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This is a mind-blowing interview, which I found so engrossing, I had to transcribe the whole thing.

The banking cartel that controls Deep States of the US and China desperately want war, to switch us into a digital currency before we go into hyperinflation.

There are many jaw-dropping details…


Sarah Westall: I think we really need to talk about what’s going on in China from the standpoint of the troop development. I had Kevin Annett on my show and we discussed how they’ve been building up troops in Canada. In fact, the legislation in Canada made it possible for them to do that.

And you have been talking about troops in the United States and Mexico and how this all comes together. Can you talk about what is going on on that front?

Dave Hodges:  Well, I think that our investigations parallel each other, because as the “Red Dawn” threat from our southern border has been somewhat lessened by Trump – and I’ll be happy to talk about how we’re seeing the Chinese shift their major focus to north of the border in Canada, hiding behind the casino interests with organized crime and of course the Native American tribes complicit with the Trudeau government…

Anyway, let’s start with what we know. I wrote an article five, six years ago that talked about how the Red Dawn forces were really building up and I was lucky, because when I addressed this, in the last Central American invasion with immigrants, I was approached by not one but two DEA officials, who really had a handle on things and they were in different stations.

One had just been fired from his post he was the Number 3 man in Peru and the other had been working with Panama and they both told me identical stories – and they did not know that the other one was talking to me – and of course they needed anonymity.

But I learned then how bad the Red Dawn threat was. At that time, Brazil was very much an opponent of ours. That shifted now, with the election of the Brazilian Donald Trump. But they had Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, to some degree, Ecuador and Chile. And then, of course, you move into Central America. They had Panama; that was shifting and they shifted. Nicaragua was the big player, El Salvador is where they were doing training.

In fact, it’s interesting. I’ve interviewed eyewitnesses at the base training camps in El Salvador, where they were training the Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Middle East terrorists, along with the various cartel interests and they were basically doing paramilitary training that amounted to light infantry training and this has shifted…

[Trump] approached the new government in El Salvador about a year and a half ago and said, “You could either fight us or you could be with us.” And now we have taken Southcom and a lot of Southcom military personnel are there, in El Salvador and they have armed El Salvador to the teeth and we have favorable trade agreements with both sides.

And El Salvador is really interesting, because they sit right in the middle of Central America and any encroaching invasion force will have to go through El Salvador and now, they’re armed.

And then, when we go farther south, Trump had done a magnificent job of negating South American Red Dawn forces. There’s a gap of land between Central and South America; heavy forest, a lot of cliffs, it’s almost impassable and it’s called the Darien Gap and Colombia oversees it.

And so what Trump did – and I was really angry at Trump when he appointed Bolton as a Security Adviser – but he he did it with this purpose in mind: he brought in Bolton and convinced Bolton he was going to attack Venezuela.

Well, the Globalists like that, so their warmonger representative, John Bolton was all too happy to go to Colombia and set up a deal with Colombia that would allow 10,000 US Marines in there and 5,000 have been deployed to the Darien Gap.

And then promptly after that deal was done, Trump fired Bolton. This is why Bolton was so angry. He knows he was used like an old prostitute and –

Sarah Westall: He deserved it!

Dave Hodges: Well, I can’t stand Bolton but but this was brilliant by Trump, because he basically cut the Red Dawn invasion force in half, because to go through that Darien Gap would be very very difficult.

And the Colombians are onboard with us – and what we don’t know is what kind of drug concessions they had to make – and I’m sure they had to make some…

Trump used Bolton and that was one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever seen and he’s flipped El Salvador and they don’t have the base training camps there anymore and so the Red Dawn force has been somewhat negated.

Now, there’s another step in this that people aren’t seeing. Let me put it this way. I’ll back up. A couple of my colleagues, like Paul Preston, the President of the New California Movement, host of Agenda 21 Radio – he gets it. We have had this discussion on air but what Trump did with AMLO [Andrés Manuel López Obrador], the President of Mexico was brilliant.

AMLO…he’s a total Socialist/Communist and was very much on board with Red Dawn. And the cartels, of course are controlled by China and this has been well-documented. But the Chinese have mechanized the cartels. In fact, there’s photos all through the Mexican press about this. We don’t cover it here, but it is covered in Mexico.

