Meet Ecocapsule. Futuristic living, shipping in 2016.

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  • I think its cool. I would like one. How much? does this fellow build them for sale / is this the only one? GREAT!

  • Ahh, livin’ back to the land. Where life is free and breezy. No need for fancy fixin’s. Don’t need no roads or lights or plumbin. None of them fancy electro gadgets. Don’t even need to cut the grass. Let nature take care of that. Just leave me my margarita and a rickety lawn chair and I’m in my smug little nirvana. Oh, don’t forget to blow out the candle when you leave.

  • This is a horrible idea for many reasons. It plays right into the Agenda; one person, no nuclear family, no personal possessions. Can be controlled remotely, becoming your prison. Oh, and when you die, probably parked in your capsule on public land, it can be your coffin too!

  • What exactly the advantage of this thing over let’s say a 3x bigger ,more comfortable and cheaper travel trailer ? Why not a used, pressure washed garbage bin painted green ?

  • Nicholas….build me a 1200 square. Ft. Home 1 bedroom, large kitchen, 1 bath, garage that’s totally off the grid and will run central air and heat, large deep freeze, fridge, and a dozen or so small appliances plus washer and drier and hot water on demand from a rain water cash including a full basement. For under 80 grand and you might have a deal!

  • $87,000? My partners and I can build you a 3/2/2 custom home for less than $100,000. Not mobile, but stronger than a manufactured home and at 2,000sf, much more bang for your buck and you can apply for a no interest, rent-to-own loan. Call my 24/7 message center at 432.934.6338 for details.

  • Perfect space,
    perfect race,
    at the perfect pace,
    Add a tree or three,
    for the outdoor spree,
    Heaven will be
    a place on Earth,
    Eagle Owl’d,
    Destiny, Eternally.

  • Rhyme Capsule: I’ll see you there if yee dare

    Very nice, oh so smart, sans the baggage, make a new start, now tell dear Eagle where a non geoengineered canyon be, some fertile land, agenda 21 and permit free, I’ll make use of the Ecocapsule most assuredly, Mauritius, Namibia, just maybe, anywhere where an Obummer and Zuma don’t frequent, nor lame stream media, Surve absent, that would be heaven sent, perhaps a Magnificent Owl upon a day, but only when the Highveld breeze hath its say.


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