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Two recently-vaccinated women report that the injection site becomes powerfully magnetic, causing a refrigerator magnet to stick to one woman’s arm and and a dime-sized magnet to stick to the injection site on another woman’s arm.

She says, “We’re all chipped, we’re f***ed!”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Wipe your arm or the magnet with a light coat of baby powder before placing the magnet on your arm. It will prove this trick is designed to make anti vax people look stupid.

  • We are not “all” f-ed. MOST people are refusing this. Why anyone is STILL lining up for this is a mystery to me. And the people who DID line up for it are the REASON they’re going to try forcing the rest of us into it.

  • Were I of the unfortunate many whom have gotten the so-called vaccine serum & discovered it was magnetic! I’d wear as powerful a magnet in hopes that either a ‘blocker’ or some effect of the magnet might cause your inhumane characteristics to be ineffective.

    • Worth a try. We need to be searching for anything that might help. We sure can’t trust our “experts” (who are all getting $$ from pharma).

  • It’s very disappointing that forbidden knowledge actually posted this insanely ridiculous video. She is obviously one who is aware of the game behind the vaccine, yet she went and got it?!? I’m more disappointed in this website for publishing this than I am in her stupidity. There are so many things wrong with this video, it’s ridiculous!

  • SECOND 28: When she lifts up the magnet, it sticks to her finger, then drops a moment afterwards. Ye olde’ tricks involving glue or something else sort of sticky.

    People don’t need to resort to this sort of fear mongering, we opted out of all vaccinations on principal alone many years ago.

  • niave enough to take the stab/still wearing a mask in her own house?! really drinking the coolaid.

  • This needs to be observed in other individuals….and what vaxxx they took.
    I surmise fall and winter, after the administration of both a booster and a flu shot, will be quite…..interesting.

  • She says, ” We’re F’d!”, while she still wears a mask and indoors in her own home! I think she is indeed “F’d” for being so compliant and continuing the sheep behavior!

    • Nicely said, I personally have no sympathy for those who decide to remain Ignorant…They have become dangerous Vectors of Disease !!!!

  • Nobody forced to two dimwits to have the experi(mental) COVIDIOT technology masked as a “vaccine” for profit and nefarious purposes by those self styled “Chosenites” who have been laughing all the way to the bank forever.

    • Point taken – but I appreciate her honesty and capacity to re-assess reflected in the fact that she posted the video and “re-assessed” in that vigorous way!

      The pressure from multiple vectors to comply was enormous; the two dimwits are hardly alone.

      How about we take some satisfaction from the fact that we made better judgments without name calling; and it may make little difference down the road – we may all hit the wall of the transmitted spike proteins soon! Could be, we’re ALL f-d!

      I say integrity, courage and compassion (except for the rulers) until the end!

    Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide to fight lung infections and lung cancer:
    So now the “vaxxed” mRNA injected individuals are the true super spreaders:
    They are NOT Vaccines – they are BIOWEAPONS to infect ALL people – the VAXXED are the spreaders!
    VACCINE – A KILL-Shot! Whistleblowers, Doctors/nurses. See VIDEOS

    “Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.”
    — Former Pfizer VP
    If you value your life, do not get the experimental gene-therapy RNA treatment offered by Pzifer, Moderna or AstraZeneca. If you have ONE article to read, it’s this one:
    The Zelenko Protocol: (

    • Mr Smith, Mr Wesson, Mrs Ruger and Glock all agree it is time. Maybe to dinner but what the heck let’s put it on Pay-Per-View and charge a couple of bucks and send the $$ to the families hurt by them.

  • SOOO….jus wandrin’ why she took that kill jab n the 1st place, knowin’ it has nanobots n it?!?!

    Has she been liv’ on another planet…when there were drs like Tenpenny, Merrit, Madej (sp) and others s sceamin’ it’s NOT A VAX!!!

    4mer FEMA operativ, Celeste Solum (on Alex Jones infowars) has been warnin’ abt what’s n it 4evah…humanizd mice, humanizd plants, bat, snake, 4maldehyde, mercury, aluminum, hydrogel (nanobots)…tellin’ y’all they’re guttin’ y’all like a fish…

    It’s transhumanism…bein’ used 4 dpopulation…dscized as a vax!!!

    As Pres Trump said, “I wish ppl wud stop killin’ themselves!”


  • Suggestion: Try taping a powerful magnet (available at Home Depot) to the site for a few weeks. It make force something out through the skin or may destroy the functioning of whatever it is.

  • I suspect that the magnets are the least of their concerns going forward…is it a chip or is it the nano particles? They can put anything they want into those experimental injections with no worries of any recourse whatsoever!!! If only folks would just take a little time to research the thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of very serious adverse reactions…

  • Only those who have listen to the communist/Marxist news media and gotten the vaccine are F”D lol.

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