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    I’d never heard of this thing until I was sent a YouTube link about the Oregon stand-off this morning and found myself enchanted, instead by the completely hilarious advertisement preceding it (I didn’t even watch the thing about the stand-off).

    I was later shocked to discover that this plastic thing-a-ma-bob with a 400%+ mark-up had already grossed $4 million within 3 years of its release! (No pun intended).

    Surely, I must have been living under a solid chunk of frozen Rocky Road ice cream since this product, which may yet undergo FDA trials and become an officially prescribable and insurance-refundable medical device was released, in 2012!

    So, the two thirds of the world who are doing it the old fashioned way are right – and the Western world is wrong, leading to the host of lower abdominal issues that are quite common – and very easily avoidable, as we learn, in this at once humorous and instructive video, which was a Herculean challenge to create on numerous levels, as we learn, in this making-of.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Darling ad, but yes, it might change the whole yen for icecream.
      Some time ago I bought a cheap little plastic waste paper bucket and turned it upside down. Works great; however, it doesn’t slide beside/under the potty.

    • I’ve had one of these for years, I learned about it from Edgar Cayce group in Virginia Beach, it would seem that Cayce in his sleeping trance told the people to do this for there colon.. I’ve been a member of the A.R.E. -Association for Research and Enlightenment for many years… I love my squatty potty..

    • Yes,
      An excellent idea but one could sit on a normal toilet seat and then slide a bench of the right height under one’s feet to achieve the same result as sitting on a squatty potty as I did in England when a small child.

    • Ran into this little unicorn when they first released it…bought a plastic step stool, fortunately my toilet is more a throne than a seat and the height is perf…the flow is as they say, wonderous ice cream like…rang my bell after traveling India…now add an easy bidet gizmo and life, in the bathroom anyway, becomes, well, satisfying.

      Your headline is a sure grabber…good one.

    • I LOVE THIS ADVERT! Congrats to the creative genius that wrote & directed this!!! Nice, Alexandra, very nice indeed. I can’t wait for my next defecation!

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    *** Medical Emergency Kit *** Use Promo Code “KNOW” for 10% Off!


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