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TikTok influencer, Leonel Moreno (aka @leitooficial_25) is advising other illegal immigrants on how to invade American homes and to invoke squatter’s rights, telling them that under US law, “if a house is not inhabited, we can seize it”.

Yes and woke jurisdictions will help them to do so, as happened with a New York City property owner who was arrested after changing the locks on the $1 million home that she inherited from her parents. “It’s enraging,” said Adele Andaloro of the squatter saga. “It’s not fair that I, as the homeowner, have to be going through this.”

Leonel Moreno is an illegal alien currently living off the system in Ohio, where we recently saw him bragging about how he is “allergic to work” and how his little baby is his ATM.

Moreno says that his “African friends” told them they they had already acquired 7 homes by invoking squatters’ rights and how this was going to become his new business venture. Moreno says this is only way for illegal aliens to solve their homelessness and to get off the streets, by seizing abandoned homes.

Then, he talks about the “Right of Return“, which sounds like the Israeli law that gives Jews the right to acquire Israeli citizenship. He says that invading people’s homes and invoking squatters’ rights is the way to secure their “Right of Return”, which also reminds me of a conversation I had with an illegal immigrant from an indigenous tribe in Mexico working in construction here, in North Carolina. He told me they are the true Americans and they are taking back what is rightfully theirs and “Nobody is illegal”.

Anti-gun Obama-appointed US District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman recently ruled that a Mexican man living in the US illegally had a constitutional right to own a firearm for self-defense. NewsNation reports:

“In her ruling, U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman dismissed charges against Heriberto Carbajal-Flores, who was arrested in 2020 for violating a federal law that prohibits undocumented immigrants from possessing guns…

“The ruling sets up a potential Supreme Court case to determine the extent of Second Amendment rights for an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States.”

Illegal immigrants are receiving US Taxpayer-funded pre-paid debit cards of up to $90,000 per year. In California, illegal immigrants are being given taxpayer-funded home loans ahead of legal citizens. They’re being given the right to purchase weapons by previously anti-gun judges. The writing is on the wall.

Tens of millions of people are being catapulted into the US as the Globalists’ army and they will go absolutely ballistic when Trump is re-elected later this year.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This makes my blood boil, and even expressing my utter disgust in that manner falls completely short of how I truly feel about all of this.

    First of all these FREELOADERS are using a law that, (for one, should never have been put on the books and one that, no doubt, was crafted by (other freeloading) Democrats and RINOs), is tantamount to OUTRIGHT THEFT of real property.

    Secondly, illegals DO NOT have rights under our Constitution as they are NOT CITIZENS, and should have been promptly escorted right to the exit immediately upon their ILLEGAL ENTRY into our country. PERIOD!

    Please allow me to be the first to speak towards the elephant in the room when I say that there is but ONE REASON why these TRAITORS are allowing these illegals to plunder rightful owner’s property (and STEAL our citizens hard-earned money not to mention our country, et al)and acquire firearms: The DEMONIC Democrats and RINOs (AKA: TRAITORS of the USA) are quite literally building an army to start and fight a war against the RIGHTFUL CITIZENS AND HEIRS of our (once great) nation.

    I must say that all of the MORONIC IDIOTS who came up with the idea of giving these freeloading illegals up to $90,000 a year (not to mention allowing them to STEAL people’s property and giving them free medical and dental care (and God knows what else) deserve the punishment that is set aside for TRAITORS of the United States, because that is exactly what they are.

    If you are not as sickened as I am about what is going on – and what has been going on ever since they installed O’Biden instead of our duly elected actual president, Donald j Trump -then you have about as much right to be here as all of these FREELOADERS.

    • Oh! I see what is happening now. This mobile phone aspect ratio doesn’t embed properly so there’s no “play” button…

  • That is not meant to sound like an “ad”. – it’s just that that woman whose house was stolen is seeking justice in a public court where she has no constitutional rights- we must learn about the private vs the public and start working in the private as free living men and women not “citizens” of the corporation of the UNITED STATES. Therefore a private express trust is a way to do that- and then you just have to learn how to defend it in court – as a private living person. – not your ALL CAPS FICTION.

    • @Joanna: THANK YOU for sharing this GREAT resource, i had been looking for this information for A LOOOOONG time! I almost considered going for an LLC or a 508-c1a, but i knew these wouldn’t serve the purpose of functioning as an independant, private human. This is an answer to prayer! THANKS AGAIN!

      “Were you called as a slave? Do not let it concern you. But if you are also able to become free, take advantage of that. For the one who was called in the Lord as a slave, is the Lord’s freed person; likewise the one who was called as free, is Christ’s slave. You were bought for a price; DO NOT BECOME SLAVES OF PEOPLE.”
      1 Corinthians 7:21-24

      ~Rose H~

  • You’re traveling through another dimension — a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s a signpost up ahead: your next stop:
    The Twilight Zone!

  • La Rasa is coming to a town near you, where ever you are, at your expense! You are paying their freight with borrowed money and you will pay the banks interest on the loan taken out by your government in your name for their benefit. Slick, huh?

    When I tried to get you to pull your kids out of government schools, you didn’t listen and now your grandchildren are being educated in hostile government schools to hate you and who you made them to be.

    When I tried to get your church involved in education your church leaders mocked me, shamed me for making people feel guilty for not providing a godly education for their children and now your grand children are brainwashed strangers in your own household and your church has degenerated into another unprincipled entertainment center complete with rock and roll bands and comedians (jokers).

    La Raza translates into English as “the race”. This is the race thinking to re-colonize America. There is nothing new under the sun, what has been before will be again—welcome to the reservation.

    • JD,

      When it all started :

      Forwarded Message :

      Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

      We got to this VERY bad – even
      deadly ! – place, via Marxian Senator
      Ted Kennedy’s LIE to W-H-I-T-E
      Americans—about what his 1965
      Immigration Bill Would N-O-T Do
      (( and, NOT to Dumb-Down Schools’
      once-SCHOLARLY education
      standards—in order TO BE Marxian
      F A I R to women and minorities )) :


      • Jung,

        I never fully made up my mind about Teddy Bad Boy, other than he was a spoiled rotten rich brat entitled to rule peasants. In his world he was destined to meddle in whatever and with whomever fancied him. He more than any I think is responsible for our calamitous immigration policy. For that and other mischiefs he was knighted while serving as US Senator by Queen Lizzy. Prohibited by the US Constitution, but who cares about that? Mandela was a self professed Marxist who retired comfortably in not so great Britain. I knew South Africans personally and knew MSM and the USG was pedal to the metal in the propaganda mode pulling the wool again over American suckers. Again the shameful role of the USG in the overthrow of yet another sovereign nation thanks to benighted Sir Teddy, the worst of the adulterous Kennedy womanizer bad boys.

        Any man who cannot keep his marriage vows can’t be trusted to keep his oath of office vows. Look what ignoring this principle has gotten us! – JD

      • Jung,

        Only minutes ago I stumbled into this announcement: “Mar 1, 2024 … Blackstone founder named (HONORARY BRITISH KNIGHT) among US recipients alongside Mark Milley, former chairman of joint chiefs of staff.”

        Steve Schwarzman’s net worth est. $43 Billion. Not bad for the son of a Philadelphia dry goods store operator, now a global financier mahagahaga. How did that happen? Answer: private equity! Now you see why I have been beating the drum over private equity firms and hedge funds. They are wealth redistribution mechanisms for skimming the cream off other people’s milk. Those mechanisms are hollowing out Americas wealth and consolidating it into the hands of cunning connivers like this! Which is okay with professional politicians who enjoy their favor in the election season. It all ties in!

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