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Dan Bongino has reached his apotheosis, with the release of the report by Michael Shellenberger, Matt Taibbi and Alex Gutentag about a missing 10-inch binder of top-secret intelligence that Trump ordered to be declassified at the very end of his term, which may hold definitive proof that multiple US intelligence officials broke laws against spying and election interference.

While they may be a little late to the party, for those of us who were tearing our hair out over this crap back in 2017 and 2018, this report from three liberal journalists may have legs, because it coincides with the collapse of the Biden Regime’s lawfare attempts against Trump, as well as with Barack Obama’s apparent decision to oust Joe Biden from the 2024 Election.

Bongino says, “It’s all the same story. I have been telling you this for years. There is absolutely no difference between the Ukraine story going on now, the Mar-a-Lago raid, the effort to paper over the scandal with FISA, the collusion hoax, Spygate, the impeachment hoax and the Biden document scandal.

“It is all the same thing and it is this: They spied on Donald Trump – and others, by the way – they spied on Donald Trump using foreign actors. One of those foreign actors who assisted in the plot to take down Donald Trump was the Ukrainian government…

“The Ukrainian government was deeply involved in the effort to spy on and take down Donald Trump. The Ukrainians know about this. Joe Biden was knee-deep in Ukraine, in a business operation in Ukraine while Barack Obama and his people were using Ukraine to spy on Donald Trump.

“The spying operation on Donald Trump; there are documents that Michael Shellenberger, Matt Taibbi and Alex Gutentag say exist in a binder…The raid on Mar-a-Lago was an effort to get rid of that intelligence, to go find it and make it go away.

“The FISA operation – The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to spy on Donald Trump was the ‘Insurance Policy’, Ladies and Gentlemen. It was nothing more than an effort to paper over what was a John Brennan-CIA-Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama effort to spy on Donald Trump.

“The FISA operation was nothing more than an effort to put paper behind it and give it the patina, a coating of morality and ethical behavior. It was a fake the whole time.

“The ‘collusion’ scandal was nothing more than a fairy tale invented by Hillary Clinton and advanced by John Brennan and useful idiot, Jim Comey.

“The spying operation on Donald Trump [aka Spygate] was nothing more than an effort to set him up with a push-pull operation I described years ago, where they kept pushing intel into the Trump team, fake intel, hoping they would suck it up, so they could frame them for being involved with the Russians.

“The Impeachment Hoax on Donald Trump only happened after Donald Trump started asking questions about Ukraine and their role in both Hunter Biden and their role to keep them out of office. They impeached him for the phone call.

“The Biden documents scandal: The documents he was hiding were documents about Ukraine, who was knee-deep in the Spygate scandal.

“Folks, the Global Swamp is freaking out right now…and the rats are jumping off the ship. Why? Because Donald Trump – after the Robert Hur letter and the hit from Obama hit in that letter – Obama’s team was absolutely involved in this takedown of Biden, with that Robert Hur, that he’s mentally incompetent – I’m sure of it – whether Hur knows it or not.

“They realize Biden’s done and that he is going to lose. Everyone is freaking out, because they know Trump is going to get back into office and declassify – finally – all of this sh*t, fire bureaucrats who get in the way, because he doesn’t have to worry about re-election or anything else. And they are freaking out.

“Laws were broken. People committed crimes…The biggest scandal in political history. The CIA has been basically stealing elections around the world and in the United States for years now, and they got caught…

“The Deep State spied on Donald Trump and they got caught and then tried to impeach him when he asked questions about it and now, all of a sudden, the Democrats that hated Ukraine and loved Russia forever, all of a sudden love Ukraine, now that they know Ukraine’s got the goodies on the spy operation.”

Dan says that Fusion GPS wasn’t hired to gather information about Donald Trump and Russia – because, it was all made up and they knew it – they were hired to be useful patsies.

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  • Only thing leaking here is Joey’s depends . He’s really out lived , this time , being useful to the swamp and his terminator style retirement party featuring his second coming remembered with a trophy for the best actors guild awards show should include a multi casket procession for all clones , actors and doubles with the grieving Kamalhoe and the Biden family chain gang given leave from prison to attend the parade and celebrate the blessed event.

  • I don’t get involved with politics, but I do wish Donald Trump all the very best for being elected President of the United States. Hés been put through the wringer and comes clean every time. God Bless him on this tough journey!

  • Great stuff and he explains it very well. He curses like a drunken sailor. Be professional stop the gutter cursing. I have to bite my tongue to listen to this VERY IMPORTANT information and can’t share it with fellow Christians because of the foul language . You will lose nothing by not cursing and gain a lot of older Christians who like me would love to support you.

  • Lots of Ukraine people keep popping up in our coal areas… and they stop spreading when you get near them. West VA and Northern PA loaded with Ukraine people all of a sudden.

  • So, what will be done about all this? We’ve heard about the stolen election for 3 years. Three years in which Joe Biden and the democrats and rinos have completely destroyed our country. Can we get back the stolen wealth and the lives that have been taken due to medical tyranny?

    • AzSpooky, to answer your first question, always know what your Local government is doing, that is what makes up America. Local Villages, School boards, Local Police, County Sheriffs.
      The Federal government, which the President serves has No Jurisdiction over our Local governments or States. State Rights were Never dismantled after the civil war, so watch your State representatives as well as the Governors. They have us fixated on a Federal office that has already fallen.

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