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    It’s clear to many that Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities are in rapid decline and that he has no business running for President.

    Given the millions that he’s amassed over the past four decades of selling his office, one would think he’d rather retire and enjoy his loot than to heave his carcass all over the country and continue to mount this charade of a candidacy.

    So, why has he been mustering this half-hearted campaign for the past 6 months? It’s clearly not about any innovative vision that he may have to set America aright, having had over 40 years in office to implement any such a thing.

    The answer is that his masters won’t let him retire. As You Are Free TV says, Biden is being forced to run in order to protect many people that could be indicted over of the RussiaGate scandal and more.

    You Are Free TV is one of the best alternative news reporters out there and today, she covers Biden corruption, Trump impeachment and Jeff Epstein updates.

    Epstein’s former sex slave, Virginia Giuffre is currently suing Alan Dershowitz for defamation. She also claims she was molested by billionaire Victoria’s Secret Founder/CEO, Les Wexner, whose $70M Upper East Side mansion he gave to Epstein.

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    1 comment

    • uncle Joe
      say it isn’t so
      just like yesterday
      you took credit for something you didn’t say
      fast forward today
      see Joe swimming in the bay
      feeding the sharks all the while
      while at him they smile
      sayin’ they’ll protect you, mile after mile

      but it seems Ukrainian boomerang
      this ringing again today
      whistle-blower didn’t say
      what she said she heard
      seems she got it from a gov bird
      just like yesterday
      much impeach, hurry gang
      new Ukrainian boomerang
      for sale sits in the shop hangin’

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