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‘The War on Children’ exposes the battle plan being used to control the future by controlling the minds of the next generation. Featuring whistleblowers, trafficking victims, survivors of child mutilation, corporate executives, Senator Rand Paul, Riley Gaines, a drag performer, Pornhub’s Sex Ed Instructor, the creator of Libs of TikTok and many more, ‘The War on Children’ exposes the plan to sexualize children.

Sensing the danger of communism rising in America, Director Robby Starbuck, whose family fled Cuba, became vocally political in 2015 by endorsing President Trump. He knew this would come with consequences in Hollywood but he did it anyway and he was blacklisted as a result.

He didn’t let that deter him, though and in 2022, Robby later ran for Congress with endorsements from Senator Rand Paul, Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk, Congressman Thomas Massie and more. Despite leading in the polls, he was suddenly thrown off the ballot with no explanation and the Supreme Court of Tennessee later ruled that the state Republican party could throw anyone off the ballot if their leadership simply didn’t want them.

These setbacks have not stopped him from continuing to speak out in defense of freedom and keeping the reality of the American Dream alive on The Robby Starbuck Show.

Robby’s wife of 15 years, Landon Starbuck is the founder of the non-profit Freedom Forever that combats the exploitation of children by educating, training, and mobilizing effective activism across the United States. Together they’ve organized the largest school board protest in Tennessee history. They have also led on important issues like the Childhood Protection & Restoration Act, organizing the largest border march against illegal immigration, banning sex changes for kids in Tennessee, removing pornographic books from school libraries and banning drag queens from performing in front of child in Tennessee. Their Christian faith is very important to them as they are active members of their church and God is at the center of everything they do.

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  • Excellent, dear Starbucks. Excellent. I work to end circumcision, which is another mutilation that is imposed on unconsenting children. Circumcision has been so stealthily imposed upon our country that it is nearly invisible – even the circumcised aren’t clear whether they were circumcised or not. I am a female, but in the 1950s, they were circumcising little girls – it wasn’t outlawed until the 1990s. Torture is torture. Trauma is trauma. The lessons learned are below conscious awareness, so we circumcised aren’t clear why we are so angry, sad, anxious. I was grateful when I learned about my circumcision – when I was older than 50, because then I realized I wasn’t irrationally angry, I was just still fighting some horror that happened when I was preverbal. I have met other circumcised women since writing a book about my experience. My research into circumcision took me into many places and led me to realize that there truly is an enemy of mankind that delights in our misfortune, that creates angst, chaos, confusion, division among us and between us and our Creator. May we all heal – release the fear – and return to our native peaceful, loving nature. May the energy that loves chaos, return to the raw state of energy and be recycled. 🙂 Love to everyone who has been living on this planet, mystified by the emotional and psychological climate here. May we all survive the past and thrive in the future.

  • I am so happy I got to go to Christian School until 6th grade. My mom worked in the kitchen. Besides memorizing pretty much the whole Bible, KJV of course, because THAT, ( believe it or not, the good old days) was a big deal what version back then. I was so grateful when I got to public school I pretty much could sail through the academics, so it left me free for sports and student government. I did however spend a few years as a prodigal, but thank Jesus…I hate to say it, but that part of the Bible comes to mind where a lady cried out to Jesus ” Blessed are you, and blessed is the breast that nursed you”, and Jesus goes ” Verily I say unto you, a day comes where you will say woe to the woman who carries or nurses, in that day, and pray your flight not be in winter”. I get my scripture scrambled sometimes. Oh well. I’m praying for the children on the earth every day now.

  • I cried through most of this documentary. What an evil plot against innocent little humans who cannot defend themselves. It would be better for these predators and those who promote it to place a noose around their neck tied to a millstone and jump off into the ocean before GOD exacts their punishment. It’s exactly what His revenge will be. We MUST do something! This is an ancient spirit. I sent it to many parents and grandparents.

