented and yes trillions of trees are releasing all their stored mercury that they filtered out and encapsulated for us, its all just spewing into the air. Trees burning release more smoke and more toxins than burning coal. We can blame Big Pharma and Big Ag for rapid deterioration of our habitat, but since humans settled we have been affecting the climate with plows , mismanaged graziing live stock and little fires. Blame ourselves for supporting the ploughing poisons and control burning done by brainwashed farmers. Because we didnt buy organic. Lets eat only organic, you would be shocked at how nature will come back,and a safe and beautiful Earth will rise from this.

    • Yes Bee, I believe it would also help to stop producing plastics. Go back to get bottles being refilled, such as any detergents, shampoos. Use cotton bags at grocery stores., they come in all sizes. Put an end to fast food & take out food, they produce too much waste.
      Also, lets stop breeding these useless dogs! Only real breeders ought to be breeding real dogs, which are Working Dogs. Would put an end to homeless animals & stop the waste they produce, especially because these small dogs have No real cause to exist, other than women who dress them up in outfits to replace having children. Which also means to stop all these other useless captive rodents at the pet stores. Look at all the useless supplies that need not be in the garbage dumps. Cats are our friend, they eat the rodents, but cats need to be in their own environment, outside. Farmers love them in the barns, garages are fair in the winter. Their numbers can be controlled by spading & release program.

    • Bee, just thought of another to add to “The” list to help the beautiful Earth.
      People need to realize Solar Panels are Not recyclable & they damage roofs. Plus idiots take down trees instead of relying on trees to shade their homes.

  • Well done! I am in Canada and we ARE concerned! No the smoke doesn’t smell like wood burning! It smells like toxic chemicals. And Toronto had the number One spot one day last week for poorest air quality. Remember George Orwell S book 1984 when Winston realized that it was there own government that was bombing their cities and blaming an enemy. I’m getting the same feeling now. And they say the enemy is Climate change. It does not resonate as truth. Just manipulation.

  • I wish I could say this like you just did. These people definitely read Sun-Tzu and Machavelli while others were doing tick tock dances.

  • “WHAT THE MEDIA WON’T TELL YOU ABOUT THE CANADIAN WILDFIRES: You are paving their way to good intention!”

    Let that sink in –

    Yes, you may quote me.

  • That is very smart. If most people disconnected TV, and stopped believing the government, the doctors, the historians, things can turn around very fast.

  • I reside in Youngstown OH (18 miles from East Palestine). For the past few weeks the air in Youngstown smells like there is a chemical factory in the vicinity . Both the sun and moon are cloaked in fogged as if we a watching a creepy ghost movie (we probably are). Previous to living in Youngstown I resided in Colorado where I had experienced numerous forest fires ( very close hand experience)and never did they resemble what I am experiencing now. I haven’t believed information promulgated by the MSM or US government for over 2 decades and I do not expect to anytime soon. Great info. Thanks

    • That is very smart. If most people disconnected TV, and stopped believing the government, the doctors, the historians, things can turn around very fast.

    • God help you detox successfully. how brave trump was to show up for Palestine in spite of the air quality.

  • “Anything you say (online) can and WILL be used against you”.

    “Social credit score” is not something that “might happen, some day”; it’s the result of data mining that uses to decide where to send the lethal batches and to decide who should get the placebo shots. (It might even be applied to one’s children, relatives and friends, as how can know how many and which people you may have infected with your “independent thinking” disease?)

    They can do what they do because they have (and can print) as much money as they like, and for whatever purpose, because WE ARE USING THEIR MONEY. The solution is to “claw back” the money; “gold-backed currency” isn’t going to do that, and Bitcoin isn’t going to do that. What WILL DO THAT is a 1% per month WEALTH tax (which we will call an “infrastructure maintenance fee” so that trusts and religious entities aren’t able to duck it), BUT FIRST, we need to replace their private money that THEY control, with public money that WE, THE PEOPLE control (via non-judgemental algorithms) only to the extent required to maintain price stability.

    Creating this “public money” is just about the easiest thing in the world:

    Convert all public and private DEBT (which includes CASH, as cash is basically a “marker”, indicating what the system owes to the bearer in goods and/or services) to electronic credit money held in “wealth accounts” in the name of the financial entity that owned the debt. (The existing SNAP benefits system – or a clone thereof – could be suited to the task in short order.)

    One big, required change would be that courts would no longer enforce contracts (using the new public e-money) that involve USERY: no more “charging interest” on public money, a practice tantamount to counterfeiting which is the SECOND most important factor leading to UNJUSTIFIED wealth inequity (some wealth inequity, of course, being justified by talent or proclivity), the FIRST factor being that ALL governments TAKE everyone’s “right to access land sufficient to support their right to life”, WITHOUT JUST COMPENSATION. The plan to dispense that “JUST COMPENSATION” can be found in the Library of Congress archives at:

    You may PERSONALLY be able to hide out from the Borg with a small footprint, but if you give a damn about your fellow man, there is no other (possibly) viable path. “We all gotta hang together”, as someone once said.

    Wishful thinking about 5D chess and White Hats and Q ain’t getting it done: hand symbol throwing, Wailing Wall kissing Trump is a Freemason; in Scottish Rites Freemasonry, the White Hat (which Trump loves to wear) is reserved for 33° members; the “Associate Directorate for Security and Counterintelligence” of the U.S. National Security Agency is called “the Q Group”; and “Operation Trust” was a fake anti-Bolshevik resistance organization, set up by the Cheka of the Soviet Union to lure anti-Bolsheviks into revealing themselves.

