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    This 1959 Disney propaganda film touts the wonders of drones, cloud seeding, weather control, climate modification, storm steering and wireless electromagnetic manipulation of the atmosphere.

    What’s striking is how, apart from all of the digital technology that we have today, the technology of nearly 60 years ago doesn’t seem to be much different from that of the present. One can only imagine how many developments have since been made that are either secret or actively suppressed.

    Of interest is how the hurricane being actively steered away from Florida in this film appears to have been on the same path as Hurricane Irma.

    I thought that the narrator of this film might have been a young James Earl Jones but found instead that it was Paul Frees, who gave us Toucan Sam, Boris Badenov (Bullwinkle), the Burgermeister Meister Burger (Rankin-Bass), and the Disney Parks attraction “Haunted Mansion.”

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    • What destroys any chance for a relevant discussion about Climate Change is the “Pink Elephant” of commercial and government efforts at weather modification. When I asked a prominent Climate Scientist about how they factor weather modification into their models about weather they said this data is not used. Most of the information concerning this action is proprietary from the commercial aspect and “secret” from the government perspective. You do not have to be a conspiracist to search for Weather Modification companies and read some of the offers and capabilities to easily see this is going on and on a global scale.
      Time for “Science” to step-up and admit the limits in their data and demand that these efforts be haulted until further examination is concluded-especially since tampering with the weather intentionally ANYWHERE affects us all! Also, the parameters of the discussion should be shifted back to separate the poblem of “pollution” and “climate change”. Lumping the two together was a masterful example of propaganda and linguistic manipulation. By constantly arguing the validity of “Climate Change” science (which is sketchy for the reason I mentioned), it allows the problem of pollution to continue.

      • It’s more like how are we so dumbed-down that we don’t know all of what is happening with weather manipulation now. It’s probably a matter of national security.

    • Do you think the hurricanes, if artificial, are linked to the economy in some way. I mean repairing the damage will create some spending wont it.

    • If this video was made during the 50’s…Just imagine WHAT they made of “Weather Control” since then?!…In “Secrecy” of course.
      All those so-called secret “Sattelight” launches over the last decades since then make you kinda wonder…don’t IT???
      Aaah!…I bet the folks in the “Secret Space Program” KNOW all about this Huh?

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