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Gwenyth Todd came from a family with a distinct and long line of public service, including her father the career diplomatic and her grandfather the assistant secretary of state in the Kennedy Administration.

She graduated Phi Beta Kappa in Near and Middle Eastern studies from the University of California at Berkeley, she went on to receive the Pentagon’s Civilian Service Award and eventually climbed her way up to working as a political adviser under contract to the United States Navy’s 5th Fleet.

It was there that she alleges she witnessed the US Government steadily attempt to stir up heavy conflict with Iran. She was censured for her attempts to reveal these transgressions, though she claims that she acted in order to prevent an unnecessary war with Iran. This has culminated in her exile from her own country.

This is the riveting climax of the story of Gwenyth Todd, who single-handedly stopped the Bush invasion of Iran in 2007 that would end her career and nearly cost her life.

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