So, Trump reached out to AMLO and basically said, “Okay, we could wreck your country when the war starts or you can come here and we can negotiate a good trade agreement and a mutual defense pact.”

And so, AMLO is preparing to go to the United States and the Chinese are going, “Oh no, Hell no, you’re not doing this!”

And so, they took one of AMLO’s key allies, the Mexico City Chief-of-Police and they tried to assassinate him. Now, he travels everywhere in these souped-up DHS RPG-proof vehicles and they still wounded him three times, killed a couple of his security guards. He survived the attack but the attack was the warning to AMLO, “You are next.”

In fact, after the attack, AMLO actually made a public appearance with 30 Marines around him. Now, they weren’t there for real protection. It was a message, “I’m doing this.” And then he came to Washington and we don’t know the details of the agreement, but I guarantee it solidified Mexico’s pivoting towards the United States.

I still think AMLO’s life is in grave danger because the cartels are totally controlled by the Communist Chinese and now, they’re mechanizing them. And we’ll have to contend with that when the war starts and these forces cross the border. But it’s a light infantry force…

I’ve interviewed the Bundys. You know Ammon and I’ve interviewed Shawna Cox a few times. Shawna and I have become pretty good friends. And what we learned about the Cliven Bundy, the first Bundy standoff; his land is near Interstate 15 by Nellis Air Force Base – major fighter plane Air Force Base – and in that deal, we all know about Hillary Clinton and BLM [Bureau of Land Management] extracting uranium for the Uranium One conspiracy – but what was really kept out of the headlines on that controversy was the fact that Harry Reid’s son, Peter Reed was paid $5 million by the Chicoms to install solar energy farms.

Now, the company they used as a front for the Chinese military at that time was called Sensa but they have changed their name so many times, I couldn’t even tell you what it is now but it was Chinese military putting a solar energy farm in there – and let me shift to the southern border of Arizona to tell you why this is important.

In 2015, a contingent of ISIS, Hamas and Hezbollah and some cartels, as protectorates brought down a jet out of Luke Air Force Base; an F-16, in which an Iraqi brigadier general was flying. And I’ve talked to crash scene people, I’ve talked to a radar operator out of Luke and Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, which is near Tucson. And they all say the same thing: “We could not find the pilot. The plane crashes, there was no mayday call, we couldn’t find the pilot. And then we found his charred remains in the plane. He couldn’t eject. He couldn’t do a mayday call.”

And they go, “Uh-oh. This is a portable EMP weapon that can bring down planes!”

Now, let’s shift back to the Bundys for a second. Knowing that principle has been established, if you have a solar energy farm near proximity of an air force base you can begin to take down planes on their takeoff and landing, as long as you’re within about an 80-mile radius from the base.

Well here, I started doing research when I found this out, Pete Santilli said something to me about the solar energy farms and then I asked Shawna and Shawna goes, “Yeah. that’s right, Dave, we didn’t really look too much at that.”

And I said, “This is huge for national security!” and then I looked into it and I found not only were they putting in solar energy farms on the Bundy land, they were doing it on Interstate 10 within takeoff radius of Luke Air Force Base, out of Glendale, Arizona and then also to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, south of Tucson.

And I said, “This is not a coincidence. This is three major bases with fighter planes that could repulse an invasion from our southern underbelly,” and I said, “This is part of Red Dawn.”

Sarah Westall: Did Trump do something about that that you know of?

Dave Hodges: First of all, the Bundy land is free and clear right now and all charges have been dismissed, something the mainstream media has not covered. No, the solar energy farm is still near Luke Air Force Base.

Sarah Westall: – We don’t know if they still have control of it –

Dave Hodges: – They do. They do.

Sarah Westall: Well…Corey Diggs just did this huge report. She this she did a four-part extensive report in 2018 but she re-put out another report on our whole energy system…

Richard Branson, the Clintons and Barack Obama’s Department of Energy, they have this thing called the “Island Playbook”, where they’ve taken over 20 islands to put in solar panels and wind farms in all the islands down there [in the Caribbean]…they took over the tourism but they’re also putting in a bunch of solar panels…

David Hodges: Based on some conversations I had with military planners – or retired military planners – I wrote an article four or five years ago that talked about a seven-pronged invasion of the United States and Red Dawn was only part of it.

