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    The long-anticipated indictment of President Trump, the first-ever criminal charge ever brought against a US president, has arrived. Charlie Kirk and Jack Posobiec break down the ramifications of this political Rubicon. Donald Trump Jr, Kash Patel, Alan Dershowitz and more join to weigh in.

    What does the indictment of Trump mean for the American republic? And most importantly: What can conservatives do to hit back?

    The Left is acting like Stalin and the Right is acting like Vichy France, because the Deep State needs right wing violence to justify the next phase of their takeover of the country. They must be deprived of that.

    Mike Davis says, “We are under assault by the Marxist Left. This is not our parents’ or grandparents’ Democrat Party, these are not Liberals who love America and just disagree with Conservatives on the best way to get there. These are Marxists. They hate America. They hate equality, they believe in equity. They hate due process, they believe in #MeToo. They hate Free Speech, they believe in censorship. They are trying to kill us. They are trying to destroy us.”  

    Charlie says we’ve hit peak anarcho-tyranny, which is government dysfunction, in which the state is totally in an anarcho- posture when it comes to large matters, like borders, public safety, suicide rates, fentanyl – but it’s ruthlessly tyrannical in the enforcement of very small ones – and political ones, especially.

    But don’t forget that we need this precedent to haul all other former heads of state and all members who serve in the Executive Branch into court and prosecute them like common criminals. Barack Obama, Hillary, George W Bush are all now fair game and this indictment will hopefully be the boomerang of all boomerangs.

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    • And try this too, for the status of your Attorney-General:

      Quote: :Please be aware that the current “US Marshals Service” is being run by Interpol on a contractual basis and that both Steven T. Mnuchin and Jeff Sessions are Interpol Officers.
      They take their instructions out of Berne, Switzerland. They are still under obligation to obey our laws and fulfill our contracts, or they are subject to arrest and prosecution.
      This places them in an odd No Man’s Land. To become Interpol Officers, they forswear and give up their citizenship, so that they no longer can be considered either Americans
      (gave up or were swindled out of their birthright and then confirmed it by going to work and staying employed by the Territorial United States) or as “US Citizens”.

    • People curious about the Trump indictment might want to read this book (now in PDF form and publicly available for free) to understand much about your corporate government and why your UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT is a British Territorial Government and not a lawful American government.
      If Donald Trump does not have the “plan” people allege he has, then something seriously wrong is happening here even above the wrongdoing you people are now aware of.
      This is an amazing read:
      And another from Anna regarding the true status of people identifying as (corporate) US CITIZENS:
      The Colorado Nine:

    • The corrupt deep state politicians are brazen enough to attempt murder, They will try any way to stop Trump. I also believe that they have already tried this once when he was in a hospital but, Trump walked out before they could start treatment. To complete that plan they would’ve said that he died from covid. How would anybody prove that they killed him. I’m very worried. All of these tyrants need to be prosecuted and locked up yesterday. I’m tired of waiting.

    • Alexandra,

      Forwarded Message :

      Re : Which CABAL Drives the Corruption ?

      Name the CABAL dismantling the
      Founders’/Framers’ experiment/

      My ( abbreviated ) letter to Dr. Naomi Wolf :

      — Snip —

      —Which CABAL, do you think, protects Bill and
      Hillary Clinton—both of which Marxian-minded
      and Satan-devoted LEFTISTS have had aquain-
      tenses D-I-E under very mysterious circumstances,
      and which 100+plus deaths, to date, amount to a
      one-in-one-trillion CHANCE of ever occurring—as
      calculated by a mathematics professor and statis-
      stition ?

      —Which CABAL, do you think, had used Moderna ( an
      Israeli company ! ) and Pfizer to pull off that Global
      Covid-19 Hoax (( “19” being a Satanic/Illuminati num-
      ber, employed to effect that Oklahoma City Bombing,
      to try and drive universal gun-confiscation )) ?

