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    by John Bowne

    Maybe you still have an uninformed family member that is still buying the Mainstream Media cover up of the mountains of evidence from every angle clearly showing that the mRNA Covid Vaccine is a deadly failure.

    Global data showing that at least 20 million have died and 2 billion have been injured due to the Plandemic’s clot shot.

    Perhaps there is still hope for those who have taken the shots and the boosters. But the madness must end now! And the 21st Nuremberg Trials must begin!

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • What do the 2020 Presidential Election and the “COVID-19 Vaccine” Clot-Shot have in common?
      There are mountains of Evidence proving that they are both something diametrically-different than what they are claimed to be.
      These days, when you get your children their required “School Vaccines”, you may be inadvertently participating in a Program for their Retroactive Abortions. Remember Karen Kingston’s claim? Pretty wild claim, but I have been unable to find any proof that it isn’t true.
      If there was ever a time for mass Home Schooling, that time is Today, unless you intend to add some AI Nano-Parasites to your immediate family.

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