On that side of the world, you’re looking at forces coming out of Cuba. And that basically fits the same model that we’re talking about here with Nellis, Luke and Davis-Monthan.

Sarah Westall: Yeah and Obama’s creepy enough, where he would be involved in this.

David Hodges: Obama’s a Communist subversive, I know.

Sarah Westall: That’s the scary part.

David Hodges: Yeah, I can’t remember the researcher’s name now but Joel…his last name will come to me. He nailed it when he said Obama was a “Manchurian Candidate.”

His mom, Ann Dunham worked for Tim Geithner’s father, the former World Bank chief, at the Ford Foundation, which is a CIA
psyop, where they train the Manchurians.

Kamala Harris’s sister was there, too. Maya Harris. We’ve tracked her there. My researcher, Alexander Daly and I have tracked this. We have pretty good documentation.

But the Manchurian Candidates are trained there and we also think that Kamala Harris is part of this group, too. But these people are force-fed Communism. They’re basically brainwashed and they become classic Manchurian Candidates and this is Obama. I mean, he came from this group. He was trained – he was what Bezmenov and the other Soviet defectors talked about.

They said, “We’ll conquer you from within,” and when they defected, they said, “You need to know what’s coming here. They’re going to take over your movie industry, your education,” which the Chinese have done and, “we’re going to take over all these things and we’ll conquer you from within.”

And Obama was an example of the “conquering from within”. Did you know, he was endorsed by the American Communist Party when he ran for election? And all these other Leftist, subversive groups, they knew what he was…

Bill Ayers, head of the Weatherman Underground, he was infiltrated by Larry Grathwall, who I interviewed a bunch and Bill Ayers said, when Larry asked him, “What will you do, if you ever take over this Communist revolution?”

He said, “50 million in re-education camps, do away with 25 million. He was the man who launched Barack Obama’s political career, in his Hyde Park, Chicago home. And he still visited Barack Obama, during both terms of his presidency.

Sarah Westall: Well, and are you seeing this play out. I mean, is this exactly what we’re seeing play out in Seattle? Portland’s the worst right now. Chicago, New York City is completely dying. They lost half their wealth base. 40% of the the wealthier neighborhoods are bailing.

Dave Hodges: By design…that’s by design, Sarah. It’s classic Communism: “Out of chaos comes order.” “Let’s tear down the system.”

That’s why all the Democratic mayors and governors are behind the lockdowns, which have wrecked the economy. We’re not coming back from this, economically. There’s no way…

[As for the Chinese troops inBritish Columbia], well, they’ve already been there for a while. The Chinese, in plain clothes have infiltrated British Columbia for quite some time. That’s no secret and in fact, a lot of people in British Columbia know that and have talked to me about it.

But now they’re formalized. I mean, they’re not hiding it. That’s what’s amazing. This is easy information to grab and I don’t know what the message is they’re trying to send. It’s almost like they’re trying to intimidate trump because they’re being so overt about what they’re doing.

They’re not hiding anything that’s just shocking to me. Trudeau has basically declared war on the United States by allowing this to go on.

Sarah Westall: Exactly because their legislation actually approved it.

Dave Hodges: Yeah, exactly and they’ve taken over the second-biggest port in British Columbia, the Chinese and it’s really analogous to what they did with Long Beach for 20 years, until Trump stopped that Long Beach agreement, in which the Chicoms were controlling the port. And god knows how much military equipment, supplies and manpower they brought in through Long Beach.

Sarah Westall: It’s really scary. Now, let’s talk about the Indian Reservations, because I know that Barack Obama brought in over 100,000 Syrians. When the United States said, “No,” the people of the US pushed back, he did it anyways but put them on a reservation, because he could get around the rules. Over a hundred thousand Syrians. They can do whatever they want on these reservations. What are they doing?

