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George Webb reacts to yesterday’s impeachment antics by the Democrat Caucus and the later revelation by the Washington Post that the “whistleblower” is a CIA agent, who many are commenting is 33-year-old Ezra Cohen-Watkins.

Webb is adamant that while Watkins may have been the “eyes and ears”, who was placed in the White House as a spy, that the true whistleblower persona in this replay of RussiaGate is a composite of Sue Gordon and Mike Morrell.

Gordon was, until six weeks ago the Deputy Director of the Office of National Intelligence when she “resigned” along with her boss DNI Dan Coats and Trump pointedly replaced her with Acting Director Joseph Maguire. Mike Morrell had been the Acting Director of the CIA between 2010-2013, appointed after David Petraeus was forced to step down and before John Brennan was appointed as CIA Director.

For Webb, the performance we saw yesterday was a lot of fun because we were given boatloads of metadata on the identities of the coup-plotters of this “Crossfire Hurricane 2.0”.

Webb says that Ukraine is a much bigger story than most know. It’s been a major hub of illegal weapons sales for decades and companies like Burisma, a gas company would act as a front for weapons sales.

Webb also suggests that Joe Biden is very compromised and that a look at the amount of deaths in his family – his wife, daughter and son – leads him to suspect that he may have been put up to publicly fondling children in order to prevent other information from coming out. Webb says, “Let me tell you, the Bidens are not the enemy, here. It’s the CIA behind the Bidens, it’s the CIA guys with the guns to Biden’s head. That’s who the enemy is…They want you to get upset about Trump vs Biden…

“It’s not about Trump vs Biden! It’s about these CIA guys running guns out of Ukraine to everywhere!…It’s been going on 70 years…this is not new!”

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  • I like this guy. But don’t we have to ask ourselves, at this stage of internet censorship, why is Webbs’ You Tube site allowed to proliferate and flourish with hundreds of “in your face, expose’
    videos. There doesn’t appear to be any PTB interest or interference here? I DON’T KNOW…

  • I could kind of follow his story till he started praising Biden while walking in front of Trump tower,
    but by then, his steps down the ladder were getting crossed over between my ears. LOL!
    And, I gave up, and went back to sleep…
    However, the CIA has been running much of the world we live in since it’s creation, with leftovers from Nazi Germany. Did you know that the former head of the United Nations was one of Hitler’s advisers in WW2? He retired in ’64. Before that he was rebuilding West Germany after the war he helped to run. And never got so much as a slap on the wrist.
    Yes, I know, I’m on another rant about how this world has been controlled for so long it’s not real.
    And anything they do, like target practice in Las Vegas, is well, almost expected.
    Any ideas on how to end their sadistic run on this world?
    Crossfire Nightmare, is, or will be the end of us all.
    Any ideas on how to make this a positive world to live in?
    All ideas will be considered…

    • The way I see it ending is with jail sentences to us for our thoughts and expressions on our faces. Philosophy will be outlawed as independent thought replaced by corrected thoughts via V2k and mindful orbs. Don’t look down.

      Does anyone remember when they made us leave planet earth?

      America? Now that was a nice song by Simon & Garfunkel. Why do you ask?

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