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In recent days, all of the major Dinosaur media networks ran stories about how “dangerous” QAnon is, while continuing to describe the violent BLM Antifa protests in Portland as “peaceful” and ignoring the severity of what’s happening in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Early Wednesday morning, videos posted to Twitter showed armed rioters going up against armed business owners. Journalists on Twitter reported that rioters had arrived from out of town, in caravans of 200+ vehicles.

Human Events Managing Editor, Ian Miles Cheong tweeted, “Police in Kenosha requested 750 additional support units to keep the peace. The governor of Wisconsin rejected the request and sent 250. When the federal government offered to send in 500, the governor rejected it again. Tonight, people are dead in Kenosha as the city burns.”

Videos on Twitter showed a rioter who attempted to burn down a car dealership whose head was grazed by a bullet. It was fired by an armed civilian protecting the business. The victim was taken to the emergency room and he should be OK.

Another rioter was seen with a big chunk of his arm blown out. This led LB, a female attorney with an excessively dry sense of humor to tweet, “Why is QAnon doing this to Kenosha?”

Another tweeted, “When do the mayors start going to jail?”

For months, we have been witnessing coordinated riots met with governor stand-downs and the unfurling of the police abolition movement. This is not organic.

This is the UN Globalist plan, via the so-called Strong Cities Network and House Bill 7120, the “George Floyd George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020”, which passed in Congress on June 25th and it is making its way to a Senate vote.

The goal is to overturn the 2nd Amendment and to abolish local police, in favor of international “peacekeeping” troops overseen by UN Human Rights Commissioner, Michelle Bachelet. Sounds crazy, I know but as we can see, they are now prototyping it in the US.

This is a tried-and-true plan that NATO has used, in conjunction with the CIA for a takeover, city-by-city of all of a country’s police departments. It’s a tactic that was outlined in a book by Doug Valentine called ‘The Phoenix Program’.

What is proposed in House Bill 7120 has previously been done by UN Peacekeepers in Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and Haiti.

If you know anyone who doesn’t understand what this is all about, please share this short mini-documentary with them produced by the Making Sense of the Madness YouTube channel.


We are reminded of the words of KGB Agent and Soviet Defector, Yuri Bezmenov, who in 1985 explained “ideological subversion,” as the job of slowly changing the perception of a target group, in four stages:

1) Demoralization: It takes 15-20 years to demoralize a nation because it takes one generation of students of the target enemy country of being exposed to the ideology.

Bezmenov described the Marxist demoralization process in 1985 as “basically completed, already –– or “over-fulfilled.” A person who is demoralized is unable to assess true information, facts or anything told to him, pictures, even being taken to a location.

2) Destabilization: It takes only 2 to 5 years to destabilize a nation. What matters are the essentials: economy, foreign relations and defense systems. [We’ve seen it with the economic collapse wrought by COVID-19].

3) Crisis: It takes as little as 6 weeks to bring a country to the brink of a crisis. [We’ve seen this with the endless Antifa BLM rioting, starting in May].

4) Normalization: After crisis and the violent change of power structure and economy, you have the period of normalization, which can last indefinitely. “Normalization” is a cynical expression from Soviet times. [We’re seeing this now, with our adaptation to mask mandates, social distancing, telecommuting, etc.]

Bezmenov predicted that this would happen in the United States if the US allowed “all the schmucks” to come in here, to destabilize the economy, to do away with free-market competition and to put a “Big Brother” government in Washington, DC, with “benevolent dictators like Walter Mondale.”

He said, “Your Leftists in the United States; all these professors and beautiful civil rights defenders — they are instrumental in the subversion — only until the destabilization is completed. Once the destabilization is completed, they’re not needed anymore,” They would then be lined up against the wall and shot.

Tom Luongo wrote recently, “We are 6 months into this planned destruction of all facets of US society, and most of the West for that matter, for the purpose of instituting police state like controls over our everyday lives, undermining the idea of our personal rights in a climate of hysterical fear.”

As Sean says, “Know thy enemy, because they know you.”

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  • Since the actions of the rioters is in fact domestic terrorism, and since laws are already on the books that designate those activities as a criminal act, why hasn’t AG Barr charged a single person or group? If he does not act, doesn’t that make him an accomplice to their crimes?

  • So the simple question is….if we all have the DNA sequence in our body all the time because we are human…why doesn’t everyone test positive for COVID-19 all the time?

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