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by Jordan Conradson

A new video exposes Maricopa County’s secret machine tampering, where they reprogrammed the voting machines on October 14th, 17th, and 18th so that 59% of them would fail when Republican voters came in to vote on Election Day in 2022.

As The Gateway Pundit recently reported, newly available records show that Maricopa County began “secret” Logic and Accuracy testing on October 14th, after the statutorily required October 11th test, and the legally required public notice was not given.

This is a smoking gun in Kari Lake’s stolen election contest. Lake attorney Kurt Olsen concluded that “this evidence would support our allegation that this election was rigged.”

Maricopa County was reprogramming its machines after they were already certified! The real “errors” occurred on Election Day, when the machines failed to tabulate ballots, causing massive lines, wait times, and disenfranchisement of Republican Election Day voters who turned out three times as much as Democrats.

This video cites Maricopa County Elections Director Scott Jarrett’s declaration, where he attests under oath that “Beginning on October 14th and occurring through October 18th, Maricopa County installed the new memory cards that had the certified Election Program. Due to the reformatting, the logs from the memory cards would have a start date of either October 14, 17, or 18.”

In the video [posted above], County employees can be seen breaking into sealed equipment, removing the already programmed memory cards, and replacing them with reprogrammed cards. In the next video, on October 14th, these reprogrammed machines can be seen jamming as employees test them, just as they did on Election Day. Still, the County claims this testing was not done in secret, despite no public warning, oversight, or media presence, nor was it testing.

Additionally, this illegal testing occurred with no documentation or logging of tamper-evident seals in violation of the Elections Procedures Manual and the law.

These criminals have been caught!

Kari Lake War Room tweeted the full video, stating,

On October 14th, 17th & 18th, Maricopa County performed secret testing on the tabulators This was AFTER the legally required Logic & Accuracy test 260 of 446 tabulators failed They were used on election day anyway. Where 59% failed This is the story of a sabotage.

DC Draino retweeted Kari Lake War Room commenting,

Maricopa County election officials illegally broke into sealed election machines and installed reprogrammed memory cards.


New *video evidence* of Maricopa election officials illegally breaking into sealed election machines after they were tested, reprogramming memory cards, and reinstalling them 59% of these machines would shut down on election day in GOP areas They’ve been CAUGHT


The Gateway Pundit spoke with a Kari Lake attorney on Sunday who described this as illegal activity by Maricopa County.

Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell tried to sanction Kari Lake’s attorneys over these claims, but here’s the proof!

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  • Watching them actually rig the election on camera has already been shown before and is proof that they can ignore election theft and get away with it . It’s not impossible to have a fair federal election just highly improbable you will see one in this country, it’s just never happened before. Federal elections should be settled live on air in person so all the douchebags have to settle up before daylight runs out and to end this process where the night shift gets to picks the winners.

  • CAUGHT, yet again, but So What??? The good people of Arizona obviously must not be allowed to possess Torches and Pitchforks, else they surely would have used them, correct?
    I have a memory from my childhood of thousands upon thousands of Negroes filling the streets and marching to gain their Civil Rights. Few if any were ever openly arrested and went to jail while Marching, simply because there were no places to hold that many people.
    Jails & prisons are not Cities. You cannot maintain keeping the citizen population in custody.
    They managed to win their Civil Rights, but with the dubious bravery displayed by the people of Today, those same Negroes would have ended up still being sold into Slavery.
    The moral of the story is simply this: People only get what they will allow. They are few, while we are many. This Maladministration governs you simply enough through Fear, is it not so?
    If you do not like your life and circumstances, I’ve just told you how to change it.

    • Correctamundo to all that. It’s completely weird how they wont do anything to save themselves…the telly told em everything is just fine …..

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