  • Could you please have the minimum courtesy of adding a warning message for viewer discretion when posting these kind of videos?! I couldn’t watch past the first few minutes of this video before my eyes got assaulted by a nearly naked preteen doing a soft porn routine and flashing her crotch!!! COME ON!!! These films seem more like advertising under the guise of being “useful”, while exposing adults and children ALIKE to the very pornographic images they’re supposedly against! It’s farsical. As if today’s tv ads for female razors, showing everything short of the fully exposed crotch of a woman shaving herself wasn’t bad enough! Please, be mindful, just because the main audience are adults does not mean that there aren’t those who wish to STOP the exposure to what we already know is evil and depraved. I’ve seen my share of unwanted images in my lifetime (i’m in my 40’s), i don’t want more of it. Why can’t these videos be to the point without willfully/unknowingly promoting what they’re supposedly criticising? Thanks!

  • the war is over , we won , they lost , now comes the rebuilding part . the children who were subject to be abused by the state have become damaged goods . the deprogramming by unlearning the state provided corrupted education will be nearly impossible the loss to society is immeasurable and permanent . Removing the grooming perverts and their corrupt administrations pushing a garbage curriculum into the brains of children should be handled as an act of war and punished as a crime against humanity . the infertility crisis is now forcing the educator rats to flee the shrinking class room ship just like the healthcare psychos lost their customers for their life punishing treatment for a non life threatening man made disease . the unjabbed newcomers will replace the lost baby production of the sterile cuckoos scrambling to fill their biological needs by infantilising cats and dogs which destroys their lives as well .

  • Three big money shaper machines are named right off, minus the names of their masters. Know that BlackRock is generaled by Larry Fink. BlackRock is a politically powerful private equity firm, in a nutshell – an investment management company that provides financial backing and makes investments in the private equity of startup or operating companies through a variety of loosely affiliated investment strategies including leveraged buyout, venture capital, and growth capital, etc. Does anyone seriously think Fink parks his personal values while he exerciszes his authority over BlackRock? Former Blackstone CEO Peterson helped Black Rock startup and Blackstone was developed by Steven Schwarzman a Las Vegas casino developer/operator, reportedly involved with the present government of Ukraine also and planning involvement with China in 2024. Oh, happy day!

    Warren Buffett calls all private equity firms “basically fraudulent”!

    Then there is State Street re-founded in 1978 which seems to be many things, but one thing is clear to me, it is either a holding company masquerading as a bank or vice versa. It’s a mind boggling giant financial octopus with digital cash flow tentacles in a plethora of coprorate structures that I don’t know if there is any single named CEO head in charge of this snake.

    Lastly, Vanguard is simply a mutual fund corporation founded in 1975, that has endured under the leadership of Mortimer Buckley. I was unable to substantiate a rumor that they have been taken over by Black Rock.

    My generation has been carrying the weight of resistance against this overthrow of istitutions such as family, community, local rule since the early 60’s, while most like minded fellows chose to stay on the sideline benches warming themselves with entertaining fables spun by “rich men”. I can name them too! This generation has no idea about the sacrifices my generation made to establish private non-central government/corporate schools when central government overthrew local school government. Yes, the central government was even then in bed with private corporations to corrupt childrens minds and pervert them!

    In reaction, our church fought tooth and nail to establish a school for Christians. Local governments harrassed and undermined our efforts continuously. I could write pages of their dirty tricks. You would think we were devils incarnate, yet these same people were oblivious to the Catholic Parochial school that had freely operated there for I suppose a half century. Not too many miles away, Pastors and parents were being arrested, their churches padlocked for conductiong school in their church building. I suppose they pressed ahead in spite of all the opposition which was like the hot coals of a pandemic panic hatched in high levels of the US Dept of Ed and fanned into flaming hatred against resistors by MSM. Today this sounds like something out of Nazi Germany. I was never arrested, but my wife and children paid for Christian education with self depravations. We sat on old worn out furniture, drove old worn out cars for years so we could send our children to Christian schools. All while our so called Christian brothers and sisters enjoyed all the shiny new toys their eyes desiried – on credit, courtesy of private bankers! Because they were not carrying the burden for Christ centered education and loved not their own flesh. I could name some of those church jackasses who stood in the way prescribed by Jesus of record, because they rejected the way of life while falsely boasting of the way to heaven.

    Payday has come, I am not ashamed of walking in the way prescribed by the author and finisher of life.

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