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A great way to understand the significance of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies is to know about the industries that these will disrupt.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The banking elite will fight to the bitter end to keep blockchain technology from disrupting their monopoly on currency creation & flow. I hope the blockchain creators & proponents are ready for a fight, because it’s coming. And I’m rooting for blockchain ALL THE WAY!!!

  • How does an individual tie into the benefits of Block Chain. I don’t have a business at this time. How can I use the potential of this new technology?

    • Yup. Energy usage monitored. Purchasing habits monitored. Pizza? You’re overweight. Purchased denied. Lost your card? Say hello to biometrics. Doesn’t every computer program have a “back door” for the programmer or whomever pays the programmer? All this makes me want to go live in the mountains somewhere…and I’m a girly-girl.

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