Dave Hodges: It’s not just Syrians…the biggest threat – and Syrians are part of it, okay. And they’ll be foot soldiers and IED experts. But the real threat comes from the cartel interests. And this is really a broad answer to your question but it’s important.

If you’re in California right now, you can go gamble without any social distancing or face masks but you cannot go to the gym or to church. And in Arizona, where I live, it’s basically the same thing.

So, why are the cartels open? Well, the California legislators and the major players, politically are all in bed with the Communist Chinese and I’ll just give you one example and I could give you 50.

I’ve published photos of Nancy Pelosi and Beto O’Rourke in 2015 hanging out with Nieto, the former President of Mexico, who took a $100 million bribe from Chapo Guzman to let the Sinaloas run free with drugs.

And so, there’s the Pelosi angle of the overthrow of the United States Government; is to be supportive of the cartels and to block any immigration legislation or the building of the wall – that’s just one example.

So let’s translate that to the cartels. The cartels provide security and do operations with Chicom soldiers on Native territory and they do so and use the casinos as a base of operations. And this is not known to people.

Again, I’ll mention Paul Preston, the head of the New California movement. He and I have done interviews about this. There’s no question this is going on. In fact, there are Native tribes who own land on both sides of the Mexican-American border and they facilitate the cartel interests in these casinos.

But it’s not just that they’re facilitating their drugs. They do. It’s a base of operations, for example for the CJ&G Gang and they distribute drugs to the rural areas in America. The Sinaloas have the urban areas and they operate out of these native lands. But that’s not the major threat to us, as bad as that is, in the 70,000 fentanyl deaths we’ve had as a result of that last year.

The major threat is the military threat or the terrorist threat. Paul Preston has produced witnesses that have attended the CalExit meetings, which is basically George Soros-China, at that time, the Mexican Consulate, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch – all part of this movement to withdraw California from the Union and become a protectorate of the United Nations.

In fact, this is back on the ballot again, for this election. And CalExit, in their secret meetings have said, “If we can’t get out politically, we’ll just start killing white people en masse.”

And I’ve actually written an article about this, where I said, “I believe, from what I saw in the evidence that we were able to obtain in the Las Vegas Massacre, that was a beta test for what’s coming. And this is the role the cartels can help play.”

Sarah Westall: So, where are the areas you think they’re going to target white people and what areas of this country do you think are a little safer?

Dave Hodges: There are no safe areas. It used to be we’d say, “Get out of the cities,” but they they broadcast it. Black Lives Matter and Antifa said there’s nowhere you can hide. We’re coming to your your small towns. In fact, they were at Bethel, Illinois. It’s a democratic town and the Democrats ran-out BLM. This is how bad they are, that even Democrats ran them out…

Sarah, what we’re going to see in this election, if we have one – a lot of people are going to say, “Yeah I’m voting for Biden and they’re going to get behind the curtain and they’re voting for Trump. I know, because they tell me. The biggest increase in my audience is disaffected Liberals who no longer support the Democratic Party and a lot of them are Black.

Sarah Westall: I think it’s en masse. I’m seeing a big increase, too even though they’re doing every possible thing they can to censor me, my numbers are growing and that’s incredible, considering how hard they’re trying.

Dave Hodges: You are understating what they’re doing. I mean, they’ve basically demonetized on YouTube virtually anyone who’s Conservative and who would encourage people to vote for Trump and they’re doing it, because they know that we’re having an influence on the Left.

And I’ve said this. I’ll come on a broadcast and I’ll say things like, “I know we have our differences about abortion, about taxation, how much government should be in our lives – but let’s just look at what’s going on. Do you want to live in cities where there’s no 9-1-1? You’re a victim every time you step outside your house. You’re not safe in your house. No one’s coming to help you. Firebomb through your window and you’ve done nothing wrong. In fact, you support the Liberals. Are you really okay with this and this is this the future you want for your kids, where they’re not safe? Where five-year-old kids are shot in the head driving, riding a bike across someone’s yard?”

I said, “Is this what you want?” And they’re human beings, just like us. They want to have a future for their kids and they’re just like us. They really just want to live their lives and be left alone and they have philosophical difference to us but they’re sick of it. The Democrats overplayed their hand.

