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Mouthy Buddha has applied his prodigious editing skills to the creation of this video and as a former High School varsity golfer himself, he really captured the drama of the final round of the the 2019 Master’s tournament, when Tiger Woods came up from behind with a surreal shot to win. More importantly, he captured the essence of Tiger’s tale of redemption. Mouthy puts you into your heart space and keeps you there for a solid 10 minutes. He begins by appealing to your sense of reason: “When someone we admire makes a mistake, rather than see it as an opportunity for condemnation, it can be seen as an opportunity for connection.”

Now, I cannot begin to comprehend why anyone wants to play golf or watch it but I did know that Tiger Woods was at one time superhuman at golf. In 2009, after over a decade as golf’s Golden Boy, it emerged that he was a bigtime sex addict and that, along with his marriage, he’d wrecked his car and his back. He lost his sponsors too and so took a hiatus from the sport. There was a tabloid orgy and the world seemed to feast on his demise. The Tiger Woods sex scandal made the headlines of the New York Post for 21 consecutive days, “One day more than the September 11th attacks,” as Mouthy Buddha points out.

In 2015, he tried to make a comeback but failed. Having won his first Master’s tournament in 1997 and maintained the #1 golfer spot for over a decade, he now tumbled to the bottom of the rankings and in 2017, he reached his personal bottom when he was arrested for driving while completely zooted on painkillers. I remember reading that the drugs were for his back injuries and thinking, “Yeah, right!” It’s as if people like me, who didn’t even care about the sport were out for blood.

What I learned here is that Tiger actually had four grueling back surgeries, the last one in 2016, which was a very complicated anterior lumbar body fusion, which removed a spinal disc and replaced it with a plastic implant. This finally cured his sciatica and enabled him to win the Master’s golf Tournament last month for the first time in 10 years. Last Tuesday, Woods was awarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest honor given by the United States Government.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Nobody can make you care about good golf like Tiger can. My mom loathed most sports watching and still was excited during those tiger days. Nothing better than a great redemption story. That was really good, I remember the days when I was an all star caliber athlete but had severe back injury knocking out 4 disks and ribs

  • Geee! I almost forgot to ADD…ALL “Coons” will suffer the SAME “Fate” Destined for the Luciferian/Satanist, and their Mother…THE VATICAN.

  • Tiger Woods is considered a “COON” by his “Relative”race who Failed to SEE the “Treachery” of his REAL “Enemies”…Just like sooooooo MANY other Black “Celebrities” who Trusted their worst enemy….Poor Bill Cosby was one of the worst too….LOOK at What THEY did to him.
    REAL “Justice” is coming via the “Golden Race beings”…to Forever replace this JUST-US system

  • Really? A Tiger Woods fan piece on Forbidden Knowledge?
    Disappointing waste of space and my time for a subject probably
    more appropriate someplace else.
    Expect more of this usually excellent source. Just how does golf
    relate to Forbidden Knowledge?

    • It’s not about being a Tiger Woods fan. It’s about the topic of redemption, in case you missed the title and didn’t watch the clip. You’re being nasty.

  • I’M NOT interested in circus, as I am in ‘ bread ‘ ( and Tiger Woods is part of the first one ( what a joke that medal of freedom, or whatever it is : ). Instead, Alexandra, please watch and share with your readers the recent interview of Dr. Gabor Mate, named ” America in denial “, to understand the trauma of the majority of the Americans and WHY we are here…If you, the readers have no time for the 27 min video, please read Caitlin Johnstone post: ” This Talk Between Aaron and Gabor Mate Is The Best political Video I Ever seen “…

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