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Released by Greg Reese on October 12th.



Project Cirrus is the first official attempt to modify a hurricane. It was run by General Electric with the support of the US Military.

The official theory was that by changing the temperature outside the eye wall of a hurricane, which they did by seeding the clouds with various compounds such as silver iodide, a decrease in strong winds will result.

On October 13th, 1947, Project Cirrus targeted a hurricane heading out to sea. Approximately 180 lbs of dry ice was dropped into the clouds. The crew then pronounced a modification of the cloud deck and the hurricane abruptly changed direction and made landfall near Savannah, GA.

The public blamed the Government.

Irving Langmuir, who pioneered General Electric’s Atmospheric Research department and admitted that the project was about learning how to weaponize the weather also claimed the reversal of the hurricane had been caused by Project Cirrus.

But the government denied it for 12 years.

After a short delay, the project officially continued and in 1965, project Storm Fury had targeted Hurricane Betsy for seeding.

On that day, the storm immediately changed direction and made landfall in Southern Florida.

Congress blamed it on Project Storm Fury but the Government claimed that the hurricane shifted before they ever had a chance to seed it.

And after two months of congressional hearings, the project was allowed to continue.

During the Vietnam War, weather modification was weaponized in Project Popeye and as a result, starting in October of 1978, an international treaty now prohibits the military use of weather modification.

In 1997, US Defense Secretary William Cohen said that we have enemies capable of altering the climate and setting off earthquakes and volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.

And so, controlling the weather seems to be a very real thing.

And while the media lies to you, the Government has placed gag orders on employees of the National Weather Service, who have sought legal counsel to reverse these illegal gag orders – and they no longer need to seed the clouds.

Chemtrails, or as John Brennan of the CIA calls it, “stratospheric aerosol injection” allows these projects the ability to put whatever they want into the skies and HAARP has the ability to change the temperature within the ionosphere.

In congressional hearings, it was made known that HAARP was a success operation of controlling the ionosphere with ultra high-powered radio frequency and that the Air Force and DARPA went on to develop their own versions.

Frequency transmission manipulation of hurricanes is one of hundreds of patents on weather control.

With conductive particles added to the storm, radio frequencies from multiple locations can steer a hurricane, according to, this happened with Hurricane Ian.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Can you believe that POS LBJ saying: we are going to control the weather, HE WHO CONTROL THE WEATHER CONTROL THE WORLD. A president uses taxpayers money to play god and ruler of the world? Since when the American people mission of freedom can be included RULING THE WORLD.

  • The patent about HAARP, which is held by the US Military, also states that apart from weather modification, this installation can cause earthquakes and modify the human mind, i.e. either make the masses lethargic or drive them into crazy madness.
    And they do that, since decades.
    The tsunamis in Thailand and Japan were engineered by them, as well as the earthquake in the city of Bam in Iran in 2003, exactly one year before the tsunami in Thaliand struck. So I think that first earthquake was a rehearsal for the 2004 tsunami.
    The unusual high temperatures and dryness in Europe in the past years, the volcano eruption in La Palma, and floodings in many parts in the world also seem to have been engineered.
    They want to bring about the apocalypse and make it look like it was God’s work.

    • Evil American government misusing our money to do evil things around the world. We are too busy watching how big the Kardashian ass is, and argue between each others if White Life Matter.

      • The U.S. government is just a puppet to a greater evil.
        See where they send money the most.
        Speaking of the “source” of evil, there’s a rumor that mossad agent replaced the reactor rods for more destruction before the quake.

  • Hi,
    I don’t why but I usually don’t like reading the Transcript of Greg Reese , maybe it’s cause of his bouncing around if Truth and falsehood and But as I read this article / column half way through I’m thinking this sure is exactly how Dane Wigington writes.
    Then at end of article a little mention of Geo-Enginerring website for an article about Hurricane Ian was tracked.
    Greg Reese gave me the impression that he copied but I could be mistaken, I seen articles here on forbidden knowledge by Alexandra giving Props and do’s to Dane Wigington before, which is proper protocol in my book.
    Anyway about what Greg Reese says about Hurricane Ian being tracked and Reminded me of a Quote from Mister Rogers the who did the kid show said: Always during an emergency or crisis Look For The Helpers , when I heard Mister Fred Rogers speak those words , I put those words towards it’s Odd How Tornadoes and Hurricanes and bad Storms Never seem to get close to military bases.
    And another thing that’s bad is this stuff about Weather Manipulation Modification Technology is Hardly Known by the majority of the public, yeah I recall read articles about How 2 Companies own Parents on so much weather that the media weather meteorologist’s have gagged orders on put on them Not to Reveal The Weather Manipulation Modification Technology Storms information.
    And so it continues and goes on keep the public in the dark and harm and scare people into believing the lies and Fraud , it a real shame The Elites of this world are so stuck on Money and Control of people through knowledge and information.
    I recall Dane Wigington said: We Haven’t HAD NATURAL WEATHER For years , think about that.

  • There was a guy, who claimed to have observed low frequency wave from HRRAP shooting at Fukushima causing the earthquake.

  • Wow. Time keeps on slippin. Not October 16th YET!
    Or maybe it IS?… If I’m seeking external authority which says so?…

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