I’ve asked a couple. One of them was a former county commissioner, from of all places Shasta, where that veteran gave that famous tirade towards the county commissioners. And this guy said to me he said, “You know Dave,” he said, “I’d love to come on your show. Thanks for the invitation but I’ll never hear the end of it.”

And he said, “I’m one of the few Democrats that got elected here,” and I’m probably narrowing down who he is and I don’t mean to do that but the intimidation factor is big for Democrats. But I’m telling you, when they get behind closed doors, they’re going to vote different than the Liberals want them to vote.

Sarah Westall: I agree with you. I think it’s a growing tsunami. I’m just very concerned that they’re going to lie and cheat this election. They’re trying to say that the Republicans will do that and trump will do that and cheat the election but i actually think that’s their game plan for real.

Dave Hodges: But if the democrats win, you and I aren’t going to be talking about how to save the country, We’re going to be talking about the best places to hide.

Sarah Westall: I know, I know. That’s what the scary part is. I’m very concerned about that. Now, what do you think about if Trump does win? I think we’re still going to have war or it’s going to be incredible.

I talked to Daisy Luther about this the other day, from the Organic Prepper website and she said something – she pulled the thoughts right out of my mind: Bosnia 1992. You can walk on the street, you’re a target.

And there’s precedent for what I’m saying. When we wanted regime change in Ukraine and Russian-friendly government bureaucrats in Ukraine out, they assassinated them. They walked out of buildings and snipers got them. I even wrote an article about it called, “Snipers on the Roof.”

And I’m going to tell you, I’m going to break this story here, on your show. I’ve talked about it in a few other places but I’ve had and so has Paul Martin, a person who works for the Common Sense show and Paul talked to Aurora Police, in Aurora Colorado, where I grew up and I’ve talked to some sources in Austin, Texas and five days apart, of these groups coming out and blocking roads and Interstates, they also had what looked like SWAT teams –  sniper teams, up on top of tall buildings.

Now, the police concluded that they weren’t operational. They were training. Well, that’s Bosnia in 1992.

I’m telling you right now, Antifa and Black Lives Matter actively lobbying right now to do snipers. And this goes hand in hand
with the CalExit threat, too.

Sarah Westall: Well, who do you think is behind training Antifa? Who do you know?

Dave Hodges:  George Soros. Without question.

Sarah Westall:  Yep and then there’s also, “Who’s behind George Soros?”

Dave Hodges: Well, he answers to the boys from Basel; the international bankers. They’re ultimately behind this.

I’m going to answer your question kind of through the side door. We have a Deep State and has its origins with the international banking community and they buy off their minions in the Democratic Party.

China also has their Deep State and Xi Jinping, right now is going through a huge struggle. They want war. The Defense Minister of China, Wei Fenghe is really the leader the operational leader of the Deep State. He would kinda be like the Hillary Clinton, if you would, of the Deep State in China and they want war with the United States.

They want to invade their enemies. They want to go into India, which they did but they wanted to go further and Xi Jinping stopped them. I can tell you for a fact that I have sources that tell me that Xi and Trump are doing everything they can do to avoid war but Xi’s forces are forcing him to do it.

And this was actually publicized about a week ago, he threw out military personnel in a meeting. He said, “Get out of here!” And now he’s purging them and that was in the news two days ago.

So, China is being pushed to go to war with us…I have a source, who’s a former two-star general and he put me in contact with two different people in the Pentagon and they said the same thing. And this is back in May: “If Trump wants to keep his job, he’s got to make the Deep State Military-Industrial Complex happy.”

They want war with China and they control the Joint Chiefs of Staff, much like Fauci and Birx are controlled by Bill Gates, with purse strings. And they said, “If he goes to war with China or moves in that direction, he’ll keep his presidency. If he doesn’t, all bets are off the table.”

…And Trump is resisting war, Xi doesn’t want war. Trump doesn’t want war but the Deep State banking cartel that controls both countries’ Deep States desperately want war.

Sarah Westall: And they want war, because they want the money stream. They also want war to be able to regain worldwide control.

