Jimmy Dore breaks down the task that lays head for Progressives, by showing a recent statement by Brown University Economics professor, Mark Blyth.

Blyth accurately predicted Brexit and Trump and he explains in plain English (with his fabulous Scottish burr) how globalization and capitalism are failing people throughout the world – and why this means that more Brexits and Trumps are on the way – starting with Italy, France and Spain.

As Dore notes, the last time the world saw CEO-to-worker pay discrepancy as high as 475-to-1 was during the Third Reich. The NeoLiberalism of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is exactly that: Fascism – or what “Il Duce”, Benito Mussolini preferred to call “Corporatism”.

Dore urges Progressives to wake up to this and “Do NOT listen to Chris Hayes, do NOT listen to Rachel Maddow, do NOT listen to CNN, do NOT listen to George Snuffleupagus (Dore is a comedian – he means George Stephanopoulos) – or any of those people. Don’t listen to Joan Walsh, don’t listen to Ezra Klein. Don’t listen to any of those people. They have an interest in the system staying the way it is – and they have no idea what a working person is – NONE!”

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  • What a relief to see some commenters with anarcho-capitalist sentiments. Though the video seems to be oriented to the usual socialistic anti-capitalist collectivist/statist tripe that pretty much defines America and the rest of the world, I see some glows of intelligence and awareness here.

    I’ll have to admit that I couldn’t watch this all the way to the end. When the unionist morons trying to protect their own turf at everyone else’s expense came on to whine and the host agreed with them, I quit. Dore appears to be as clueless as the rest of the parasite class with their call for a rearrangement of the Titanic deck chairs while not recognizing that it’s the state created by the political system itself that’s the problem. Social organization by theft, coercion, and aggression against the innocent is not just stupid, it’s evil.

    So this piece was pretty much a bust, but I often enjoy the comments more than the main act, and this was one of those times; some of the folks here seem to be a cut above average. Thanks!

  • and the flaming morons are spreading the false word. the news is bad, under present conditions we must, i do mean must have a world war, that is how it works. when money is the only variable, not happiness. the stairway to heaven, (led zeppelin) sings the song to the letter, but when happiness is the key, the bankers die, the governor’s die, and the people become happy and full of love.
    you can not have both one or the other. rich or love. control=death, love = life. the sad news is the people have walked down the bankers trail so long they will not understand what i am saying and they too must go the way of the bankers.
    if you could, just for a min, imagine a world where each person lives in a place protected by what you do, if what you do is a force greater than the eye can see and it became powerful enough to control what the real world does, then you begin to grasp what i am speaking of. the key to this type of thinking is remembering we all die, this is your reason, what if we popped up on the other side of death when our actions. good actions being a ladder up and bad ones being a hole you have dug, down.
    ok how does one prove such crazy thinking? give yourself a month and watch every action and reaction. do what is right, not what benefits you, but only what is right. while doing this talk to the most high, the one who personally lines things up. i will talk to the willing in 1 month. the rest won’t matter because they will be dead soon enough. once the bad becomes so great it causes a war to clean itself of crap, just like we take out the trash, it can also come in the form of sickness, that is why so many are always dieing, but once it become so great, like it is now, the love of money will fix itself, by the orders of the most high. i know no one will make a move to save themselves, but at least you know now, and once getting to the other side, you will be told as you enter your personally dug hole…

  • Thank You for pretty much confirming what I believe is the problem with this world, the money system, and of course the people involved with it.

  • Great comments from everybody! I’m so lucky to have smart people reading my posts! I know that there’s some disagreement here but there’s lots of overlap. Yes, the US has not known Capitalism for a long, long time. A great quote from Catherine Austin Fitts is: “Capitalism is a great idea. We should try it sometime.” But note that Jimmy Dore is not attacking Capitalism, he’s criticizing Predatory Bankster Capitalism

    What we’ve been seeing in the US is not Capitalism, it’s Corporatism/Crony Capitalism and a complete disregard for the Anti-Trust Act. In my lifetime, AT&T had to be broken up – but now, we have 6 media conglomerates owning the US’ entire Mainstream Media. We see Monsanto, a behemoth which has acquired hundreds of companies around the world, now being acquired by Bayer. (Who knew that any company was big enough to acquire Monsanto?)

    And now, based on the latest news about Trump’s statements and appointments, this Deep State juggernaut will not skip a beat with Hillary’s defeat. It appears that Trump’s regime will be one of NeoCons on steroids.

    Instead of warring on Russia, we’ll be warring on Iran, apparently. Trump said all the right things to make the Alternative Media get behind him and help him get elected – but now he’s starting to sing a very different tune.

