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    No sooner had the US Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission launched Anti-Trust investigations against Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook, than a massive demonetization and account deletion purge swept YouTube, showing how the real problem with Big Tech is not just one of Anti-Trust/monopoly – but one of Racketeering/RICO, Election Interference, Communications Decency Act violations, First Amendment violations and more.

    One wonders to whom the tech lords answer? Is it to the same people the mainstream media answer or to whom Democrats and Never-Trumper Republicans answer? (Answer: Yes).

    The same mutiny can be seen in Washington DC politics. Even though the Mueller Report has collapsed under the weight of its own fraudulence, with former MI6 spy, Christopher Steele now agreeing to meet with US Attorney John Dunham to prove that the FBI lied to Congress – and even though Attorney General Barr is set to release documents showing how intelligence officers from the US, UK, Australia and Italy worked together to frame Trump as a Russian agent, the fact remains that the bureaucratic coup is ongoing and the Globalist Mainstream Media is still trying to take down the President.

    They’re still trying to get everybody to be cool with overthrowing the elected Government because the President’s language is not PC enough.

    Of course, that’s not the real reason, even if so many demented narcissists in our midst believe it is. The worst part for me is having lost faith in the cognitive skills of most people I know. It’s not a nice place to be.

    Jim Comey may be loathsome, but I can’t stay too mad at a Deep State creature like him. He is what he is, you don’t expect him to be good. It’s when your loved ones are on Comey’s side, because “Orange Man Bad”, this is what has thrown me into a dissociative fugue for the past two years. That stupidity is so monumental, it’s traumatizing. Yet, it’s what passes for an appropriate attitude to have in the hellscape of this psychological war.

    The most de-platformed person in history, Alex Jones claims that Globalist plans to pull off the “25th Amendment Coup”, first revealed in May 2017 are still afoot. He says the basic plan is to poison Trump into a vegetative state, then electro-shock and drug him into admitting that he was a bad person and then remove him from office.

    Trump’s more optimistic alt news supporters in this video however believe that once the declassified documents are released, “Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing,” and to “Enjoy the show!”

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    • My problem with the entire scenario around the present administration is that former life long dem DTH is spearheading what appears to be a totally dem dominated takedown with very few rep’s sucked into the mayhem…smell’s funny.

      I also find it interesting that not a single corpse nor corpse ceo or major functionary have all now been seemingly washed, rinsed and rendered invisible…smells funny.

      Where was Mister honester than a daze labor Dunham during this many many years long avalanche of malfeasance? Lotta similar ‘oh he/she be so honest’ jaw flappin’ going on recently…smells funny.

      Remember, TPTSB have saturated their strategy since the end of WWII in game theory, Sun-Tsu’s Art of War, too many digits to the right of the decimal algo’s and added the wild card of what appears to be fandango driven AI married to the TRUE mishmash of quantum computers…smells funny.

      To me, it all does look out of any specific control and I’m uncertain of just where this loud clapping is in this presented scheme of things. The entire revelatory process appears to be driven by the side that does have money focus as internal motivation, cuz gawd made it thus…smells funny.

    • If Alex Jones has this info you can be CERTAIN the team surrounding Trump (that insured he got elected) knows it as well. There have been multiple assassination attempts thwarted since his election. Fortunately, time is on the “good guys” side as the cast of characters wanting Trump’s elimination grow weaker by the day. Just check out drunk Nancy Pelosi, Jackass Nadler, or Psycho Schiff if you doubt this. They are all about as unhinged as John Brennan right now, and that about sums up the state of Deep State affairs.

      Those among our family and friends who can’t see the truth for what it is are (sadly) brainwashed and/or mind controlled casualties of Deep State disinfo. Fortunately most (except the utterly comatose) are gradually awakening. #WWG1WGA

    • How many people still drink tap water? Or breathe the chemtrails that are falling on us all every day? How many still watch T.V., all day long? Is this a programmed world? I believe the controllers are getting worried. These last four years have been a stall, and it’s still going on…. It’s past time to WAKE UP. Do we have extradition from N.Z.?

    • One oligarchy battling another oligarchy…there are no good guys in politics…just scumbags…FREE JULIAN ASSANGE!!!

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