This documentary by the Berlin, Germany-based ENDEVR channel explores how offshore havens and corporate tax evasion are silently killing the Middle Class.

One financial expert compares today’s situation to that of before the French Revolution- an elite minority paying no taxes with the burden on the shoulders of the poor. Have we come full circle? Have we circled back to imperial France?

The tax Haven/the offshore system is project of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful people and they will always be pushing for this system to exist and the challenge is to get the people to push back against that and to understand how it’s happening and to know how to push back.

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    • The YouTube link plays fine for me but if you are outside the US, it’s possible that the rights have not been granted to YouTube in your jurisdiction. Either that, or your government is actively blocking the content.

      Is this YouTube link blocked when it’s not embedded on this website?

      • Thanks so much Alexandra! It seems it is blocked in Canada, the place with one of the lowest corporate tax rates with a Revenue Agency & banking system that assists in corporations with setting up their tax havens in Canada. I’ll try a VPN or another workaround. Thanks again!

        • I forgot that a TOR browser window will work as well. Most decent browsers have one now even though the TOR network was created for spies to be spies.


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