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    As bad as our voting is today its the best its ever been.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • The purveyors of law have been used as the purveyors of crime. The purveyors of medicine and health have been converted into purveyors of illness and death. The guardians of the public’s trust have been reduced to mean-spirited, ugly little criminals in suits, claiming powers they do not have and authorities they do not have any right to exercise. Our public elections have been replaced with private corporate shareholder elections. Even our Sheriffs and the local police have been reduced to private, for-hire “law enforcement agents” in fear for their lives and their jobs if they uphold our Constitution and the guarantees that the people of this country are owed.

      Most of all, our Armed Forces, sworn to protect us and paid by us to protect us against all enemies both foreign and domestic, have been reduced to cheap commercial mercenaries, at the beck and call of Drug Lords, Child Traffickers, Smugglers, International Arms Dealers, Oil Companies, Mining Operations, Foreign Potentates, and any petty criminal who stumbles their way into Congress. By: anna von reitz

      • Well said! I was 18 when Bush Clinton CIA cocaine operation was swept under the rug. At the time my uncle told me he watched CIA planes bring speed and heroin to the young enlisted Americans in Vietnam. Presently there are so many strung people in my small hometown that I’m heartbroken and my stomach turns. Only honesty and transparency will turn the tide.

    • Greg, I’m feeling so alone AGAIN. I didn’t mask, or vax..and refuse to smother children in a classroom (or anywhere), so I haven’t taught in two years.. On Tuesday I didn’t understand WHY people were voting when those damn Dominion machines were still in place all over the nation. I didn’t vote. Florida had put some rather simple stipulations in place, which I THINK gave that state the only Fair Elections in the country? Am I a genius or something? Most people appear to be without Common Sense. Please create a video on the good sense of having Common Sense, and not existing in some fantasy land. It shows America to be a nation of teenagers, don’tchathink…

      • Amen Connie,

        Visual education, visual entertainment education, visual irrational thinking hooked on cartoons and cartoon characters. Half the nation at least is hooked!

        I’ve been warning this for half a century, but foolish parents chose to ignore my warnings and now their progeny’s minds are like putty in the cartoonist hands. They are easily manipulated by cartoons and cartoon characters.

        Look how they gravitate to the political freaks and political freak shows called parties! Look how they tolerate a barrage of imbecilic spot ads in the visual media. It’s all irrational, impressionistic make believe, sexualizing everything with silly women who’ve become prostitutes for the corporations who pay them to lead viewers into self destructive imaginations for profit.

        Only those with a strong moral rudder can resist falling victim into the rip-tide narcotic of make believe cartoon living in front of some kind of screen or another!

        Television has been the conduit! Look out internet, the corporate whores have arrived!

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