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    This clip is funny, sweet and sad, all at the same time.

    “Gangnam Style” was a global pop music video hit by South Korean artist, Psy that spawned thousands of YouTube parodies.

    This clip was made by some young Palestinian boys living in the Gaza Strip, who brilliantly used this approachable and friendly pop culture phenomenon to express the difficulties that they face, in their Ghetto-by-the-Sea to a broad YouTube audience.

    They mimic the bizarre equestrian dance moves of the Korean artist on the Mediterranean beach and show images of pushing their car to a gas station that has no fuel – and later, actually riding on donkeys, instead of mimicking the act of riding a horse, which thousands of people were also compelled to imitate and memorialize on video.

    The clip winds down with scenes of life in shelled buildings, where parents and small children reflexively tuck at the sounds of incoming artillery. 

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