    I would have to be stupid and/or crazy to exhibit symptoms of independent thinking disease like this online. Don’t be stupid and/or crazy like me: copy this and tell people about it in-person (with no smartphones around)…

    • Unfortunately we don’t have enough people half as smart as you on either side…. Idk 🤷🏼‍♀️ the world will embrace insanity while people like us go insane

    • Dear Alan, it is very clear that money is the source of all evils. In our case a small gang got to have ALL THE FOCKING MONEY, because they are permitted by our government to print our money. Nationalize the Fed, and cancel our debts to them. No need for changing currencies, or paying interest for trillions of fiat money.

      Take money out of politics.

      Elect a committee that assure fairness in the media for all sides.

      Fire the communist college professors.

  • Not buying that the United States Haze is from Canadian wildfires.
    We have been experiencing Haze & White Sky’s for years from Chem Trialing. Hence the Name…
    If it took Canadian Wildfires to wake you people up, than so be it!
    They have been hiding the Sun, Moon & Stars from us for many years. You Clowns have been so busy with your dumb devices.

  • ‘Really Graceful’ circles around the warfare aspect yet neglects to point out the real geo-engineering war with the help of HAARP and cloud seeding taking place. In Ontario Canada there are now 25+? private HAARP facilities last time I heard & dug, some research, some weapons industry sub contractors/fronts. We won’t be told any reality of this because it’s ‘national security’ just like the jabs. Canada even has a government level information program for geo-engineering experimentation! Just apply and Canada will test your patented techniques for all the weapons manufacturers posing as news agencies and weather networks! I’ve been posting to the normie comments sections about this and people are really still daft that this could even be a possibility. Even had someone comment that I needed Haloperidol. I asked them if character assassination and shooting the messenger is something they get paid for. Then I get all sorts of psychiatric condition ads in these feeds! Pretty sure it’s an Ai doing the shooting down in the MSM comments sections now and are using our comments to create a basis for diagnosis for psychiatric disorders. Just like Dr’s have always done since the days they blamed every real woman’s health problems on hysteria! My question is how do we take down the cabal with as little damage to us humans but without allowing the cabal to social engineer us into accepting their solution? Thanks Alexandra for all you do getting the information out to the people!

  • No mystery when destroyers like Soros and his open society curmudgeons are allowed to operate open borders where CCP agents are free to roam and create mischief and mayhem.

    Dopey Canadians are farther down the WEF rat hole than the US. I’ve monitored their indiscriminate immigration for two decades. They are on a trajectory for Balkanization. So is the US, but dopey Americans don’t know it. They look at what has happened to our major cities and can’t figure out that those populations are being replaced by hoards of third world peasants – on purpose! It’s unsustainable people mangement, but entertainment news visuals monopolize people’s attention.

    It’s the formation of a Fourth Reich, and as before Russia gets it, and has rejected our NWO obsession with gender confusion evangelism!It all ties together under Cloward and Piven, Alinsky, Marx, Sun-Tzu and investment bankers (money-changers).

    You will own nothing and you will be happy!

    • JD, your 2nd paragraph makes historical sense, however you contradict history at your last paragraph….Russia doesn’t get history, proven by the fact they still think they defeated the bad guys during WW2. Hence Millions of Russians died at the hands of Communist take over of their “Mother Land” & that certainly was Not the Germans!
      The Third Reich stood for Simplistic Conservative Virtues, which included:
      Order, Honor, Morality, Homeland, Loyalty & Decency.
      June 22nd, 1941, a Coalition led by Germany with eight Nations, ended Stalin’s Communist planned invasion of Europe, set for July 10th, 1941.

      • Jay, thank you for your comments. However, chronologically, the western investment bankers backed the Bolsheviks who highjacked the newly formed Russian government following the abdication of the Czar. That came first, Hitler’s brown shirts came later which was the political reaction against these same investment bankers and their Commie toadies. The brown shirts rose to power ostensibly for all the virtues you mention, because these same Bolsheviks were at work in Germany scaring the bejabbers out of the people who embraced these virtues. No doubt about that!

        But we must dig deeper to discover exactly who and what the Russians were and are, what the Germans were and are, and what and who the investment bankers were and are. I could tell you in plain English, but Alexandria would wisely not post my response to you out of fear of losing her goose that lays the golden eggs because the truth is not politically correct!

        Communism was imposed upon Russia from without and from within through a relatively small minority of congenital rebels, even yet present in all three nations.

        Now having written that, I will simply suggest you dig deeper with the knowledge that Germans, Ukrainians and Russians are not born fascists or communists any more than you or I. They have had these anti-Christian ideologies imposed upon them by them as holds the gold, just like you and I are now experiencing.

        But be of good courage truth is oozing out from under the closed doors and windows. It will not be long before the dam breaks and the wall of falsehoods collapses. Just make certain that you are on the right side when it does, and it doesn’t sound like you are – …yet, where there is hope!!!

        G-d bless.

        • JD, anti-Christian or not, is Not the key, as you are implying. Anti Creation, in of itself is thou. Christianity is just a form of repackaged other ancient religions. Nothing wrong with that as long as one is happy knowing that or not.
          “Them that holds the gold” perhaps that’s why they want to create a digital money laundering banking system.
          “The wall of falsehoods” will continue, it will just be packaged differently, always has!
          The only side that matters is the Creators Side, Creation Side.
          I am aware who the Russians & Germans were & are and Iam comfortable as knowing.

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