    The Neo-Liberals (aka Hillary) are Fascists and the Republicans are Fascists. As Pilger said, “There was no one to vote for.” There was no choice other than Corporate Fascism and the continuation of the NeoCon’s “Endless War”.

    I’m moving from a Centrist position to that of an Anarcho-Capitalist (like Elle). Our government is irredeemably corrupt and it cannot be fixed from within. One subscriber just wrote to me that the “bright side” of all of this is that if Trump’s regime proves to be extremely repressive, it may mobilize the people to finally “Throw the bums out.”

    • I’m with you … and I must add, thanks so much Alexandra for the service you provide for us all. It is Truth that our “Leaders” forbid us to know, it is Truth that will set us Free … nothing else will suffice.

  • Politics leads to despair and does nothing to feed the “Soul”…Politics is a dirty business, a vast looter of intellectual and financial resources…and especially the Greatest diverter of Human Productivity…What we see today Folks, is “Criminalization of Existence”

  • Good info and interview. I would disagree that we need a Progessive Party. However, perhaps this idea will serve as a transitional step leading to NO so-called LEADERS. I do not need a leader. Responsible people do not need a leader, elected or forced upon them. Such come together, contribute to the whole and govern themselves.

    I don’t want to hear any more about our safety and protecting ourselves as a nation. That is a fear based assumption that has been conditioned into the populace. Defensive measures are not offensive measures. The USA is not known for it’s defensive measures. What we have today in the USA simply perpetuates the elitist agenda of the millennia. Democracy, as it’s been named, is nothing more than a side step from Pharaoh, Emperor or King. It reads better but it’s not governance by the people, for the people. Our forefathers did not intend for the “ignorant masses” to be in charge, even though they themselves valued freedom. They didn’t even give women the vote! And don’t get me started about the manner in which they put a cap on the men of the “mob”. Electoral College anyone?

    I’d not doubt that the US will be broken up, eventually as the system fails and cannot support itself any longer. Responsible people will come together locally to rule themselves.

  • NOT! Rats learn on just one trip there is no food down a particular maze path. Humans will never stop repeatung it to death. We haven’t seen pure capitalism since before 1900. No form of socialism works well precisely because of the huge and varying distortion of awareness of each individual’s ego, and the great exaggeration of this flaw due to concentration of power to a very few individual(s). Capitalism & Republic governance structure corrects individual distortion, but needs modernization to account for speed, and integration of international trade/corperations.
    The bigger problem to work on is increasing everyone’s
    awareness, equivalent to removing the errors/delusions between all religions and science. There is only one universal truth.

    • … and that “One Universal Truth” (OUT) is what has been called the “Grand Unifying Theory” (GUT), or the “Theory Of Everything” (TOE) … or what I have discovered to be the “Basic Equation of Truth” (BET) !

      Our “Leaders” know well the BET and use it in the Negative Way to Divide us against each other so as to Control us … they do that by hiding in relative anonymity (as do the .01%) using their minions to do the hands on controlling. Those minions closer to our level are our Politicians, also divided (in appearance only) supposedly for “our benefit” …

      The name of this game is “Duality” defined by the formulae of (+/-), the use of Division, Separation, and Conflict … where the divided are instructed to Fear each other and fight each other(sometimes to the death) … always the emphasis being on the (/).

      The BET is a Trinity, not a Duality, a (+=-) not a (+/-) … with a Trinity the “Third Part” is the Subjective (and thus INvisable), the (=) BEing the natural Equalizer, that which is Truly IN-be-tween the Natural Dual aspects of the Greater Truth … that being in the “highest sense” the Love (very much “displaced” in this world) that would encourage us all to cooperate for our natural common cause, the greater good, being growth via peace … not the death and destruction we now suffer where our “Leaders” have usurped the Subjective aspect of the (=), making it Evil, a relative (-) to the extreme (Satanic?), forcing out the TRUTH that there is LOVE (GOD?) as the (=) Better Spiritual Choice available, that BEing the TRUTH that would SET US FREE when we come to know that IT is defined by (+=-) rather than (+/-) !!!

      IMnsHO and E.

  • Ah someone who finally utters the so important words: LET’S CREATE OUR OWN PARTY.
    Thank you; the world systems as we have known them for a little over a century are collapsing and those in power are naturally clinging to their seats of power and will fight to keep that to the end. There are only a couple of exits for them: our way or the highway.
    However every collapse means rebuilding and of course rebuilding using some of the failed old system would be suicide. We rebuild with new material which is where many feel stuck because we are going to need to think outside the box in order to co-create anew, something totally new is also unknown so we’re going to have to be not only creative but visionaries with a deep sense of trust, ethics and moral values. Qualities that we have sorely missed for the past 100 years.
    Great time to be alive.


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