“The human etheric body is the key to life, to levity, to seeing the shadow of the Divine as it manifests in the physical world.” — Douglas Gabriel

Tyla and Douglas Gabriel explain the ethers involved with life and the physics of why 5G radiation is so deleterious to life.

He expounds upon this in his free eBook, ‘The Eternal Ethers: A Theory of Everything’, that is based on the work of Rudolph Steiner, Jean Gebser and others.

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  • Beautiful pictures of life in action. I still say, everything, I mean, everything is connected. Sorry if I sound like a broken record. But, if you follow things back far enough you can see it. Just thinking about any one thing can make it change. We may not comprehend how they are connected, but they are. Have a happy day.

  • 5G is like a grain of sand on planet earth, as compared to Haarp, in Alaska, which is able to alter human and animal DNA how ever the Operators controlling Haarp desire.

  • This mind bending potpourri of esoteric hypothesis apart from Logos is what turns me off to Gabriel, though some of what he broadcasts is sensible. His philosophy is founded upon 19th century German Reformation enlightenment philosopher theologians who rejected Logos as the order of the universe . Madame Blavatsky would be one such example. Gabriel says he rejected his Jesuit education and accepted Steiner’s enlightenments which are like mental bubble gum for intellectuals.

  • beautiful video and great presentation. missed the connection with 5g but admittedly had to walk out of some of the video.

    • Just wanted to add that the most impactful and harmful thing that will be done to humans via 5g is to make their phsyical bodies a “thing” in the Internet of Things.

      It’s also called WBAN or wireless body area network.

      Here’s a scientifically written paper on the subject with pictures to make it easy to understand. They’ve done this to me already. To stop it or minimize their EMF waves, you can use shungite and orgonite. They both work.



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