      —Which CABAL, do you think, works so hard at taking out
      popular President Donald Trump—as we learn, today, of
      his bogus indictment ( misdemeanor magically turned
      felony ); and as Leftists scream how Trump’s indictment
      proves : “Nobody is above the law !”—while that 8-times-
      felonious Hillary and Multi-Multi-Multi-felonious Biden
      – and son – go unchallenged, by our Dirty-Cops in-Justice
      Department ! ).

      — Snip —


      • Hi Rick,
        Good To See You Know What’s Really Going On.

        Good article.
        Worth subscribing to.

        Have you heard the Song by Styx from 1983 ,
        Title: Mr. Roboto
        Here’s a link of the lyrics.
        Sure makes ya look at Covid-19 in a Different way / light.

        Lyrics cover the different aspects of it.


        My nic name Jimmy Jukebox was given to me by a wonderful bartender.
        Some say She was mean.
        I thought she was nice, she never let anyone get away with not paying her money back.
        I mentioned this to give a little background, since her passing to the other side in June of 2011 ,
        I slowed down tremendously on listening to music,
        Anyway check out the articles.


      America is now under attack by a strategy of tension – all centered on eliminating Donald Trump from possibly becoming president again. This has been a 7 year witch hunt to destroy Trump, the Bragg indictment, the maniac transgender murdering children who is being framed as the victim … all meant to enrage MAGA conservatives to the point of provoking them into acts of violence.
      This strategy was in play on January 6 when the FBI and other law enforcement provoked the riot, blaming it on Trump.
      And there are at least three other bogus charges against Trump waiting in the wings; the Mar-a-Lago documents case – the reboot of the Jan 6 incitement nonsense, and the Georgia case claiming Trump was pressuring Raffensperger to make up votes for Trump. See:

    • The Dirty 16
      In all, the 16 defendants named in the legal filing are:
      Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the NIAID
      Dr. Peter Daszak, president of EcoHealth Alliance
      Bill Gates
      Melinda Gates
      Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer
      Stephane Bancel, CEO of Moderna
      Pascal Soriot, CEO of AstraZeneca
      Alex Gorsky, CEO of Johnson & Johnson
      Tedros Adhanhom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the WHO
      Boris Johnson, U.K. prime minister
      Christopher Whitty, U.K. chief medical adviser
      Matthew Hancock, former U.K. secretary of state for Health and Social Care
      Medicines and Healthcare, current U.K. secretary of state for Health and Social Care
      June Raine, U.K. chief executive of Medicines and Healthcare products
      Dr. Rajiv Shah, president of the Rockefeller Foundation
      Klaus Schwab, president of the World Economic Forum
      The victims, on behalf of whom the complaint was filed, are “the peoples of the United Kingdom.” One of the seven applicants is Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former vice president and chief scientist of allergy and respiratory research at Pfizer.
      At the end of 2020, he expressed deep concerns about the COVID jabs becoming mandatory, as he could find no medical rationale for their use. In 2021, as we all know, mandates were rolled out around the world. In April 2021, Yeadon went public with concerns that the shots were part of a depopulation agenda.
      “I believe [COVID-19 booster shots] are going to be used to damage your health and possibly kill you. I can see no sensible interpretation other than a serious attempt at mass depopulation,” he said in a “Planet Lockdown” interview published in late April 2021.3
      What Is the International Criminal Court?
