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    • My anti-spam AI automatically put that comment in Trash, as it has with a few other of your comments in the past. I’ve always later discovered and restored them, because they were never bad. I need to check Trash more often.

        • “Trash” wasn’t a commentary on your comments, at all! What I meant is that you have a way of phrasing things that your comments get teleported into Trash by the Wordfence spam app and I keep forgetting about this and I end up stumbling onto great comments in Trash.

  • Alien civilizations have come here setup shop helping the primitive humans and engaged in multiple turf wars leaving their mark in stone. Reading the stones is not easy from the point of view of real history when the controllers don’t want us to understand who,what and why. The other races some human lost the wars or fled and left us to the Anunnaki/Draco reptilian . Enki re-engineered us from homo erectus adding the DNA of the gods to us, all combined 22 different species to make us what we are magnificent creatures living now as much abused worker slaves with reduced mental capacity only 2-3% and blanked memory after each reincarnation. Yes, we are eternal souls with very short slave lifespans instead of 800-900 yrs. Yes, they eat our children and drink our blood these dark god like beings have also been taken advantage of by actual demons from the lower astral who can take over the human or reptilian vessels with possession to be able to live here on 3D Earth (black eye club) or the smelly lizards have to live in the tunnels, Yes, Satard (Annu) and Loserifer (Marduk)were real but both have been returned to source. The remnants hybrid repto-humans the blue bloods have powers they use to rule over us and practice black magic and use alien technology to harvest our light energy as they need us as a way to continue living as parasites as vampires. These end of days shenanigans are just us and the alliance getting rid of these miscreants so we can return to our real life mission to serve as stewards of the planet , guardians of the gateways as the good or reformed fallen sons and daughters of GOD.

      • Hiding archaeological evidence is the Smithsonian Institutes full time job the grand canyon is full of OOPs evidence , just like peeing on witness reports of UFO and crash recoveries like Roswell is the job of the military. Discrediting information is a full time job for .gov . The Kennedy assassination is also a myth according to the CIA. Nothing can be proved including the time of day remember time doesn’t exist..

        • daniel, you would love Robert Sepehr website on you tube: Atlantean Gardens. He is an Anthropologist that goes into the lost civilizations.
          P.S. UFO’s have been identified since 1953, after WW2 when the German’s (rightfully so) taunted Washington D.C. with their advanced technology. Have you heard of Base 211 in the Antarctica that Germany had since the 1920’s.
          There was an escape route as WW2 was coming to an end, but it was through their advanced Submarines.

  • Your witnessing the once bottom of the Oceans. No human built them, only Creation itself & humans took advantage of them when their civilizations needed to hide. Hide from others and/or hide from other elements….

    • That’s probably like it though we can’t verify this other than asking psychic or some sort of that, and it’s real difficult to find a real psychic, neither do we know which one is real / fake.
      We’ll probably have to really open the 3rd eye or whatever that sensor is in order to find out about real truth.
      According to ancient Hindu writing, the so called being “Gods” got upset about humans making too much noise or so, and then decided to destroy them (If that’s true, then aliens are no friends of ours but clowns) .

  • According to evidence from India, something exploded in the air similarly to a nuke around 10K years ago, wondering if an asteroid really destroyed humans once or was it themselves

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