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    Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange totally nails what’s worth gleaning from last week’s news in this latest installment of “What the Hell Really Happened Last Week?”

    In this video, Luke gives us breaking news on Donald Trump’s 180º flips-flops that have left even his most staunch supporters, like Ann Coulter calling for his impeachment. In a stunning reversal from his announcement a couple of months ago that he would stop funding the secret CIA operation to train and arm radical jihadists in Syria, we have the recent revelation that the CIA and the Pentagon have been covering up the smuggling $2.2 billion in weapons under diplomatic cover from the government of Azerbaijan.

    We hear the latest horrors about Hillary’s new book, the increased dumping of the US Petrodollar by the BRICS countries and Venezuela – and much, much more. “Even some good news,” says Luke. The important news from last week, condensed.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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