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    The past week in the US was largely defined by a nationwide protest movement against the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President.

    Putin was quick to congratulate Trump on his win and said he looked forward to Russia normalizing relations with the US, releasing photos of his teetotaling self, hoisting a flute of Champagne.

    The threat of a nuclear war plunged from 3, “Above normal levels, Air Force ready to mobilize in 15 minutes,” to 5, “Normal peacetime readiness.” (1 signifies “Maximum readiness; all forces ready for combat; nuclear war imminent or likely”).

    Having been born during the Cold War, I was confounded that these protestors could care less about the nuclear war already hovering over our heads and promising to zoom to a more perilous Defcon, with the election of their candidate. They didn’t care about the war crimes that have bloodied the hands of Secretary Clinton, in the massacres of 500k+ civilian innocents in Libya and Syria. They didn’t care about the complete demolition of these countries’ infrastructures, ancient monuments and the total destruction of these societies. They were perfectly fine with Hillary’s vote to invade Iraq, where another 1M+ civilians were slaughtered and that country also razed to the ground for no good reason.

    They weren’t protesting the 7k+ US fighters killed in action over the past 15 years and ~50k maimed, in the longest continuous armed conflict of any other in US history. They weren’t protesting about 9/11, which altered our legal structure into a sick surveillance state, unimaginable to George Orwell. They couldn’t give a damn, that under Obama, State propaganda was legalized and that he incrementally added executive powers to the yearly National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), to the point where now, the US President has the right to detain or to kill anybody, anywhere on the planet without due process.

    Where’s that social justice, when you really need it?

    Tens of thousands of people took to the streets, who were apparently OK with a fifth term of bloodthirsty and financially ruinous NeoCon “Endless War” policies, guaranteed by Hillary’s Warhawk rhetoric. That was just fine.

    Snowflake sensibilities boiled over into violent riots, over some stupid things that Donald Trump said, which could never pass into law.

    That was how I felt until yesterday, when I saw this clip by TruthstreamMedia – and I realized that I’d been fooled again.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • YES. I’ve been saying it and saying it and saying it. The system cannot be changed from within. It’s completely corrupt, broken and compromised. But few are listening. They’d rather sleep and make-up Disney stories about a justice that includes the corrupt which does not exist. That’s TV, folks. But, they don’t get it, can’t see it and won’t support it. The justice you believe in and are held to does not include to the corrupt Deep State and it’s field of influence. Voting in another criminal POTUS will not change that. You are simple fodder to them. If you are an American you know there is only one thing worth fighting for–Freedom.

      And, as Mobius pointed out below, if you understand this truth you know what’s ahead. Sadly. The neocons are gathering for the kill. As a friend of mine who worked in intel for decades puts it: Welcome to the double-F, folks.

    • Trump the ass clown is already moving the Global Corporate Criminals (the Billionaire Bastards) into further power (as I suspected). You’ll see him start looking like Hitler’s return soon. Be afraid, be worried. Get secure, and you WILL be required to “fight” to keep your freedom. It’s going to get a lot worse, until we remove the criminal US government.

      THEY are the traitors, and we MUST work to stop them.

    • I know this is why I didn’t vote, nobody to vote for. Just a bunch of snakes in the pit spitting at each other, till the lights go out, then they are kissing each others asshole. Same shit different day. I hope everybody is ready for the power slide, cause we are on it, or in it. I’m not sure if I want to ride this train any more. We maybe going fast, but to no where. Truth will not be reviled, lies will continue, not that they ever let up any. Best wishes for the most of you. Maybe I should never have been. Sorry if I sound depressed, I am.

    • I welcome the criticism, but we should remember – what choice did we really have? It was between the establishment everything that is yet determined to double down on tyranny and a renegade who promised to restore the republic. We dare not allow ourselves to indulge in yet another magic saviour story. Trump has to deal with the reality that he’s got lots of powerful competition and lots of powerful enemies and that he has to thread the needle very carefully or he dies, maybe even literal death! Right now he is powerless and will remain so until January 20 and the establishment is still trying to take him down. He will make mistakes, we must hope he has the wisdom to correct them in a timely manner.

    • I see your point, believe me!! Is it possible that this is just a grift? A possibility that Trump is setting these people up, hoping that he doesn’t get killed before he gets in?
      I’m going to give him 6 months, 6 months and if I see anything that smells I’ll be with you!

    • True Reality is just a “soup” of potentials, to the degree that we believe in anything, that will become our reality. The key to experiencing the most healthy results is to have our priorities in order, the highest of those should be TRUTH.

      In the light of truth we must realize the truth of the definition of truth … that is not even what most people have believed it to be, do yourself a favor and read through the Wikipedia definition of the word TRUTH.

      IMnsHO and E.

    • The Villain in this election was Hillary. And Trump came right out and called her a criminal on National TV! That statement alone captured a lot of attention from the Freedom movement.
      For many people, this election wasn’t just about all of the promises that Trump made to change things for the better, but for keeping Bill and Hill out of the White House. Having accomplished the impossible by electing Trump, many people, myself included, are waiting to see some evidence that Trump will be the man we hope he is. A man who loves his country and the people in it. Until charges are brought against Hillary and possibly Bill, I doubt that things will change much, I’m sorry to say. But I’m still hoping

      • We had Hope for Obama, too, and he did nothing of value, except continue the violence and corruption, as Trump will (only, he’ll be much worse).

        The way it works is that the day after thee President gets elected, the REAL power (what I call the “Billionaire Bastards”, or what James Spader in The Blacklist calls them, The Cabal..) sit the Pres down and read him the puppet act: Do our bidding, or you and your family dies. It’s that simple: Blackmail. Play their game, and survive, maybe even get 2 terms as Oboomba did for being such a good ol’ Uncle Tom. HE WAS SHIT!
        But he looks & sounds good, seems nice, but just had no balls, no real Patriotism.

        Our country has been overrun by corrupt, greedy criminals, and it’s time for America to Die, so it can be re-born as the land of Freedom it’s supposed to be. Only Next time, we have to keep the capitalists out of power, and mandate limits so there are NO BILLIONAIRES. They’re Bad News Billionaire-Bears.

        In the end, the only outcome that leads to humanity’s survival will be to execute these people and their families, just as they have their enemies. The PEOPLE MUST rise up, as they have every 100 years since the 1600’s. There was the American Revolution (AR2 coming soon!), the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution…. it’s just history repeating itself, because humanity seems fundamentally flawed. Perhaps we should just let the fat cats take everything and kill us all. Because if we don’t do anything, that’s EXACTLY what’s gonna happen!

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