      The International Criminal Court4,5 (ICC) is an intergovernmental organization and international tribunal located in The Hague, Netherlands. Its activities are governed by an international treaty called the Rome Statute, which has been ratified by more than 120 countries, including the U.S.
      The ICC is a permanent, independent court that investigates crimes that concern the international community, such as claims of genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes of aggression. In theory, member states are supposed to cooperate with the court, but that doesn’t always happen.
      If warranted, the court can prosecute and try individuals charged with these types of crimes, but it will typically only do so if the member state fails to take the appropriate legal actions against the perpetrator, which can happen if a government tries to shield the individual in question from criminal responsibility. As noted in the complaint:6
      “We have tried to raise this case through the local English police and the English Court system without success, we have been unable to even get the case registered either with the police or with the court after several attempts.
      The statute for the ICC declares that ‘The ICC is intended to complement, not to replace, national criminal systems; it prosecutes cases only when a State is unwilling or unable genuinely to carry out the investigation or prosecution (Article 17(1)(a)). This is such a case which is why we are addressing the ICC directly.”
      Still, the ICC relies on the states’ national law enforcement to arrest individuals, so a member state can still restrict the court’s ability to bring a criminal to justice. The ICC does not have its own police force to carry out warrants or arrests. In this case, defendants are scattered across several countries. According to the ICC complaint, the 16 defendants have violated the Nuremberg Code and four articles of the Rome Statute.
      Violation 1 — The Nuremberg Code
      The Nuremberg Code is a set of medical research ethics principles that grew out of the “Doctors Trial” in Nuremberg following World War II. The war crimes tribunal at Nuremberg established 10 standards to which doctors must conform when performing experiments on human subjects.7
      Foremost among these codes of ethics is the necessity of informed consent to participate in medical experimentation. The Nuremberg Code has also been the basis for other medical ethics guidance and laws, including the Helsinki Declaration of 1965, which binds practicing physicians to “act in the patient’s best interest when providing medical care.”
      While not a binding law, the complaint argues that the Nuremberg Code qualifies as a source of international law by way of Article 21(1)(b) of the Rome Statute, which recognizes international law, international treaties, international custom and principles of law recognized by civilized nations as being of equal value.
      Violation 2 — Genocide
      Article 6 of the Rome Statute refers to acts of genocide, i.e., acts intended to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group. Here, the group in question is the British population in its entirety, and by extension the world, starting with the elderly, chronically ill and disabled. Genocide can include the acts of:
      Causing serious bodily or mental harm
      Imposing measures intended to reduce fertility
      Deliberately inflicting conditions of life, calculated to bring about whole or partial destruction
      All of these definitions apply in this case, and details are provided to support each charge. For example, with regard to “conditions of life calculated to bring about destruction,” this includes both the destruction of businesses and transfer of wealth through imposed lockdowns, and damaging people’s immune systems through the refusal to offer early treatment, mask mandates and coercing people to take the COVID jab.
      Violation 3 — Crimes Against Humanity
      Article 7 of the Rome Statute covers crimes against humanity, which includes:

