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True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips have been in jail since Monday morning for refusing to identify a confidential informant who was present with them during the exposure of a vast CCP spy network via Konnech voting systems.

Catherine and Gregg were sent to jail by Federal District Judge Kenneth Hoyt, who is presiding over Konnech’s defamation case against them in Houston.

Judge Hoyt refuses to acknowledge that Konnech CEO Eugene Yu was arrested last month by Los Angeles County prosecutors and has been charged with stealing his client’s election worker data and sending it illegally to China.

Judge Hoyt is instead intent on helping Konnech track down the identities of all those who helped expose the company’s contract fraud and espionage, rather than ruling on whether True the Vote in fact committed defamation by claiming that Eugene Yu did what LA County officials have arrested and charged him with doing.

Worse, the FBI is not intervening on Catherine and Gregg’s behalf, despite knowing the identity of the informant, because they actually opened an investigation based on their findings.

Journalist Brian Cates asks:

“Are these court hearings still about supposed defamation or has this lawsuit become a vehicle for something else?

“Konnech makes the following claims in its defamation lawsuit:

• That True The Vote defamed Konnech and its founder, CEO Eugene Yu, by claiming that the election software company was taking client’s election-related data and storing it outside of the United States in China. Konnech has stridently represented to the court in official filings and affidavits that none of its client’s data is stored anywhere outside of the US. In fact, Konnech maintains in its lawsuit that all clientele data is kept only on secure servers inside the US.

• That Gregg Phillips and his team hacked their way into a server located somewhere in China that by some arcane act of sorcery had 1.8 million US poll worker’s personal identification information that apparently came from Konnech.

• That Phillips and his team stole key data off this Chinese server and still have not returned all the purloined data they are not contractually allowed to possess.”

The biggest revelation so far from these contempt hearings is that neither Gregg nor Catherine nor anyone associated with True the Vote ever had the Konnech data in their possession.

It was always in the possession of either FBI contractor, Mike Hasson or the FBI, itself. LA County got the Konnech data from the FBI, not from Catherine and Gregg.

Catherine and Gregg say they refused to name the individual who was in the hotel room in January 2021 because he was not involved in the sourcing of the poll worker data and they strongly believed that this person’s life would be in danger should his name be publicly revealed.

For this, they are now in prison and are getting buried in unjust legal expenses.

They are in custody for crimes the FBI is helping Konnech conceal.

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  • One can only wonder how many of these high-level judges are Freemasons.
    A national law should be mandated, that all people that work in gov. positions should be forbidden to belong to Freemasonry networks.
    And all people working in high-level corporations should be mandated to disclose membership in Freemasonry.
    It’s a big club, and we ain’t in it.

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