Dave Hodges: That is the final objective. I agree about global control. The short-term objective is all the currencies are failing and they need to get us into digital currency, like here, in the United States, it’s called the Fed coin. They need to get us into this as soon as possible, before chaos breaks out and they can’t control hyperinflation any longer…

There’s multiple agendas with COVID…from a Globalist perspective, COVID is robbing human beings of their humanity. It’s robbing them of their civil liberties. It’s teaching that whoever runs the government under us is supreme over you and you will do what you say. You’ll wear the the symbol of oppression, which is a face mask, you’ll stay six feet apart, we’ll control if your kids go to school, we’ll control every aspect of your life and we don’t have a Constitution any longer, that’s gone.

And they have taken care of that, so that’s one goal, is subjugation. The other goal, believe it or not – people aren’t procreating when they’re wearing face masks – and our birth rate is plummeting.

I talked to a demographer out of Arizona state university and he told me, he said, “Our birth rate’s gone down to 1.8, going into this year. He said no nation’s ever come back from 1.8. You need 2.1 to maintain and if we don’t have a 2.1 through immigration and birth rate, then we can’t support the Ponzi schemes of Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.”

It’ll be a catastrophe for the elderly and he said he thinks the birthrate could go to 1.2 in a year and he said, “That’s where Italy is at. Italy’s falling apart…”

It’s not an accident that COVID was engineered to kill off the elderly. They’re killing two birds with one stone.

Sarah Westall: Yeah, I know. I just had a interview with uh Rocco Galati, who’s suing the the Government of Canada, Trudeau, and and Health Ministers and others and he has a lot of experts that are giving testimony and one of them is the from the top pediatric hospital in the world and they said that masks and social distancing for kids is going to create long-term trauma and long-term effects that are devastating to our kids…these people don’t care.

Dave Hodges: It’s not that they don’t care. That’s their objective. I mean, they intentionally want this to happen.

Sarah Westall: What would be the point of creating long-term trauma on the entire youth of a population?



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  • Thank you for posting this interview. Sarah W. made a statement at the end of this interview, such as what would be the point of creating long-term trauma on the entire population, which was never answered. Perhaps Dave Hodges answers it in the second interview.

    However, I thought I would share what is quite clear to me. We have been under trauma-based programming for a very long time and especially since 911. When we experience trauma, our conscious minds take flight, and our subconscious minds take over. It is at that moment that we are wide open to being easily lead and manipulated. The Handlers of the Mockingbird Media understand the importance of pushing their pre-subscribed brain-numbing and fear-inducing propaganda to fulfill their agenda of total mind take over of the population.

    Everyone must understand how our brain responds to trauma, and that way, we can be aware of when we are manipulated. It is only when we are alive, awake, and aware that we can take responsibility for our lives and move forward in a manner that allows us to take Empowered Action.

  • We will have a long-term 3rd world war with China and Iran. To please the bankers and deep state, it will last decades, just like their favorite war on terror, etc. Much money to make.

    On our side, of course, will be Israel, Japan, Australia, India and others. NK, Iran maybe Russia and China will oppose us.

    The puppeteers have developed great no touch weapons, weather warfare (going on now) mind control to make this an unconventional war.

    Would not be surprised at all if the USA is also a battlefield in this one.

    They are completely nuts, which is why I say there is nobody other than God who can help us now.

    Do you know how to pray???

    • Your scenario might be logical based on some of the current constellation of nations, but there us no biblical basis whatsoever to support an extended World War III scenario with China or anyone else.

      The next big war on God’s calendar is Ezekiel’s war if God and MaGog detailed in Ezekiel 38 and 39. That 5-nation coalition of Russia, Iran, Turkey, Libya, and Sudan are essentially in place, with some fine-tuning yet to be done.

      We don’t know when the Rapture and revealing of the Antichrist will occur, nor do we know where America will be in the End Times scenario, It sure seems clear that China will survive to face the Antichrist’s Revived Roman Empire forces in the Battle Of Armageddon – only to be annihilated at the Second Coming.

  • I have heard bits and pieces of this for quite some time, it’s all adding up.
    TRUMP 2020!
    He seems to be our only hope for this country.

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