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    Tucker’s opening monologue:

    We have a ruling class in the United States defined by its hatreds. Not its loves, not its hopes, but by its hatreds. They hate all kinds of people, large groups of people: the deplorables, the bitter clingers, America’s entire blue-collar population, the unfashionable people. They’re hated by the people who run our country.

    But no one is hated more by them than a man called Alex Jones. Alex Jones is the single-most-censored man in all American history. He was the first media figure in our history to be completely erased in one day. Deplatformed. Alex Jones was deplatformed before it was a common term. And not just deplatformed — sued, attacked. They attempted to criminally charge him.

    What did Alex Jones do wrong? Alex Jones didn’t rape anybody. He didn’t loot Macy’s. He didn’t burn a police station. He didn’t invent a fake cryptocurrency and loot pension funds. He didn’t start a pointless war that made this country poorer and more disorganized. He didn’t open the southern border. No. Alex Jones had opinions that deeply rattled the people who run America. In fact, rattled a lot of us.

    And I’ll just confess that I first heard of Alex Jones when he questioned the official story behind 9/11. And I, speaking for myself, was deeply offended by this. I didn’t take any time to find out what he was saying, but I was bothered by the idea that this defining event in American history, which changed the life of everyone who lived here then, might not actually have unfolded as we were told it did. And that possibility was too destabilizing. And I remember feeling resentment toward Alex Jones for saying that.

    But several years later, I went up in Austin, Texas, and through a chain of circumstances, wound up meeting Alex Jones. And I learned what everyone who has met him now knows, which is Alex Jones is not a crazy person. Alex Jones has said pretty far out things on TV from time to time. Not that far out. He hasn’t said men can become women or Ukraine is a democracy. But within the bounds of, say, cable news, pretty far out.

    But fundamentally, Alex Jones is right about a lot of things. And, in fact, that’s why they don’t like him. Alex Jones has an uncanny, really an amazing ability to predict events before they happen. He has called it and he’s done it on tape again and again, to the point where it’s a meme on the Internet. “Alex Jones prophet,” not conspiracy nut, prophet. But when you dig into Alex Jones’s predictions, they are so spot-on that it’s remarkable.

    How does he do this? We’re guessing there’s a kind of spiritual sensitivity to Alex Jones. Maybe that’s his secret. He was displaying this years before the average person in this country even thought about matters like that. Now it’s pretty obvious to most people that the current war going on in this country is taking place in ways you can’t see it most of the time. But ten years ago, people were not thinking that way. Alex Jones was. And so, we thought it’d be interesting to sit down and talk to Alex Jones, the man. He joins us now in our studio.


    2:46 Alex Jones predictions
    15:07 Deplatforming
    21:59 Dividing us on race
    25:37 The border
    28:09 Austin
    32:12 New World Order
    42:09 Brian Stelter demon video
    50:57 Depopulation
    1:07:51 Food
    1:13:51 Whiskey
    1:16:22 Presidential election

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    • “What did Alex Jones do wrong?”
      Being a controlled opposition, spreading unnecessary fear on some matter without having proof?
      And I’m still wondering how he got into Bohemian globe.
      No he isn’t likely a criminal, he’s just not trustworthy, that’s about it.

      • Ya don’t go to war with the army you would LIKE to have, you go to war with the army you’ve GOT. For better or worse.

        He was certainly onto 9/11 before I was (referencing 2002 letter to L.A. Times defending GWB; Abu Graib woke me up)

      • John, if Satan be against Satan, his house would immediately fall. Jones has the same problem most of us have. He doesn’t handle success and fame well. There is a lot not to like there, but ya gotta give both of these men credit for being great and courageous communicators.

    • There was also a man in the 70s that overheard that they were going to burn trains full of poison and the people that own the railroads were going to be responsible. He said we have to look at who owns the railroads, also he said that the air traffic controllers would be controlled. John Todd. He went to jail for 20yrs for rape then to a mental ward where he died. I don’t know if I believe the rape, but I believe the train part now since East Palestine Ohio. Technocrats are traitors!

    • Hi,

      Read the article and haven’t had a chance to watch the video yet but I’m going to later today.
      Just wanted to comment / share 2 links that relate to video Time Stamp: 21:59 about race.

      Good article with a hour & 42 minutes video that proves Floyd died of drug overdose.

      The above link sheds light on the Purposely tro divide the races.


    • Thanks! If we all had your insight and bravery we would not be in this situation. Please keep doing what you do!!!!!

    • Alex is great in exposing the evil agenda, but, his delivery is too flamboyant. That creates critism from the normies who expect journalists to be calm as they read the news imationnatly. Very much like Trump who crosses the boundary of smooth diplomatic verbiage and exaggeration.

      Tucker is the most talented journalist in America. Smooth, composed, informed, articulate….question injustices in a way that makes the normies wonders.

    • God bless Alex Jones. Best compilation of who is destroying humanity I’ve heard so far. Thank you Tucker for bringing the truth to us.

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