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Trump in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on Wednesday night said, “We’re going to place strong restrictions to keep banks from taking away your rights and your country.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • without even listening to this, swamp is still HERE AND THRIVING, not even starting about WARP SPEED, ISRAEL, etc., etc. Every single dead soldier AFTER THE COVID injection can thank Mr. Biden AND You Mr. Trump. WHat about everyone else, the children, the young generation??? ARe you so limited that you do not know the basics about RNA???

  • Ha, what’s that saying about election promises? Wasn’t it something about the road apple cart handing out those promises after the politician is elected. In reality ‘Drumpfs’ presidency helped lay all the financial ground work for what has happened over the last three years including operation warp speed. I wish we could see through the illusion of government that we manifest through belief.

  • They didn’t need a digital currency to take Russia’s money.

    We need a publicly owned digital currency (created by the conversion of all public and private debt to electronic credits) in order to tax wealth (instead of labor and real or anticipated capital gains) but we won’t call it a tax: it will be called the “infrastructure maintenance fee” (a flat pctg every month). Any entity that uses the currency (even if they are just hiding it in an electronic vault) needs to pay their fair share of the costs of maintaining the financial system in exact proportion to the amount of that system’s “coins” they are holding. The reason the Federal Reserve dollar is in trouble is because it is a Ponzi scheme scam, created to ensure that “the rich always and consistently get richer” until it collapses; it doesn’t take an idiot to figure out how to fix it (although it seems like only one has). Gold or Bitcoin can NOT be used as currency because PEOPLE HODL and commerce SLOWS DOWN to the point of DEPRESSION (as has ALWAYS happened when gold is used as currency), and it is what WOULD happen if some system was devised to use Bitcoin as currency.

    The following is stolen from
    “Gresham’s law is a principle in economics that states that “bad money drives out good.” The law refers to a phenomenon of commodity money, meaning currency such as coins that derives its value from the material of which it is made, particularly precious metals. “Good” money refers to currency whose nominal value is close to the actual value of the amount of the commodity involved, as would be the case, for example, if the amount of metal in a dime actually cost 10 cents to produce. “Bad” money, on the other hand, has less intrinsic commodity value despite being legally equivalent to an amount of good money with the same face value.”

    Electronic money (created by converting debt to magnetic 0s and 1s) has about the least intrinsic value of anything in the universe and, consequently (per Gresham’s Law) will be perfect to for us to use as money.

    • Who, exactly, is “we”?
      Speaking for myself, and perhaps anyone who happens to agree; A digitalized currency would increase the control of a government over it’s people.
      Gresham’s Law is obsolete in today’s economy. Because, there are no currencies whose value is based on a commodity, i.e. metals.
      Also, Commerce does NOT slow down when a currency has an intrinsic value, historically. Just the opposite, actually. Precious metals stabilize a volatile currency. It is understood the value of one ounce of silver is equal to “x” amount of labor, of goods. That value has always been determined by the free market. When the perceived value of a currency and the cost to borrow it is determined by an issuer, like the Federal Reserve, there is no longer a stable economy.
      The US dollar has lost 90% of it’s purchase power since 1913 because of inflation. Not so coincidentally, is was the founding of the Federal Reserve. Whose initial mandate was to enhance the stability of the American banking system. So as to head off inflation, depression as well the booms and busts in the financial markets. Their record on this was so bad that in 1977, Congress created the Reform Act to give the Fed a specific “dual mandate”. To keep inflation low (price stability) and keep national employment high. They had only two major jobs to accomplish. And, failed at both!

      Talk about BAD MONEY! Ha.
      This is how those VERY rich get richer –
      How does the Federal Reserve operate? First, they are NOT the US Treasury. They are a privately owned financial enterprise. Under Congressional contract, they provide the US Treasury with the officially recognized currency for the United States. The Federal Reserve Note. Which the US Gov pays them to create, manage, circulate and dispose of. That cost is inherent to each dollar created. And, is assessed annually for each dollar in circulation.
      In today’s currency – IT IS DIGITAL! It’s all on computerized ledgers, worldwide. So, there is much less costs for printing, yet they STILL get paid to add dollars to the economy.
      THAT’S WHY they will ALWAYS keep getting richer. The US Dollar is a debt instrument. Meaning, it’s very creation incurs a debt to the Fed. And, why there cannot EVER be a “balanced budget”. There will always be a “national debt” if we keep the Fed.

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