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    What the Hell is going on in Australia? These scenes put Third World dictatorships to shame.

    Some claim that this is the influence of China, which is buying up Australian land, infrastructure and businesses in that country.

    China owns an airport in Western Australia, nine million hectares of Australian land, several Aussie coal mines and wind farms and even the Port of Darwin, a key strategic asset.

    China is also the largest foreign owner of Australian water…

    Does any of this have to do with the imminent financial reset?

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • The west was corrupted by two movies; ‘ Enter The Dragon” and ‘The Way Of The Dragon” So I had to finish him off with a Lamb Chop. From Mary’s Little Lamb, the one in Jesus Arms.

    • What’s going on in Australia? Answer: The same thing that’s going on in the West.

      Years of feminist butt hurt has morphed into feminist led calls for media censorship with strict OBEDIENCE to “laws” passed by fascists, enforced by storm troopers wearing masks – for your safety – because they care about YOU.

      Crocodile tears and victim status are powerful weapons. Now bend over and wear your mask.

    • If this American lady of the left is not sustaining a civil society her background should be checked to see if she is citizen. If not deport the radical! I’m a Canadian living in Vancouver BC.

    • that’s because there were ONLY 74 protesters — there should be MILLIONS and MILLIONS more of them in order to confront this issue successfully

      and Daniel Andrews has one HELL OF A NERVE publicaly shaming and making such a fraudulent statement – be it only his opinion!!!!!

      I pray for all of you in Australia

    • this president of Australia is a jerk saying all this could have been avoided if she would have just submitted to the thugs. Australia you gave your guns to your trusted progressive government and now they have turned on you and you have no defense. Too Bad you trusted them but history is full of examples you should know to never trust a Government

    • What are you guys waiting to leave that f… up country ? Let me predict that if you don’t, it will only get worst and worst. Get out on a sail boat if needed, it’s urgent! …

      Or at least stop paying for any and all gov taxes and other extorsions of theirs…
      Imagine how much equipment you could buy to defend yourself, instead of having them buy equipment to attack you with your own money !!!

      Hummm this makes me turn a bit into a voyant of some kind …
      Let me share what I can see in the future.. not so far … your prime … Daniel I think…

      He’ll end in the hands of street justice….. as well as many morons thugs that act as police….

      You guys have a good end of civilization !

    • Good to see there is some push back to the tyranny in Australia, there are still people who sense the injustice and violation of human rights that are taking place and refuse to be compliant sheep. I wish them well in this struggle against those with a lust to control others.

    • Meanwhile in the koolaid States we have an anon group to keep armed white folks at home, Q. And ovewr in Europe Irish Eyes are eying the truth and getting unruly, 2. China? Glowingbull?

      Yeah, it’s all by design. Can they pine a tail on, youtoo?

    • “What the Hell is going on in Australia?”

      What’s going on is what ALWAYS HAPPENS when the Citizens GIVE UP THEIR GUNS!!!!!
      Seriously…….how DUMB do you need to be?!?!

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