      The specific charges under each are detailed in the complaint, with data to support them.
      Violation 4 — War Crimes
      War crimes are covered in Article 8 of the Rome Statute. The complaint argues that “a covert war has been waged against the people of the United Kingdom (and the world) through the release of the biological weapon SARS-Cov-2 and the additional bioweapon, m-RNA gene therapy ‘vaccines.” They also include a charge of Mens Rea, meaning the intent to commit a crime, stating that:
      “… the members of the UK government and world international leaders against which we have brought this complaint, are knowingly working on behalf of this global agenda for depopulation through the biological weapons known as SARS-Cov-2 and the m-RNA ‘vaccines.’
      We submit therefore that the members of the UK government and world leaders against which we have brought this complaint have both knowledge and intent with respect to these alleged crimes.”
      War crimes listed in the complaint include:

      Violation 5 — Crimes of Aggression
      The last violation is crimes of aggression against the British population, covered under Article 8 bis3 of the Rome Statute. According to the complaint:
      “This is a global criminal conspiracy, which has been planned for several decades. It is now obvious that ‘the plan’ involves the ultrarich and leaders of most nation states, with a few exceptions.
      It is also clear that powerful think-tanks including WEF [World Economic Forum] in Davos as well as the Club of Rome, and other NGOs like WHO and GAVI among others, are at the centre of this draconian criminal conspiracy. Under the official slogan; ‘BUILD BACK BETTER,’ used by the President of WHO, the President of USA, as well as the President of WEF, the Prime Minister of the UK as well as countless other world leaders.
      The goal of this activity is to create a new world order, through the UN ‘s Agenda 2030, by dismantling all the Democratic Nation States, step by step, controlled by an un-elected elite and to destroy the freedoms and basic human rights of the peoples of the Earth.
      In addition to this, the aim is to destroy small and medium sized businesses, moving the market shares to the largest corporations, owned by the Global Elite. The fulfilment of this goal will most likely lead to full enslavement of mankind.
      This is being done by means of the threat from both a dangerous biological weapon, the virus, the vaccines, the testing test pins, the mask mandates and all other measures. All of which constitute not only a breach of National laws, but also a fundamental breach of the Charter of the United Nations and the Treaty of Rome and our Fundamental Human rights.
      It is of the utmost urgency that ICC take immediate action, taking all of this into account, to stop the rollout of COVID vaccinations, introduction of unlawful vaccination passports and all other types of illegal warfare mentioned herein currently being waged against the people of the United Kingdom by way of a court injunction.”
      New Findings Will ‘Dismantle the Entire Vaccine Industry’
      In a January 1, 2022, video announcement (featured at the top of this article), Dr. Reiner Fuellmich8 — a U.S.-German consumer protection trial lawyer and cofounder of the German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee (Außerparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss)9,10,11 launched July 10, 2020 — announced the data they now have in their possession is “enough to dismantle the entire vaccine industry.”
      Fuellmich is heading up the committee’s corona crisis tort case. Initially, the committee focused on exposing the PCR test fraud, but now they also have evidence that the vaccine makers were using different lot numbers to carry out an experiment within an experiment, unbeknownst to the public.
      According to Fuellmich, it looks like an experiment to determine the dosage needed to kill and/or maim people. In other words, people have not been getting identical products. Different lots or batches contain different dosages and even different ingredients.
      There is inescapable evidence, in my view as a lawyer, of there being premeditation. ~ Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
      According to Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, former chair of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Health Committee, they have “hard evidence” of this. He points to an investigation published in late 2021 showing only 5% of the lots were responsible for 100% of the rapid deaths.12
      In the video, Wodarg also shows a graph of 9,500 different Pfizer jab batches, with some having a toxicity, as evidenced by deaths, that is 3,000 times above the baseline. Others have a toxicity that is 2,500 times higher than baseline. Between them are batches with no deaths attributed to them.
      Wodarg also claims to have data showing that the vaccine makers appear to have coordinated and synchronized their experimentation, so that only one of them is releasing a potentially deadly batch at a time. But they’re all doing this. They’re all experimenting with dosages and ingredients, Wodarg insists, and the reason they’re able to do this is because there are no review boards overseeing any of them.
      There’s now an interesting site where you can search the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data based on your lot number, to see if you got one of the more dangerous batches. You can find that dashboard here.13 The video below explains how to use the dashboard.
      “There is inescapable evidence, in my view as a lawyer, of there being premeditation,” Fuellmich says. And if premeditation can be proven, then there is no legal immunity for anyone anymore. They can all be held liable for injuries and deaths.
      Without doubt, the legal battles will be incredibly difficult to pursue, as there are so many powerful people working together on this, protecting each other. But that doesn’t mean we don’t try. On the contrary, we must do everything in our power to bring the criminals behind this global takeover to justice, and hold them accountable for everything that has been done to our economies, our livelihoods, our families, our health and our children’s futures.

    • Hi,
      I agree with Mike Davis.
      Looks like they’re pulling a Bill Cosby on Trump , maybe Trump hose down for 3 years to miss the election.
      It will be interesting How it Plays Out ,
      Cause technically Trump Pardoned Former Governor Rod Blagovich, he should mercy on Blagovich.
      But maybe it’s Karma cause As far as I know the Jan-6ers were never visited or released by Trump,
      Karma creeped in cause Trump had those people show up at a Jan 6 protest.
      Technically Trump is an elite Ex-President with life CiA Body guards , so does the CIA body guards serve prison time also if trump goes down ,
      That would be insane.
      And the other alternative is House arrest.
      1 weird thing is Trump Still Hasn’t Spoke Out Against the Covid-19 Vaccines so That just means the left who are gun ho on destroying the United States are just trying to prevent Trump from being elected and Tarnishing his name probably won’t do it.
      IF Trump Really Wants To Go After The Left he would Admit he was wrong about the Covid-19 Vaccine and This Trump won’t do.


      • True.
        A lot of sheep needs to be reminded about this common sense like thousands of times until they finally get it.
        This indictment crap is another show for us to waste time, an attempt to change our focus from the real problem.

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