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by Tucker Carlson

A couple of weeks ago, the founder of Spain’s populist Vox Party, which opposes the left, was shot in the face.

This happened as Spanish liberals are trying to take over the country extralegally.

These stories, and others in Spain, aren’t receiving nearly as much attention as they should. Political currents in foreign countries, after all, have a history of foreshadowing America’s future.

Tucker recently traveled to Spain and sat down with the Vox Party’s current leader, Santiago Abascal, for an exclusive interview that is Episode 40 of Tucker on X.

Spain’s descent into tyranny seems eerily familiar. Opposition leader Santiago Abascal is one of the few people standing up to it. We traveled to Madrid to talk to him.

1:11 Santiago Abascal
2:23 The end of democracy in Spain
8:43 “Are you ready to go to jail for this?”
12:55 George Soros
16:48 Low Spanish birthrate
19:02 Censorship in Spain
28:32 When should the protests end?

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • What never ceases to astonish is how much talk is given to periphery issues while ignoring the core.

    Humans are by nature reproductive. Two males or two females cannot reproduce themselves. A male and a female can produce babies who are born totally dependent upon the care and nurture of their parents. This is the first government establishment! From that government all other governments take their queues, their reasons for existence. Any person or persons who oppose this oppose themselves, creating confusion and chaos.

    Anybody with an IQ above 80 is capable of understanding this, yet look what has happened. Too many people have bought what Soros, Marx and like ilk are selling and therein is a common denominator – hatred of Christ Jesus who teaches us to love one another in an affectionate benevolent parental (responsible governmental) manner.

    Remember what I just wrote about the natural core of who we are. All behavior emanates from that core until it is corrupted and perverted by evildoers.

    I have studied this for decades and it is not difficult to identify who all has given themselves over to Satan to destroy culture as established. The founder of the Illuminati bluntly stated his objectives was to (secretly) destroy all established order from within those establishments.

    Weiskopf was a spiritual son of the destroyer.

    Unless free men and women determine to put our leaders to the test I have just identified, do not expect freedom to last much longer. Xi made his triumphal arrival on our west coast just three days ago, did you see it? Did you see the nations leaders giving homage to this dragon?

    The hour of our complete subjection draws near.

    • JD,

      And to add insult to Xi’s/Biden’s
      applied injury, a U.S. soldier was
      made hold up Red China’s flag.

      I’ve an essay penned to make
      the very vital point you’ve
      made—about the genesis of
      government being one man
      and one woman joining to
      have a baby and raise to
      healthy maturity ( mind and
      body health ).


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